Tuesday, July 31, 2012


After all the fun/craziness had gone, we tried getting back into normal life but kids keep doing things like falling asleep during dinner, getting up late, etc... But here are some of our activities in the last week.

Heaven on earth

My heaven on earth is Bear Lake.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  I've been going with my family since I was 3 weeks old.  And I've been taking my kids with me for the last 4 years and it has made it both harder and funner.  It is harder camping with kids than without, but there is nothing like watching these little kids loving where they're at.  This year we got to go with my parents, sister Sharon, sister Janelle, and sister-in-law Sophie with her 3 kids.  It was so fun.  We went to Minotankah (spelling?) caves, spent our time on the beach, had a hail storm (which Ada just loved), Ada loved jumping waves when the wind really picked up, and they all loved digging in the sand.  I loved spending time with all my family, and especially that I got to see Sophie and new baby Jordan... even though we were both really tired.  Jer didn't get to come with us this time, but we had fun anyways.  The most ironic thing that happened out there was that I had my mom watch baby as I set up my tent, the kids beds, the air mattress, etc... and then a wind storm blew through and blew over all 4 of our tents that had just been set up.  Since I didn't want to deal with three crying kids if another wind storm blew through in the night I just moved all our stuff into Aunt Imogene's trailer...  It was a good place for us.  And I didn't have to deal with any emergencies over the night (besides Sammy falling off the mattress a couple of times and having to put back to sleep every time he started crying...).  Heaven on earth is letting your kids get dirty, laying and watching the beach, visiting with family, and just loving it.

Jay and Emily reception

So, my sister-in-law, Becca had this brilliant idea for Jay and Em's reception.  She did a gorgeous job at EVERYTHING, and she had me running a "photo booth" on the side.  Most of the people who did the photo booth were the little kids that wanted to dress up.  But it was adorable.  There's a picture of the happy couple and a few of my kids and some nieces and nephews having fun.

Annual pinewood derby

So as part of the Robertson Reunion every year we do a pinewood derby.  This year Sam wanted an Angry Bird car.  And Ada... well of course, she wanted a pony car.  It was fun!


So, along with all the scheduled parts of the month we had some fun unscheduled parts as well.  One was that Margaret was going through baby clothes in the storage room and found Jim's artwork that no one believed existed anymore.  We decided to take pictures of them and recorded Jim talking about them.  It was so fun to see.  He is very talented.  There were enough prints that each of the 9 kids would get at least 2-3 original pieces.  Jer also took the time to have a game night with two of our nephews and my brother... and to build a catapult... yes.  You heard that right.  Some of the fun scheduled things that I did.... .. We went to a very rainy dinner for Jer's side of the family.  Not his brothers and sisters, but his Grandpa Robertson's brothers and sisters.  It was fun to meet everyone and I got to record some people telling stories about when Jer's Grandpa was growing up. And my nieces and nephews came to be part of my fencing class. That was both fun and a little chaotic.  Usually I have a couple of people who know the routine so everyone else just kind of follows them... but Ada and Sam... my regulars... decided that it was too exciting to have cousins there and didn't really listen like they usually do.  Oh well, it worked out pretty well and was fun for everyone I think.I got a visit by one of my favorite out of staters... Jenny.  Jenny, Jed, Jer and I met in our Ward about 7 years ago.  We taught their 3 year old daughter's Nursery class.  We had regular dinner nights as well as movies and LOTS of games.  They had to move for school, but luckily their families still live out here so they come to visit.  We had fun filling up water balloons and just talking each others ears off.  Thanks for coming!  Like Jenny said, we're just geeky enough to get along with each other.


This is a little out of order, but we got the chance to go hiking this last Saturday with Jer's family.  We went up the back of Timp.  Jer went over the saddle to do the whole 16 miles, but the kids and I just went up to first falls and down.  The hike up to the falls is usually the same for me each time... I enjoy it except the last 1/4 mile that is basically all steep uphill.  I think Sammy felt the same.  He was fine until then.  But after playing at the waterfall for a little while we went back the way we came.  Ada was sad that she didn't get to go with Daddy and Grandpa, but I'm pretty sure that she would only have lasted another mile or two... not the whole 16.  Evelyn loved getting out of the hiking backpack and playing in the dirt.  She tried hiking up a little hill by herself, and it was funny to see how this little 1 year old "struggled" up this little tiny hill.  Going back on my own wasn't bad.  Sammy complained for about 1/4 mile, until I told him that we were going to the car and if he wanted to get there then he'd better keep walking.  From then on he ran up ahead of me and I had to keep calling for him to wait.  Ada ran down most of it, but we got to where the stream crossed the path and she could have played there all day.  There were butterflies galoore and what's better than getting wet when it's hot and you're sweaty?  After that we went to visit Becca's camp before we went home.  I had fun talking and the kids definitely had fun playing with cousins. I felt bad that we didn't have better timing though... we got there as they were trying to take naps.  Sorry Bec! And great job Aubrey!  The 9? year old that hiked all the way up!