Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Visitors and more

We had so much fun setting and talking with Jers sisters this last week. We got to play with Amy and her family, Emily and her family, Becca and her family, and John and good family. It was so fun. We were a little bummed about hour getting to hike with everyone but I thoroughly enjoyed my photo shoot and Jer very much enjoyed the dirty dash. We did get to go to the Chalk the Block party though. It was a blast. Basically, it was a farmers market with music and where you are allowed to decorate the sidewalks.


My kids love parks. Our backyard looks like a park but they still like the novelty of other places. I love parks right after it rains. There are no people. And my kids love to play in the rain too. Today the only other thing at the park besides us was a fluffy white cat that decided that Ada was awesome and followed her around. It was the best when Sam had to pee and I could tell him to pee on the tree in the corner. Or when Ada had to go... I just sent her to the bathroom and watched the door while I stayed out with the others. If you've ever taken more than one mobile child to the park you'll know how novel it is to not have to pack the family up for a trek to the potty. I love lonely park days.

Second one

She did it. Her second finally came out. Well, to be honest, Jer pulled it out. Ada stopped eating and would only drink for about three days. I thought sure was sick but I figured out that she just didn't like the way food felt on her tooth. But the deed is done and she's back to eating again... Thank goodness.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Wheelhouses

I love this family!  I've been friends with them now for 5 years.  We're so lucky to have met them.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A girlie girl or not

Check out her stunning jewelery.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Leaves are turning

We've been enjoying the Alpine Loop and the leaves turning colors... LOVE it!

Will be sad

Reading my sister-in-laws blog, she put into words what I've been trying to deal with since the beginning of the school year.  I only have all my kids home with me until the beginning of next school year.  Ohh...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

kid pictures

So, I had a brilliant idea... I haven't taken my own kids pictures officially for a while.  So I decided that after church today I would do that.  I tried... it didn't really work.  Evelyn was not a cooperator... and the other two mostly wanted silly pictures.  Haha.  Oh well.  Yeah, these are pre-cropping, etc... Evelyn kept wiggling, getting down when she shouldn't, gettin up when she shouldn't... These are the best of them.  No awards for these, but at least I have a couple okay ones.

Brigham City Temple Openhouse

I want to preface this post by saying that NOTHING went right with my day on Thursday.  In my experience, all of the most worth while pursuits are prefaced with challenges.  It was always during the hardest times on my mission that we'd meet someone that was looking for the gospel... and Thursday was no exception.  Sammy peed in his carseat... and it leaked onto the seat in the van... I got both cleaned but not put back together before it was time to go.  Children (won't name names...) wouldn't nap.  Sam peed his bed overnight, then again during nap time and just as a note... he also peed his pants at Grandma's house the day after and on my stairs the day after that.  grrr... I finally got all the bedrooms figured out.  I moved Sam into where the office used to be and Evelyn into Ada's room... lots of time, lots of moving and carpet cleaning.  I had to go to the Chiropractor and the kids always make a mess there that we have to clean up before we leave... so instead of taking 20 minutes it takes closer to an hour.  Then the kids whinned that they wanted to go to McDonalds... we never go there... I don't like their food so I don't know where the kids got that idea.  Evelyn's blood results hadn't come back from the doctor so I went in to pick them up from the receptionist and to pick up a list of allergies.  But I wasn't Jer.  (This was my third time trying to get them from them without success.)  I was at the appointment with Jer and all the kids but Jer filled out the paperwork, not me... so I couldn't pick up the results unless Jer came in and signed release forms.  I was so mad that I was about to cry.  Plus, I remember the "fun" of trying to cook foods that Sammy could eat and that would be a good food ratio for my PCOS stuff and that the others would enjoy... now we were trying that with Evelyn. I am so going to take her to Dr. Joe.  Also, I was already late leaving for our temple trip... we were supposed to leave at 1 and it was 1:30.  The doctor came out and kind of got after the receptionist for not having called with the test results.  I rarely get mad at people for doing their jobs but I sure as heck wanted to for this one.  Finally got out of there... she's allergic to eggs by the way... what was so hard about saying that?  I drove up to pick up Jer and go to the temple openhouse... it's about 2 hours from our house with good traffic... and about 5 minutes into the trip Ada starts asking why it's taking so long. 

