Friday, June 29, 2012

Cute sayings

Ada had been saying some cute things lately. She calls sunscreen "sunscream"... Optimus prime is "optimus plime"... And if you joke with her and tease her she says, "I want you to be a real daddy/mommy."

Sammy has also been doing some cute things though... My favorite is that he wanted some candy so when he came to me he said, "And then we'll go get some candy!" (complete with arm motion... the same one that the dapper dans did saying something like "shucks")

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Heather's party

My parents real estate agent... (not quite sure what to call her... she's my uncle's ex and the mother of two of my cousins... is she my aunt even though they were not ever married?  Or is she my aunt because she's my cousin's mom?) Heather had a "thank you" party at Wheeler farm for all of her clients.  My parents asked if we could come along because they were going to have a hay ride, bouncy houses, and Sammy's favorite... shaved ice.

Robertson visitors

This last week we had a swimming party with some of our Robertson cousins.  It was so fun!  We swam and played in the backyard.  Played with Diane and her kids, Marg and her kids, and for a short time... Becca and hers.  We loved every minute of it!  The yard looks amazing for Jay and Emily's reception.  And it's always fun to get together with happy faces.

Why do they keep growing?

It's amazing how time moves so quickly.  Kids get larger before you know it.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I've been remiss

I've been way behind on blogs.  But here are my latest pictures!  This is my new nephew... I think Evelyn likes him (check out her face).  It took her a couple of times to learn to not take his binkie... then she learned that he was great after that.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Of course

It all happens on the day that Jer leaves for the weekend. Our garbage can disappeared today. None of the neighbors know anything about it. I have diapers and kitchen garages stacking up already. And Sammy somehow made the toilet overflow and didn't tell me soon enough. While I was trying to clean up three bathroom and my son my one year old walks through even though I'd told her sister  to keep her away from the bathroom. So now I need to clean her too... Might as well clean Ada while I'm at it...take a shower myself...and go wash all the towels I used to mop up the toilet water with.  Gross.  Jer, you really missed out today. On the bright side, we found a replacement singing bunny for Evelyn. You should have seen how excited she got when I started it singing for her. She hugged and cuddled it all the way through the store and all the way home.

Not the smartest design

Of all the family bathrooms and changing tables out there, this one leaves something to be desired. If you put the baby's head in the big puddles of water by the sink...and if you put the baby the other way there is an electric outlet in baby's easy reach. Hmmm. And just a shout out... Good luck Jer and all you other family members running the Wasatch back this weekend.

disappearing binky

Evelyn, out of our three, is the one that loses her binky the most.  The other day I put her binky in her mouth while daddy was putting her in her jammies.  Then we packed up everything to go home and put kids to bed and we couldn't find it anywhere.  When we got home I pulled her out of the carrier and viola... it had gotten stuck in her sleeve while getting dressed... and none of us noticed.  Whoops.

Jumping to absolutes

I love the brain of a young child... The absolute certainty of a fact being the way it is.  I had a 7 year old, a 5 year old, a 4 year old, and a 3 year old in my van.  There was a fire on the mountain and they all declared that the smoke meant that there was a volcano and that it was about to "explode".  They said that there was going to be a lot of lava and that we'd all burn and die.  Then they calmly told each other that the lava would melt your bones and your heart and then "we wouldn't be able to do anything."  It makes me wonder how ofter we jump to conclusions about things that aren't so.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Sweet moment

We went to Sammy and Evelyn's Dr checkup today and there was a really sweet moment. After resisting everything the Dr wanted him to do we found out that he's officially in the 14th percentile... Long story... But I'm grateful and told him I was proud of him and glad that he's growing so big. Ada went to him and said, "Sammy you're getting as big as me!" And gave him a big hug.  He hugged her back and said, "I love my brother.".  (Yes, he calls Ada his brother...kind of cute I think.)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hectic moment

You know what I'm talking about... you moms and dads out there... that moment that everything happens all at once.  I go upstairs from cleaning the kitchen to find Sammy had peed his pants (not a common thing), and Ada decided to see what was going on (a common thing), and Evelyn had found my pin cushion and had taken out all the pins and spread them all over my bedroom floor (a first time occurance... I mean, is she really tall enough to reach onto my sewing table already?!).  You can picture it from there.

Sammy strikes again

Sammy has a really cute side to him.  At Jay and Emily's wedding he told me he likes my hair.  Today he just randomly gave me his cutest smile and said he loves me... love times like that.


I love some of the funny things that he says!  They have these parrot finger puppets that Sammy calls his "carrot" instead of his parrot.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Portland trip continued last

So, I've been trying to get back into life here at home.  Finally got all the laundry done, things put away, cleaned the house, and gone through mail.  But I haven't finished talking about the trip yet...

Our last two days were spent at OMSI... a science museum for kids... the kids got to play connect four with robots, put together a computer, build ball launchers, stand in an earthquake house, build and use sailboats and rubber band boats, build arches, time jump ropes, see a saber tooth tiger, etc... By lunch time we were exhausted so we went back for a a mac and cheese lunch and naps.  After, we went to the Chinese Gardens... the stone walk ways were absolutely amazing... but I have to admit that the Garden was kind of small for the price.  It would be amazing for a wedding reception or something like that.  Dinner, then we drove out to walk around the Pittock Mansion.  (Closed, but we walked around the gorgeous grounds for a minute). 

Next day we went to the Moonlight Chocolate Cafe for some chocolate to eat on the road.  Drove to Washington to see Mt Saint Helens.  It was overcast and cloudy so we didn't see much of the actual volcano, but we did get to go through Ape Caves... Thanks Emily for remembering that one!  We took flashlights and went down the lower caves about 3/4 mile in and 3/4 out.  The kids were good sports.  On the drive home we stopped and had lunch with my cousin Steve ans his wife Lindsay... and stopped in on my brother McKay to meet his new baby, cute baby Jordan. 

Loved it, but I'm glad to have my baby back...what a cutie.  And to be settled back into life again.