Sunday, August 26, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

 While we were there we decided to try something new... family pictures while camping.  I think it worked... and while we didn't take lots of pictures... our kids decided they wanted to go play... we still got some pretty good ones... my sister Sharon and I set us up and Sharon took them while my mom and sister Janelle got them to smile.  Yay!  We actually got pictures done.  (my goal is to do a set of family pictures at once a year and a kid photo shoot once a year... so far I've been able to, but who knows?  There's still time to mess that one up.) Thanks Sharon, Janelle and Mom!


Diane said...

Those are beautiful! I love them.

Elizabeth said...

Very cute pictures.

Jenny said...

I love these! Family pic time for us too. You guys look fabulous.