We did make it eventually... and we were all in one piece too.  And we LOVED it.  The minute we drove up the main streets the kids were jumping up and down and yelling that they could see it, they could see the temple.  We parked, met Grandma and Grandpa Robertson, and John and Diane's families.  Sammy kept telling me about the temple movie that they showed us and then how we got to go in the temple.  I told them about when I was young and got to go to the Mt. Timp Temple dedication.  My dad was in the bishopric so we had tickets for the sealing room where Elder Monson dedicated the temple.  I remember him say, "You children that are here today, I want you to touch the walls of the temple and I want the temple to touch you.  I want you to remember and come back."  (not exact quote... but what stuck with me).  So I told the kids to touch the temple and pay attention to how they felt inside.  Ada told me that she felt warm in her heart and Sammy said, "Good."  My favorite visual thing in this particular temple was the peach blossoms that they had painted around the chandeliers in the sealing rooms.  I felt all Dr. Suessish saying, "My favorite is the ceiling in the sealing room."  My favorite kid comment came from Sam.  He saw the baptismal font on the back of the 12 oxen... "Mommy, they're squashed!"

It was a hard day, but a good end.  I love the temple and the promises that we make with God there.  I love that I now have a chance to show my kids what a temple is and tell them what we do inside.  To understand temples visit here.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

State Fair

Something that we do with my side of the family (or at least have done for a couple of years in a row) is go to the Utah State Fair for my sister's birthday.  This year was a little different because I was a single parent for about 3 days while Jer was running the RedRock Relay in St. George/Zions.  As a result, I didn't get as many pictures of our outing, but my sister Sharon helped me out there... Evelyn had allergies to all the hay everywhere, but they all loved it.  Ada loved riding the pony... (notice, she's "flying" on it.)  Sammy loved the little farm area where you learn about the different tasks that you do on a farm.  Evelyn just loved being there.  She was kind of cheeky though.  Literally.  My mom was pushing the stroller and a guy stopped right in front of them... so Evelyn stood up and smacked him on the butt. 

And look at that... I think Sammy's had a growth spurt... he's creeping up on Ada for sure.

Note on losing teeth

Grandpa Robertson: "Ada, it looks like you've lost a tooth."
Ada: "No, it just fell out."

Look at what happened today

I don't know why I wasn't expecting it... she's turning 5 in about 6 weeks or so... she got all her teeth in by her first birthday so why wouldn't she start getting adult teeth in soon?

Here's how it all happened... we were in the store when Ada tells me, "Mom, my tooth is falling over and I'm trying to get it straight again."  (Inside I start panicking and trying to think of the last time she fell and hit her mouth... then I go... "oh... duh.")  So I take a look and tell her she's just losing a tooth because she's growing up so big... I told her it was okay that it was coming out... so she has to tell everyone that we meet... "My tooth is loose!  It's coming out!"  (the checker, the random man in front of us in line, the lady picking out meat next to us...)  I told her not to pull it out til we got home so that she wouldn't lose it... so she spent the next 30 minutes or more with her hand in front of her mouth so that her tooth wouldn't fall out.  We got home, she wiggled it out and put it in a bowl to very proudly show daddy when he got home from work. 

I have to tell you, I was not expecting this for at least another year or two.  Wow, I almost started crying.  My baby's losing her baby teeth.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy birthday Nellie

So, I was lucky. I was born about 18 months apart from my sister, Janelle. We grew up doing a lot of the same things, had a lot of the same friends, and pretty much were inseparable until she turned 21. And now she's having a birthday. Ada asked how old she was going to be... 33... "So, you're 32 now?" Smartly pants. But here's my point, love you nella, we wouldn't be the same without you. From day one you were my friend and you still are. Happy birthday!

I'm in trouble

So neither of my other kiddos have been climbers...and Evelyn is. She just turned 15 months old and she's on top of tables, counters, stools, couches... Yesterday she put my mom's stool next to the tub so that she could climb into it. Today when I went to her out of her crib, opened the door and out waltzes the baby... Still trying to come to grips with the fact that my baby climbed out of her her on her own.

Yes, yes they are

Ada asked me, "Mom, are turtles green?"
Me, "Yes."
Sam, "And Mario's are red."

Thursday, September 6, 2012

We were never meant to be alone

This is why we have families right? My mother-in-law made this quilt top and I quilted and bound it. Together, anything can happen right?!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's frustrating being 3

Sammy was making a very frustrated sound... I thought it was because of something Ada had said or done, it usually is, but this time it wasn't. 

"Boogers!  Stop getting in my nose!"

Monday, September 3, 2012

First testimony

As a Mormon, once a month we get a chance to get up in our Sunday meetings and express our feelings and our beliefs to our friends and neighbors.  I do this rarely, mostly because I'm out of the habit of baring my testimony in front of a congregation instead of just to my own family.  Jer got up yesterday.  I loved it!  Not only do I love to hear what he has to say but Ada decided to go up with him for the first time.  He said, "You just say what you know about Heavenly Father."  So she did.  She said, "Heavenly Father loves us." So sweet.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hey cousins!

We had a fun day filled with cousins and family...

Visited my sister's quilt booth at the Highland City Farmer's Market...
Sent my kiddos to wish their cousins a happy birthday with Grandma...
And played with John and Diane's family.... we had a blast! 

Meet the Robertsons









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