Tuesday, December 13, 2011

All worth it in the end

Yesterday was "interesting" to say the least. It started about 4pm... We were supposed to go to the doctor to see if Ada had a bladder infection... the appt was at 4:40... I woke kids up from naps at 4 in hopes of getting them there on time... In true 4 year old fashion, everything I asked Ada to do ended up with her finding a toy to play with and not getting whatever it was done.  I had 2 year old Sammy asking me to play angry birds every time I turned a corner, and I had to wake up and wrap up a 6 month old Evelyn.  All in all we got out the door 5 minutes too late to make it on time.  Sammy cried in the car the whole way... nothing I said would help.  And Ada was really cute and singing the whole time but it made it really hard to hear what Sammy was trying to say.  When we got there, complete with the urine sample that they had me get from Ada... which they didn't tell me had to be within the same hour and that it had to be refrigerated.  Thanks for not telling me the two important details.  Very helpful.  So we had to get a new sample.  Which, despite what the nurse said, was fairly simple.  Ada thought peeing in a cup was very funny.  The hard part was keeping Sammy away from the trash can and the sink while I helped Ada.  When we'd washed all three of our hands and gotten all four of us and the urine sample where we needed to be I was done with a certain 2 year old.  So I let him play on my phone.  And he played until the battery died and cried for the next half hour at the doctors and the half hour after that in the car.  Thanks Sam.  He thought I was being so mean to him... how many ways can I say that the phone isn't working?  Ada turned out not to have a bladder infection but does have overactive bladder, so I have to have her go to the bathroom every hour on the hour until she can feel her bladder muscles again.  Then I didn't have time to make dinner, so we ran through the drive through and got hamburgers... which Sammy asked for but wouldn't finish the little half of one that we gave him.  We got to the library where we were going to a Messiah Sing-in and there were no chairs available even though we were 20 minutes early and we did get to say hi to my cousin Elliot.  Figured out that Evelyn had pooped all over her back and car seat.  I went and changed her but wasn't sure what to do about the car seat, I didn't want to put her back in it.  Sammy kept wandering off to knock books off shelves, not to read them.  And we kept having to get after Ada for stepping on books and crying when she got in trouble.  Not the easiest outing we've ever had. 

But it was all worth it in the end when we walked out of there and the kids were both humming tunes from the Messiah.  Too cute.

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Jenny said...

Three kids makes life a circus! Some things I have stopped doing just to make life easier on myself. That includes library visits. But I know that in a year things will be different. Your life sounds just like mine! Don't worry - all moms get through it. I am finally feeling like I can go do things without it always being a fiasco. So hang in there for another year. It gets better.