Wednesday, September 28, 2011


More family pictures by Bec...

Love them!

The Body song

"My Bonnie lies over the ocean. My Bonnie lies over the sea."  became "My Body lies over the ocean. My Body lies over the sea. My Body lies over the ocean. Bring back my Body to me to me!  Bring back, bring back o bring back my Body to me, to me... " (curtesy of Ada)

Sammy's version is, "bring back, bring back, bring back, bring back, to me, to me..."

Monday, September 26, 2011

Say a prayer daddy!

For family night tonight we spent a little time talking about how to pray and how to say prayers on our own, not just when we're together as a family... as part of that, I wanted to emphasize that you can say prayers when you're sad, lost, happy, whatever...  Afterwards, Jer was running around after them and playing tag with them.  At one point he ran around the corner and hid behind the couch and under the baby swing... (sounds awful right?) when Ada and Sammy couldn't find him Ada yells out, "Daddy!  Say a prayer if you're lost!"


This weekend is probably our last "unscheduled" one for the next month and a half.  We had fun too.  We took our kids on a 4 mile bike ride and had a picnic at the park.  We played with grandparents.  We went hiking at Cascade Springs.  Helped can pears.  And played with John and Diane's family at grandparents house.  Here are a couple pictures... and some pictures of our family that Becca took a couple weeks ago... and did you know that Sammy cut his own hair about a week ago?  I had trimmed his hair and I guess he liked it because he tried it out himself.  Then I had to try to blend it in a little, and I ended up cutting the tip of his ear... which meant that his hair cut was put on hold again.  But it's kind of funny.  If anyone asks about his hair or ear, he comes up with these big "tearful" eyes and tells them how mom cut his ear. And the other day he was SOOOO hungry that he was crying.  I decided to make mac and cheese for dinner... one of his favorites... and he cried the whole time I was making it.  I had to put him in his room to cry for part of it.  When I tried to explain that we had to let the noodles cook on the stove he looked at me all panicked... big huge red rimmed eyes... and said, "WHAT?!" Then, wouldn't you know it... I got him his dinner in the end, he ate about 5 bites and decided he was done.  Nice.

I had pictures to go with this post... but unfortunately I have to work out a space issue first!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Ada was helping me make brownies and she dipped her finger in, tried it, and said, "These aren't pretty bad!"  Where did an expression like that come from?

Noah's ark

Ada... my soon to be 4 year old's version of Noah's ark:

"There was a ship, and a storm, and people on the ship got frozen and some of the animals got frozen.  And they were on there for a really long time."
-me "How many animals were there?"
"Soooo many!"
-me "Did they get off the ship after the storm?"
"No... they were just on there for a really long time."
-me "What kinds of animals were there?"
"Bears, and fish."
-Sammy "Angry birds!"

I think maybe we'll have a family night lesson on this one soon... hmmm.....

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sammy's swear word

Sammy's new exclaimation is "Oh Jeremy!" 

(I'm guessing it's because that's what Jer says when he's done something that he thinks is stupid.)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

State Fair/Janelle's bday

So for my sisters' birthday she spoiled my kids.  I didn't mind, but I hope that she had a fun time too....

We went to the State Fair where Sammy LOVED riding on the ponies and Ada LOVED petting the animals... Evelyn got to be cuddled and loved by all the adults... I think she adores being adored!

Sammy says that the pigs say, "Moo..." and Ada wanted to jump in the bouncy house but it was way after nap times and you could tell. 

After this we went to my parents house for pizza and an out door movie... Rio.  It was fun, and Happy Bday Nella!

New things

So, the most exciting of our newness.... Evelyn officially rolls from front to back.  She's done it before but I think now it's official.  She did it 4 times in about 12 hours.  (And about 10 of those hours she was sleeping.) 

Another new thing was that we were early for the Symphony.  Amazing!  Though it did come with a price.  We left our kids with my friend Mary and her family (I really hope they were good for you!  I know you said they were, but I hope you just didn't leave things out!), and Judy and I left at 4:30 to pick up Jer and Jim from work and head up to SLC to hear Beethoven's 9th symphony.  It was kind of frustrating.  We left early so we could go out to a nice meal and be on time.  It took us an hour and a half to get both Jer and Jim.  There was an accident on the freeway and then a rainstorm that made everything slow down dramatically.  Finally got Jer, made our way over to get Jim and another street was closed because they were getting ready to dedicate a statue for the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  So finally got around that, and got Jim... then it took another 1/2 hour to get the car parked and walk to the Hall.   Barely made it at 7pm and it turns out that we didn't really have to be there til 8.  Whoops!  So we went to the lecture before it, which was actually kind of cool... about the new kettle drums that they had gotten that sound like the ones from Beethoven's time, but can still permeate the concert hall. 

