Thursday, March 29, 2012

Next stage of life

Well, we've always had kids around our house.  Before we moved we usually had anywhere between 1-5 kids at our house... two boys that liked our computer games and three girls that liked to water color with me in the carport.  Then I was watching my neighbors kids.  On some days I had 5 kids 3 and under for about 8 hours at a time.  I thought it would be easy to transition from always having kids around to having my kids friends in and out of the house... But for some reason I'm having a hard time adjusting to it.  We went from scheduled play dates and my "sacred" nap times to kids that stop in any time to see if Ada can play.  During the last week we've had an average of about 6 kids per day from about 11 am to 4 pm.  No sacred nap times, cleaning hours or project time.  Mostly they stay in the yard, which is fine with me, but the things I'm having the hardest time with are... missing my quiet time, extra whining and tattling and feeding all the neighbor kids... especially since they're young enough that if one is hungry they all say they're starving (the oldest that comes over is about 6... every now and then a 9 year old comes too... but mostly it's a 6 year old, two five year olds, Ada, Sammy, a 3 year old and another 2 year old.)  The pluses outweigh the negatives... but I just have to remember that.  I like the fact that I know where my kids are, what they're doing, and who they are with.  I like knowing what upsets them and what makes them happy with their friends.  I also like establishing that they can bring their friends over here without being nervous or afraid to ask.

I'm here

I promise... I didn't disappear... we've just been taking it really slow lately in case we all get sick again.  I think the kids are finally over everything... I'm the only one hanging on to it, but I do feel loads better.  So, Sammy has started to say, "Not tasty." for anything that he doesn't like.  It took me a little while to figure out what he was saying... I have to admit I like hearing that more than, "I don't like it."

Monday, March 26, 2012


Just some fun pictures in honor of getting my camera back.  You can tell that we were all sick.  Ada's eyes are all tired and sick.  But Ada did have fun posing and telling me what props to use.  It was really cute... I didn't do anything but click the camera.  Sammy slept tons and tons.

My vacuum... she'll get to anything under the table.

I just thought this was a fun picture

Trying to pass the time.

Sam in the bunk bed.

Catch up

Life has been both crazy busy and very lazy at the same time.  We all got sick again... we had the kind of flu that is just a really high fever for several days... goes away and then comes back before you're actually over it.  And because we got it before our colds were gone Sammy, Evelyn, and I all got sinus infections and Sam and Evelyn had two ear infections each.  So, it's been crazy because of all the cleaning and extra work involved when your family is sick, but also driving me a little crazy because we'd already been sick for about a month and a half... then we just tacked on another two weeks to that.  We're finally all getting better though... trying to remember which kid has gotten their antibiotics is fun. 

BUT... in the meanwhile...

We got to visit with Amy, Jer's sister, which was so fun.  We played games and watched movies... and mostly just visited and played with cousins. 

We got to go to the Orem Library's author's series about publishing books as part of our writing group.

Jer, Jim, Judy and I went to the Utah Symphony Friday night.  AMAZING, like always.  But last night was probably my favorite piece in the whole world.  Rach's Piano C.3.  The pianist was wonderful, and the night was warm.... and we got free babysitting because we're babysitting swapping with our neighbors.

Tigress, one of our cats got locked in the van for 2-3 days... all I can say is disgusting!  I couldn't even clean it myself.  I splurged and got the seats and floor shampooed... pricey, but oh so worth it.

I got my camera back from Nikon... YAY!  And it works, and the best part... they didn't charge anything more... it was just time. 

Ada told me after being restless most of the night, "Mom, my head's tired of my pillow."

Evelyn has officially 4 teeth.

Jer's okay, but he was in a car accident this morning.  There was a storm and one of the construction signs was blown out into the road.  Jer tried to go around it but it got caught under the front wheel and fender.  Luckily all four people are okay, but the car was deemed "undriveable".  Jer says that it looks like a pretty simple fix though. 

So, as you can see... we've been pretty busy all in all.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Phone pictures/ photo dump

I was with my parents, sisters, and brother.  I gave Sammy something and someone asked Sam, "Now what do you say?" Instead of thank you... he said, "Cheese!"  What do you think?  Do I take too many pictures?

Here are some from the last month on my phone...

These ones are from when we'd been sick for three weeks... we decided to drive around Utah Lake because we were all sick of being in the house.

 These were from after we had gone to the library.  Aunt Nella and my parents came to visit and the kids loved reading with them.  They loved 'Egg Drop', 'Read to Tiger', and I loved 'A Song for Little Toad'.

