Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Previews

So, Jer was forbidden to tell anyone about these really neat videos... because they wanted to be able to surprise everyone one with them with an announcement at the Christmas Devotional.  He said he watched people testing these and doing the CGI.  His favorite was a shot of Goshen, UT that said: "CGI Egypt" on it.  They really did turn out really well.  They were made specifically for an ipad app, but here's a link to the internet ones.  I think that my favorite one is The Christ Child Presented at the Temple.  Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Funny story

So we went to the second Sherlock Holmes movie today.  We had baby with us, but there weren't changing tables in either of the bathrooms... so I improvised.  There was a dry spot on the counter and I changed her there, but when I leaned over to wash my hands in the sink next to her, she rolled the other way... right into the other sink.  She just sat there looking around at her new perspective and I didn't catch her in enough time to keep the automatic sink from turning on.  She was wet all over!  I was glad that I had extra clothes for her and glad that she thought it was fun.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Precocious 6 month old?

So, Evelyn's been crawling for about two weeks and I've already had to rescue her from underneath countless chairs, tables, desks, and beds.  She particularly likes power chords.  She has also atempted to digest a book cover, Ada's hair bands, several papers and coloring books, and any crumbs that she can find.  I don't remember either of the other two getting into nearly as many things until they were about 18 months old.  I have two minds about it.  It's fun to see how different all kids are and what their talents are in, and I'm a little nervous that I can't watch her more fully.  Maybe time to pull out the porta crib?  I don't like pulling it out at home though... it mostly gets in the way, but that way I'll know that she isn't choking down someones "homework" when I'm changing the laundry.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

All worth it in the end

Yesterday was "interesting" to say the least. It started about 4pm... We were supposed to go to the doctor to see if Ada had a bladder infection... the appt was at 4:40... I woke kids up from naps at 4 in hopes of getting them there on time... In true 4 year old fashion, everything I asked Ada to do ended up with her finding a toy to play with and not getting whatever it was done.  I had 2 year old Sammy asking me to play angry birds every time I turned a corner, and I had to wake up and wrap up a 6 month old Evelyn.  All in all we got out the door 5 minutes too late to make it on time.  Sammy cried in the car the whole way... nothing I said would help.  And Ada was really cute and singing the whole time but it made it really hard to hear what Sammy was trying to say.  When we got there, complete with the urine sample that they had me get from Ada... which they didn't tell me had to be within the same hour and that it had to be refrigerated.  Thanks for not telling me the two important details.  Very helpful.  So we had to get a new sample.  Which, despite what the nurse said, was fairly simple.  Ada thought peeing in a cup was very funny.  The hard part was keeping Sammy away from the trash can and the sink while I helped Ada.  When we'd washed all three of our hands and gotten all four of us and the urine sample where we needed to be I was done with a certain 2 year old.  So I let him play on my phone.  And he played until the battery died and cried for the next half hour at the doctors and the half hour after that in the car.  Thanks Sam.  He thought I was being so mean to him... how many ways can I say that the phone isn't working?  Ada turned out not to have a bladder infection but does have overactive bladder, so I have to have her go to the bathroom every hour on the hour until she can feel her bladder muscles again.  Then I didn't have time to make dinner, so we ran through the drive through and got hamburgers... which Sammy asked for but wouldn't finish the little half of one that we gave him.  We got to the library where we were going to a Messiah Sing-in and there were no chairs available even though we were 20 minutes early and we did get to say hi to my cousin Elliot.  Figured out that Evelyn had pooped all over her back and car seat.  I went and changed her but wasn't sure what to do about the car seat, I didn't want to put her back in it.  Sammy kept wandering off to knock books off shelves, not to read them.  And we kept having to get after Ada for stepping on books and crying when she got in trouble.  Not the easiest outing we've ever had. 

But it was all worth it in the end when we walked out of there and the kids were both humming tunes from the Messiah.  Too cute.

Monday, December 12, 2011

In tribute

In tribute and because of... 

