Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Family Night

So, our family night yesterday was all about getting ready for Christmas.  And guess what.  The kids were so excited about going and getting a Christmas tree that they were really bad at listening to me ALL DAY LONG.  All I can say is, maybe I let it be a surprise next time.  But our tree is up, it's decorated, half the house is decorated... but we need lights up now.  Any volunteers?  At least we got all the leaves up off our grass before we put up our Christmas tree.  You should be proud of us.  That is quite an achievement.

And some things that I don't want to forget:

Ada uses her fingers all the time.  They are imaginary people that run all over you and jump off furniture. 

Sammy has decided that he is officially a boy and has started kicking things and throwing them... just cause.  If you ask him why he says, "Because."  And he's peed in the potty 3 times at this point, but I'm not going to push it... I'm not ready to potty train for at least another month... hope his interest holds!

Evelyn LOVES to touch everything.  If it's in front of her, she'll touch it.  Her current favorites are a toy bus at my parents house and a piano/xylophone toy at ours.  Her other eternal passion is jumping... She LOVES being in a bouncer.  She'll go for about 1 1/2 just jumping away... but then she's exhausted and just wants to sleep... but it's cute.  Today in the tub, she figured out that if she scooted her butt a little bit she would slide forward because the tub is slippery.... so she'd scoot her way over to a toy and try to grab it... it would float off and she would scoot off again.  And she has 2 teeth.


I swear, kids are so creative!  Sam is really into shapes right now (and angry birds...) and he came up to me the other day standing with his legs as wide open as they'd go and said, "Look mom!  A Trigangle!"  And yes, he does say it with the extra g.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Monster voice

My sister Sharon taught Sammy to use a monster voice.  The other day, he ran right up to Evelyn and yelled in his monster voice.  I thought it would scare her, but she just giggled and giggled... he said, "Evelyn Joy!  I love you!"

Monday, November 21, 2011

Nothing can prepare you

Nothing can prepare you, not even the best video games in the world can prepare you for feeding and enthusiastic 5 month old.  Maneuvering the very wet and drippy food past waving hands and into the wiggly baby's mouth... without getting any in her nose, down her chin, or even in her hair... is a trick.  Not to mention trying not to gag her with the spoon as she dives for it. 

But the best part is when you feed her something that she really likes... carrots, plums and pears for example... she literally will sit there and say, "MMMMM!"


While changing and feeding baby girl I heard two little voices coming from the bathroom. 

Ada - "No Sam.  This is your phone."  "Hello?"
Sam- "Hi Grandma."
Ada- "No I'm not grandma, this is Ada, your best friend."
Sam- "Oh hi!"

(When I looked in, they were using the thermometers as cell phones while Ada was on the potty.)

And now as I'm listening...

Sam - "Wheeee boom!"
Ada - "Ow!  Sam! Do you always throw toys at your sister?"
Sam - "Oh."

Gotta love it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So lately Sammy's come up with a new "nickname" for Evelyn.  Instead of insisting that she be called Baby Evelyn he's  been telling everyone that her name is Evelyn Joy.  So cute!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sam's new shoes

Sam has a shoe fettish.  No, he doesn't like womens shoes as much, or lots of pairs of shoes.  He likes one style of shoe, in the same blue color. period.  The last couple of times that we've gotten him shoes we've just bought the same pair of shoes a size bigger, but we knew that when he was big enough they wouldn't carry that style in his size.  It happened. 

We went to the store to buy him some new shoes... we told him that was what we were doing, and guess what.  He threw a big ol tantrum as soon as his shoes were taken off.  "No!  Blue shoes on!"  So Jer turned it into a game.  We pulled out 10 different pairs of shoes and had him try them all on one at a time... by the time he'd fought him into trying on 4 of them he'd gotten the hang of it and wanted to keep trying on different ones... but then it took him a long time to get him to decide which ones he would be willing to wear without fighting him.  Finally did.  Now he doesn't want to wear his old shoes anymore.  I guess we got him to expand his horizons.

Primary program

You know that kid in the kid's program that everyone just laughs at and thinks is so cute... Ada was that one today.  They've told me that she's a great singer and knows all the words, but for some reason she stood up on the stage and decided that she was going to pick her nose, jump all over, not sing any of the songs, and my personal favorite.... spit at her teacher.  I ended up having to sit on the pew right in front of her and keep her on track... then Sammy freaked out, and Jer kept her on task.  Everyone says that that is their favorite thing about these programs but I didn't think that my daughter would be the entertainment. 

On a little better note, I talked to her about the spitting and it turns out that she does that on a regular basis and the teachers have never told us.  So I talked to her before her class and she didn't do that today, but we might have to talk to her before every class until it becomes a habit.  And today in their class she had an awesome answer.  When asked,"What is our church called?"  She said, "The Church of Heavenly Father!" Kind of babe... kind of.  (We belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, long name for a 4 year old.  Most people call us Mormons, but not all Mormons are LDS.  Some are RLDS and some are FLDS... some are polygamists.  We are none of these but get confused with them all the time because of the title "Mormon".)

Friday, November 11, 2011


Here's a 1 for the day of 1's.... Evelyn got 1 tooth in... and it's not even the 4 that she's been working on for the last month... it was 1 on the bottom in the middle.  But it's official! She's got 1.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NAET follow up

Yay!  Sammy and I are official done with our treatments! 

Sam can eat like any healthy little boy now and I actually giggle as I give him a glass of milk in the mornings. He doesn't react to it either.  He's energetic, happy... bouncy even. My happy Sammy from almost two years ago is back!  He's also talking more and paying more attention than he used to... granted, he is still only 2 1/2... but I've noticed a difference in the last month. And his 2T clothes are getting tight on him!  He only went from 18 month clothes about 2-3 months ago... he's getting taller and gaining weight at a rate that he hasn't ever done before.  Amazing!

As for me, I don't smell all the mold in everywhere that I go.  I can wake up in the morning instead of having to drag myself out of bed.  I don't have to eat first thing in the morning, I can get the kids taken care of and then feed myself.  I've lost 9 lbs so far without changing my diet or exercise... makes me wonder what I could do if I actually did a diet now...?  And here's an unexpected one... I was able to easily fast this last fast Sunday... usually by about half way through I'm exhausted, starving, and have a head ache... not this time!  It makes me feel normal!

I'm officially a fan of NAET!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I often have little sales people at my door since our neighborhood is made of young families.  Usually it's school fundraisers, cookies, cleaning services, lawn services, dog walking, etc... the other day was the best one ever.  I wanted to buy it right away...

"Hi!  Do you want to buy a 'No Soliciting' sign?"

I burst out laughing right there at the front door!  Awesome!