Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Portland continued continued

The next day... we went to Powells book store... funny thing is that we ran into James and Emily there on accident.  It was fun to see them one more time.  We looked up and found books that we've been looking for forever.  Spent too much money, but had fun.  Then we went to the waterfront and rented a bike and went around on a couple of the bridges.  Then we went to walk around downtown for a while... then went to swim in our hotel pool. 

The day after that... we were all pretty tired...  but we decided that we wanted to go to the beach again... so we did.  We went to Haystack Rock.  We were able to catch the low tides this time, so our kids got to see starfish, mussels, hermit crabs, birds galore (Judy, I found out which ones... I'll have to tell you next time we get together.)  and of course... seaweed and anemones.  Then we went to Icefire Glassworks... Amazing!  If it didn't cost $250 for a bowl I would have gotten several things there... but as it is, all I got was some pictures.  We also went to Greaver Gallery... water color and lithographs... very talented family!  From there we drove down the coast to Tillamook.  We went to see the cheese factory and ended up with Ice Cream for dessert.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ada the 4 year old

Ada's 4... not always connected with reality... I saw this switch in our hotel room and thought it was appropriate.

The Ada notification switch... I gotta get me one of those.

Portland Trip continued

On our way back from the beach we saw amazing forrests, trains galore, an amazing sunset and even a rainbow.

Then we checked into the Lodge that they had rented for family to stay in for the wedding.  Beautiful.  Here are some of the pictures I took while we were there...

We had the wedding... which was beautiful and very touching.  And we stayed up late with a surprise birthday cake for Amy and me and games with a coupld of our nephews.  The next day was spent cleaning up the lodge and then we drove with everyone to visit Multnomah falls again.

After this quick outing, we went to find the International Rose Test Gardens.  We were early for a lot of the flowers bloom, but here are some of my favorites.

Then we went out to dinner at a yummy Thai restaurant with James and Em, Emily M, and Amy... and from there to our newest hotel for a couple games and a dessert of Jer's graham finger specialty.  It was fun and I really liked spending so much time with Jer's family...

Portland trip

I have to say how much I like to go places.  I don't like the money that it takes to go... but I love to go.  I'm going to "photog" (photo blog) our trip day by day so that I have some kind of record of it.

We drove up to Nampa, ID on the first night.  It was fun to catch up with my cousin Steve and his cute wife, Lindsay.  I'd rather stay with them than any hotel!  Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture with them... Then we drove on up the rest of the way... here's what we saw...

When we got close to Portland we decided to go visit Multnomah Falls.... Amazing...

(This on is a typical family portrait by the way...) Then we got together with James, Becca and James and their kids, Emily M., Amy, and we had a nice dinner.  We were only going to be walking a couple of blocks so even though it was raining we grabbed our umbrellas and headed out the door... This is what the kids did with it and we were completely soaked by the time we got there.  They gave Amy and I some birthday desserts and sang to us in Italian.  Then we headed to their hotel so we could talk and hang out before we went to bed.

The next morning, Jer went to get Marg and her baby Cyrus (he's a cutie... he likes to "talk" to everyone... he's only three months old.)  While they were gone I bathed kids and we went on a walk through downtown, Chinatown, and Old Town areas. 

Then we left to drive to the beach.  Thanks to my amazing friend Elizabeth, we got to go to the most amazing beach ever... Cannon Beach, Haystack Rock.  I think everyone got to come to this one... Mary and her 7 kids, Jim and Judy, Marg and baby, James and Emily and baby Graham, Emily M., Amy, Becca and James and kids... and of course... us.  (This day also happened to be on my actual birthday... where better to spend it?)