Monday, October 31, 2011

New photoshoot

True... I don't get paid for these ones... but they're always my favorite.... Here's my latest of my sweet little baby!  Isn't she adorable!  5 months old today!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

30 and lovin it...

Now... look at this girl.  Could you believe that she considers herself the "ugly sister"?  I don't know why... I did some after shots for her, she just got her braces off, though you have to admit that she was beautifl before too... see here for the before. 

New accomplishments and more

Evelyn's sitting up on her own, rolling from back to front, and I'm loving it. 

Doesn't she look like Raggedy Ann?

Sammy came in first place in the costume contest at my dad's work party.

My dad the "E-Male", my daughter the "Pig in a blanket"

My daughter "the horse"

My son the "sock monkey"

Sammy told me the other day when I called him to come and get dressed... "No, I'm working."  While he was jumping on the little trampoline in the kids room.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

So proud of my mini fencer!  It's really cute to watch her in en guarde position!  And I think it's hilarious when she twirls around in the middle of a bout.  She's not a girl is she?

Two new accomplishments (or three)

We've finished quite a few new things around here, but the two most recent are both from last night:

Mine and Ada's fencing class finished
I finished the Nativity set that it's taken me 4 years to do... (mostly cause I couldn't read the pattern.  Now that I can do that it takes about a week or two per figure depending on how much extra time I have.)

And on a side note, Evelyn is getting so big!  She can sit herself up for a little while before she falls over, and can accidentally roll from back to front but hasn't done that one on purpose yet.  Yesterday was funny because she was imitating people shake their heads.  My dad would shake his head "no" and Evelyn would do it too... she also did it with my mom, Sharon and I.  Funny girl!  And she has Jim's laugh!  (My father-in-law....I love that man!)  He'll just hold it in as long as he possibly can before he just bursts out laughing... That's what Ada does too!  Is it genetic?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So, found out today that Sammy's also allergic to plastic. 

How would we avoid that one? He is two after all... everything he owns is plastic.

The kids dishes, his toys, the carpet usually has some in it... even his car seat.  Hmmm... it's a good thing that we're trying to get rid of his allergies!

The Wise man

Ada was over heard in the back seat singing the chorus to the song "The Wise Man Built his house upon the rock" 

"The rain came down and the flowers came up! The rain came down and the flowers came up!"

Can't argue with that.

Monday, October 17, 2011


I'm not someone who believes in cure-alls, but I'm really believing in something here.  Here are five different people that I know personally and how they were helped.

My cousin Susan.  Celiac Sprue.  Had to be a vegetarian or else she felt so sick that she couldn't do anything.  After NAET she gave all her gluten free food to my sister and she said she's felt amazing ever since... it's been about a year.

My Aunt Beth.  Celiac Sprue, fibermialgia (spelling?), depression, allergies... you name it, she's had it.  She couldn't even eat fruits because the sugars gave her headaches.  After NAET she ate her first piece of watermelon in 10 years.  Her Celiac is gone, and she's been taken off her depression medication.  They're now treating her for her fibermialgia and I hope it takes!  She says that she feels almost normal for the first time in years!

My sister Janelle.  Celiac Sprue and allergies to 17? different things... including corn, eggs, wheat, mold, etc.... After NAET she can eat things without feeling sick for the first time in about 10 years.  She says that she's feeling AMAZING!  And her immune system used to be way low and she'd catch everything... I don't think she's caught anything since she got treated... Janelle, correct me if I'm wrong please!  I don't want to try to exaggerate. 

My sister Sharon.  Allergies to about 21 different things, PCOS and depression.  Some of her allergies included Vitamin B, Calcium and several other important things for helping you feel energetic and happy.  Since NAET she says that she hasn't felt despair and has felt energetic and she looks a lot happier.  I haven't asked her how she's doing lately... or if she's done with treatment... but last I talked to her the drepression was pretty much gone.

Me.  Allergies to about 10 different things and PCOS.  I'm not done with my treatments, but the allergies that he's cleared me of are: mold, hormones (which was one of the causes of my PCOS), eggs, and now that he's done that he says that I might be able to do things like.... drum roll please.... lose weight normally, nurse babies, and maybe even get pregnant more easily.  Since he treated me for hormones I've been able to get by on about 2 hours of sleep less per night than I usually require... and I did lose 3 lbs without changing anything in what I'm doing... (I know that doesn't sound like a lot... but remember, I'm the one who trained for and ran a half marathon without losing a single pound, took 4 years of extreme excercise and diet to lose 20 pounds, and who was the only Jr Olympian competing that weighed over 200 pounds.) 

NAET is not a cure all... and on the face of it seems funny... it's accupressure.  And what they call "Energy Medicine".  What I understand from it though is that they are working with your nervous system.  And when your brain/nervous system can't function properly then your organs start to develop more diseases and allergies... so by helping your nervous system work properly your organs start working the right way again. 

And for you LDS out there... some of it makes sense in a LDS perspective as well.  When you're being cleared from a certain allergy you have to avoid all contact with it for 24 hours.  Which... we fast from all food and drink for 24 hours once a month.  I think that besides being a test of faith and willingness it's also God's way of helping us clear toxins out of our bodies.  And with NAET your body can tell you emotional things that you're hanging on to... which I think is a really cool opportunity to use the Atonement in our lives.  If you don't know that you're hanging on to resentment or guilt then how can you repent from them?

I know it sounds weird, but seeing the big difference it's made in my family's lives... I'm willing to believe it works.  Sammy is going to start getting treated this week for all of his food allergies... I'm hoping it will work.  I don't want him feeling different all growing up.  My mom and brother are also starting treatments for their own things too.  It's helped the rest of us... why not them too? 

And here are some of the things that they say that it helps... diabetes, celiac, allergies of any type, immune deficiences, depression, chrons disease, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, autism, constipation, acne, being too sweaty, and many more... they handed me literally a two page list of things that it can cure.  Don't think I'm crazy!  Besides... we're more willing to let someone operate on us than we are to try an non invasive thing... it's non invasive, and if it doesn't work then the only thing we're out is money... not health.

Random pitures

Just catching up on pictures that make me happy!

At cousin Aubrey's baptism

Holding the kitties while I got stuff out of the garage

Bath time.  And no, I don't let Ada hold the baby in the tub the whole time.  Just while I soap her up... and she loves it.  If I give her a bath by herself she screams the whole time.

Sharon was making faces at Sammy... love it!

Hiking at Cascade Springs

Reid doing what he does best!  Catching bugs and showing the kids.  He always caught frogs and snakes for us all growing up too.

She was trying to imitate Uncle Seth... but just couldn't keep a straight face.

Rest stop in the middle of the hike?

She picked me flowers

Classic Seth... no one, and I mean no one can make faces like my brother.

Jer loves being mobbed by the grandkids.  I think he had 8 of them on him at once. 

Found Sammy in the closet during nap time.  Where better to take a nap?

I love my sisters and love how much they love my kids!  What would I do without them?  (And Evelyn was absolutely fascinated with Janelle's shirt too by the way...)