I was checking in on the baby and this is what I found... looks like she was playing and got too tired to lay down... just folded in half instead.

 My cousin Taylor got married this weekend.  I absolutely love his new wife... and my sister Sharon made this gorgeous cake.

 Ada had my phone while we were there and took a million pictures of the dessert table... but also got a couple of fun ones... like these next three.

 My Great-Uncle Frank's computer died and he asked for some help from Jeremy... so we got to go out to the Church Welfare Ranch where him and his wife are serving a 2 year mission... (for those that don't know.  LDS missions are volunteer opportunities, they are unpaid as well.)  He's taking care of a 5,000 acre ranch that has a lot of the birthing cattle... so far this year they've had about 250 new calves and they'll probably end up with somewhere around 1000.  The cattle is raised and slaughtered for the Church Welfare Program.  Ada and Sammy loved seeing the baby cows.  Ada even remembered last time we went out just to visit.  I told her we were going to see Uncle Frank and she said, "The one that lives on the farm way out there! And has the horse that's in time out!"  (last time we went, Champ, one of the horses was being a pill and had to be seperated from Lady, the work horse.)  When we got there, she asked Margaret if the horse was still in time out.  Ends up, they don't have Champ anymore but they have a new one named Buddy.

 Ada loved riding up front in the cart with Uncle Frank.  She got to hold the reins while he got us in through the gate.  Frank is my Grandma's brother... the one that Ada's named after... so I asked if he would tell Ada a little bit about my Grandma.  He told her how she loved to play the piano and how his favorite song was "Flight of the Bumblebees".  He also told her how much he loved and missed her.  Being with Frank made me miss my Grandma as well.  Especially her laugh... she always laughed through her teeth so it kind of hissed.  Loved it.

The cattle thought that we were there to feed them even though they are in the middle of a hay field.  They all started following us and trying to eat the hay bales that we were sitting on.  One even succeeded in pulling one off the cart.  Luckily we had gotten Sammy off it a couple minutes before and Jer was holding  him on his lap.

Frank let the kids ride Lady once we got back in the barn yard.

I had Ada try the rope swing again but she didn't quite dare... but Sammy had a blast.  He did it over and over again.  Jer even tried it while he was holding Evelyn.  She didn't even crack a smile... dead pan face all the way.

Ada got to help Frank with the chores after that.  They fed the horses... and gathered eggs from the chickens.  (Sammy loved the chickens again this year... until he met the rooster.  He didn't get hurt, but the rooster kind of threatened him.  Scared him to death.)

While Ada was helping, Sammy got pushed on the swing.  Jer pushed him until he had to go start working on the computer... then I took over and he didn't want to leave the swing until dinner time.  He kept saying, "Higher!"  He's never been on a swing that can go this high... and he still wanted more.  I think he's going to like things like roller coasters...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Go Diego.. yuck

Yeah, so Ada's become addicted to Go Diego Go.  Not a bad show.  Teaches some science, some spanish, and music.  But I'm a little annoyed because Ada tries to be the one in trouble, "Yelp, yelp!  Ayudeme, ayudeme! Yelp, yelp!"  Anyways, here was her conversation to her dinner... we were having Ramen Noodles.

Ada - "When you see a noodle say NOODLE!"
Noodle - "Help me, I want to see my family"
Ada - "Well your family is in my stomach."

And then she promptly eats it.  Well, at least she is eating... and making Jer and I try not to let her know that we're laughing too hard. 

*And a side note on potty training a boy... I can not get the bathroom clean enough... I clean it two or three times a week instead of once a week.  Including washing the rug.  I wipe the walls down, all under the toilet, and have cleaned the outside of the trash can as well but it seems to always smell like pee.  I swear he hits the toilet most of the time.  Gross.  Maybe it's all in my head?  Or at least partly.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wants to be....

Ada really wants to be 5.  She says that if she's 5 then she'll be like Lizzie.  She's even been telling some people that we meet that she is 5... and she could pass for 5.  She talks and looks older than she is, but emotionally she's still 4. 

If you say that Sammy is anything... if you say, "Hey Sam my man."  He immediately replies... "No! I'm Sammy, I'm 2."  Very angry faced.  How am I going to tell him that he's 3 in 3 more months?  It makes me want to giggle every time... but I try not to tease him though. 

