Thursday, December 15, 2011

Precocious 6 month old?

So, Evelyn's been crawling for about two weeks and I've already had to rescue her from underneath countless chairs, tables, desks, and beds.  She particularly likes power chords.  She has also atempted to digest a book cover, Ada's hair bands, several papers and coloring books, and any crumbs that she can find.  I don't remember either of the other two getting into nearly as many things until they were about 18 months old.  I have two minds about it.  It's fun to see how different all kids are and what their talents are in, and I'm a little nervous that I can't watch her more fully.  Maybe time to pull out the porta crib?  I don't like pulling it out at home though... it mostly gets in the way, but that way I'll know that she isn't choking down someones "homework" when I'm changing the laundry.


Diane said...

Both these last two posts are funny. It sounds like you have had a busy/tough two days. Is Ada going to get medication for an overactive bladder? I had that. And when I finally learned not to pee my pants, I had bladder infections constantly until the over active bladder was diagnosed years later.

Jenny said...

Jake is the same! He is so smart, talks so much more, and gets into more scrapes than all my others. I have two theories: one - I have less time to police him, and two - he learns quicker because he has two other siblings to follow and compete with. Two other moms with three said the same. So do what you need to do, keep her safe, and forgive yourself for it. She won't be scarred for life either way! (that's what my mom says)