My parents moved this weekend.  They moved, and all four of my brothers and sisters moved.  Needless to say it was a very busy time.  So, Ada and I decided that we'd invite all the cousins over to stay at our house for a couple of days.  It was a blast!  Thanks for letting me take them McKay and Sophie!  Everyone is all moved in, my sister's surgery went well and she's all moved it (Sharon, I really enjoyed talking to you!  Thanks!), and Seth and Jer are so sore that they can't move... I have the remedy guys.  Kung Fu Panda 2 shipped today.  How long til it gets here do you think?  So, out of everything... having 5-6 kids around the house isn't that new for me... but having 4 sets of hands trying to help me pour milk and chocolate powder into sippy cups is.  I think that was the hardest part for me... They all wanted food at the same time, and as soon as any of them suggested food, they were all ready for me to give it to them.  But here's something else we did.  I had taken pictures of a friends kids really quick and before I took down the backdrop and took some funny grandkid pictures.  I didn't photoshop or crop any of them... just wanted to get copies out to family members.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Cute Christmas Video

Way cute Christmas video... found it on the a blog I follow...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I love

I love that when Sammy is excited he says, "Try Again!" instead of do it again.

I love that when Ada saw Aubrey and Devin last night (they haven't seen each other for 6? months) Devin screamed, Ada opened her arms as wide as they'd go, and they all three hugged till they fell over on the floor giggling. 

I love the Evelyn has started to crawl but it's so tiring for her that she just starts bawling after a few feet.

Monday, December 5, 2011


Yes, these are my children... I tried to take a picture of them all dressed up in their nice clothes for our Thanksgiving dinners last week... and this is what I got.  Can you tell that they have their own personalities?

And this was at BYU in the Tanner building.  We were headed to BYU Library because I was trying to get at some history books... and this is what we found on our way.  And I saw Harriet Gummow and her hubby too!  She was my piano teacher 15 or so years ago.

Then we went to a fundrasier breakfast.  Ada LOVED hugging Santa, she said that she was giving him great big hugs!  And it so turns out that Mrs. Claus' first name is Ada.  She was thrilled to meet another one.  And told Ada that she can spell her name backwards.

Saw this pretty scene on the way to Evelyn's 6 month doctors appt.  She's 17 lbs!  So cute! I had her on the exam table and she didn't want to sit still... She sat up there turning herself in circles.  I just made sure she didn't fall off.  It's funny... when she was born she was in the 54% for height and weight... now she's 60% for weight and 17% for height.  My dad said that there was no way I'd get giant children.  (I'm 5'4" in a family of 5'8" to 6'2" and Jer is 5'8".)

Ada has been thrilled with this new little set!  She says all the people are friends and that they're there to take care of the baby.  Thanks mom for this find!

And this was one of the things I found in the library.  My Grandpa Wilcox is one of the people talked about it R. Lanier Britsch's book on Mormon's in the Pacific Islands.

And some things that I've missed blogging about: 
Thanksgiving was busy but awesome!  I got to spend the day with my little family and then went to pick up my friend Carmen for dinner at my parents house... then back to the Robertsons for pie and a movie.  What a joy to have our families so close!
My Great-Uncle Bob Rollins died.  He was always open and friendly with me.  Showed me all his rocks (he's a rock collector as well as a jeweler and artist), let me play with his cats, was our family's home teacher, and sold my hubby my wedding ring.  Love you Bob and family!  Thoughts are with you!
Also, we missed the funeral for my friend's mom.  Emily Marble's mom died of lead poisoning.  Emily, my heart aches for you and we love you so much!  If you need anything, especially a hug, call us and we'll be there!
Our kids have enjoyed doing all the Christmas decorations around our house... including snow flakes on our ceiling and windows.
We got all three of our pets fixed so I've been trying to keep them as comfortable as I can where I can... Two of the three look okay, but Viper is sure sad.  She looks at me with her red rimmed eyes and just mews pitifully.  Sorry kitty.
My house is a mess.
We went to the Robertsons' last night for the family fast dinner and to watch the Christmas devotional.  So much fun!  And the devotional was amazing.  The one down side was someone had let Teela in the house (probably because the kids were in and out playing with her kittens) and she got into the turkey casserole that I made for the dinner... for some strange reason, no one wanted any of it after that and we brought it home to feed to the dog.

Tis the season

6 month old Evelyn!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Unexpected bonus

So an unexpected plus to my husband.  I noticed while I was doing the laundry yesterday that I never had to turn any of his clothes right side out.  For that unexpected bonus in my work I thank you!