Evelyn just wants to be moving... doesn't matter how old she is... She's now standing on her own, clapping, has 3 teeth, can get into cupboards and book shelfs, and eats anything she can get her hands on to.  Still doesn't have any interest in stairs.  My bet is that she's going to be walking within a month or so, but she's not going to do stairs for another month or so after that.  Ironic... both my others really wanted to do stairs but were a little hesitant to walk... Just goes to show that everyone's an individual.

"Hard is not bad. It's just hard."

Yup, you guessed it.  Sick at home again.  It must be spring or something.  We all have colds, Evelyn especially bad... probably because of her tooth that she's trying to cut.  And Ada had an allergic reaction to something last night that we don't know.  Usually if she has one we give her 1/2 tsp of Benadryll and she's fine... this time... every four hours it comes back and we have to give her another dose.  I don't think I have any of the 24 hour Zyrtec for kids left... hmmmm.  Lovely. 

Sammy's been doing really well with potty training considering I didn't have to do a lot of training... just bribing.  But today he pooped in his pants while he was in the basement... the bad news? It was the little rabbit like poops and they kept falling out of his pants all the way upstairs... so we had a little poop trail up three flights of stairs and all over that bathroom because he decided to take his pants off in the bathroom and then picked it up to bring it to show me... which dumped the rest of the poop on the floor in the bathroom.  I got him cleaned up, scrubbed the bathroom, Jer picked up poop and carpet cleaned... Evelyn decided to wake up and was screaming in her bed because no one was available to come get her. And... Ada decided to play in my bathroom... peed in the potty and then started playing with everything before she washed her hands.  Yeah... more to clean.  So excited.  And my head is pounding because it's stuffy, and my throat hurts.  And all I can think is of the podcast that Jer and I were trying to listen to last night... Sherri Dew interviewing Jeffery R. Holland and his wife... and Sherri Dew said, "Hard is not bad.  It's just hard."  Luckily, my life is not hard.  Just some days.  Needless to say, I haven't done my extra reading because we missed our classes at church again.  Maybe that will just be my spiritual thought for the day. 

"Hard is not bad.  It's just hard."

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Somewhat down in the dumps

My poor camera... and I'm reallllllly starting to miss it.  Anyone who really knows me knows that I take a camera to everything that I can.  Less often the more kids I have, but I make an effort.  I'm not a professional, but it's something that I really enjoy and love to look back on pictures I've taken of my kids.  At the beginning of the summer last year it started having problems focusing... but turn it off and back on and worked.  About Nov it would have problems with it about every two shots.  Finally gave up and started taking it to people to see if they could fix it.  No one could.  One told me it was definitely the lens, so my extremely amazing sister in law lent me her extra lens.  Helped, but didn't fix the problem.  So I sent it in to Nikon to get repaired.  After an amazingly awful 4 week ordeal of trying to get them the receipt again and again and again to show that the lens was still under warranty... and after paying $150ish to fix the body... I got my camera back.  I was so happy and excited I almost started to cry!  (For those who know me... I try not to get overly emotional about things...) I set up my photo "studio" and went to work... I was going to make up for all the last 5 or so months and get some cute pictures of all my kids.  I got about 5 minutes into a shoot with my baby... and my camera comes up with the message "Error: Press shutter release button again". I tried everything I could think of... Changed batteries, sd cards, lenses, turn it on and off several times.  I finally gave up and looked on the internet.  It looks like it's a problem with this little red gear in the bottom of the camera.  Looks like an easy fix... but here's my dilema... Because it's within the first 30 days of getting fixed, it might be under warranty if it's caused by the same thing that they were trying to fix in the first place.  I could send it in, miss it for another 6 weeks and have it back as good as new.  Or, I could send it in, they tell me it's a different problem and ask for another $150 to fix it... at which point I'll just have to say forget it... and we can try to open it up and fix it ourselves and I would still have to miss my camera for another 6 weeks.  Or, I can just try to fix it right now, not miss it for 6 weeks, but that would invalidate the temporary warranty on the fix that they just did.  OHHHHHHH, if I only had an extra $1000 laying around... I would just buy a new camera.  If I were still doing weddings I could say it was worth it... the weddings more than paid for my last camera... but I'm not.  I only do family pictures for people once in a while now too... three kids = no time = no advertising = no shoots.  What to do? What to do?  Here's some of the ones that I got of Evelyn before my camera gave out though... All my best pictures usually come towards the end of the shoot... so it makes me wonder what I could have gotten if my camera had lasted.

And this is what these guys were doing while they were waiting for me...