We had third row seats, which in some cases is a good thing... in this case it made you a little too close to the orchestra, but it was still amazing!  First they did a modern piece that was written about 9/11.  It was interesting, but not something that you just enjoy listening to.  I felt like it was more of a performance art piece than anything else.  Then they did the 9th.  AMAZING!  Maestro Thierry Fisher.  AMAZING!  He was fun to watch too... very animated and extremely absorbed into the music.  And the chorus (the choir) made me want to cry!  Usually you get that one soprano that's a little too shrill or that one baritone that thinks he's more important and booms it out too loud... but not this time!  How perfect!  And it was fun to see many different aged performers too... from 20 year olds to 80 year olds... What made it even more exciting for me though... was sitting next to Jeremy!  He'd giggle silently at all his favorite parts and I think he even teared up at the end!  Every time he giggled, I knew that it was worth every penny.

Then we went to eat at PF Chang's because we were starving.  We had to walk 5 blocks back to the car, which normally is nice but at this point it was late... and my shoes were too small.  We left the parking lot at 12:30.  And surprise, surprise... there were two accidents and construction on the freeway that brought it to a stand still.  We had to drive out to Redwood Rd and down to Lehi... where the road was closed and we were detoured around that.  Grrrr.... Finally got home (thank you Mary!) and to be by 2:30 am.  Even with the 4 hours of driving that I had to do, I would do it again if I could hear that symphony played in that way again!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Not quite with it

So... you can tell I wasn't quite with it this morning when I came home from my neighbors funeral to find that after making brownies for the luncheon I had put the flax seed in the drawer with the measuring stuff instead of back in the fridge.  Just so you know... I love this woman!  Marilyn Stubbs was 75, full of life, always had her nails painted, offered us apples from her tree, made Evelyn a baby blanket, taught me how to read a crochetting pattern, and reminded me of my grandpa because she always offered us cake/ice cream/cookies/etc... even though she had diabetes.  We talked about her childhood, mostly about when she was 16-20.  We talked about her kids and grandkids.  We talked about BYHigh.  We talked about her job and her mission.  We talked about crocheting and craft projects.  And we even talked about the men that she was dating and laughed that she said she was really dating them because she needed projects done around the house and she had found a handy man to do them. We love you Marilyn.  You are my friend and we'll miss you!

On a little happier note, I just wanted to write down some of the cute things the kids have been doing lately.  We went up to help put in a fence with Landon and Katie.  Trevor, my cousin's son, saw his dad's air compressor and asked, "Is that a shrink ray?" (he always wears this red cape and at the moment had on blue gloves too... awesome.) He wouldn't go up the stairs to the bathroom alone either... he's like 5/6.  But Grandpa was there... so "Grandpa ate the monsters, so you're safe."  He goes, "Oh yeah! Okay." And went right up. 

Ada and Lizzie are busy playing away.  I love to hear their giggling and can't wait til Ada and Evelyn can giggle like that together.  Sisters are the best friends! 

We went to Kung Fu Panda 2 last night.  A little long for Sam, but they did really good sitting for the movie.  When we got home Sammy kept saying, "Watch me!" and "Watch this!" and running around and trying to round house kick.  Cute kid.

Poor Jer had to decided between the Beethoven 9th concert in SLC and running the Red Rock Relay this weekend with his brother Jay.  What a hard decision!  But he did it... he's going to take me on a date to hear Beethoven's 9th and we're going to go to the State Fair with Nella for her bday.  I think it will be fun!  Love you Jer!

Evelyn has a new toy... a bear with a blanket body... she just sits and mauls it... stuffing it into her mouth and giggling when you shake it in front of her.  I love that girl.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Look at how big!

Look how big my baby's getting!  3 months went by fast!

Baby Kat

Isn't she a cutie?  She belongs to my cousin... so of course she's a cutie!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Two year olds

So Sammy is the funniest and most frustrating of my children right now.  He always wants to be on the computer... and since I do computer support for my job that can be a problem.  Especially when I'm on the phone with a customer and he starts crying/screaming for a game.  He ends up in his room a lot by the way.  He also doesn't like to eat any prepared foods.... if it's not from a wrapper odds are that he won't touch it, which is ironic because he can't eat most foods in wrappers... mostly fresh or homemade foods. He likes to tease Ada because she makes the most delightfully crying sounds.  But most of all he has great timing.  It's like he has a radar... as soon as I sit down to do anything... whether it's feed the baby, work, write a blog he comes to me with one of two requests.... "Game?" or "Cereal?" Now... the game is one that I don't like him doing by himself because he moves all the icons on my desktop and delete game characters, etc... and without fail he spills every little cup of cereal that he has.... which is one of the many reasons that I don't like him getting his own cereal. 

But then he goes and does something like this:  Wearing Ada's headband, and dressed in only his jammie top and conducting himself with a wooden baton he sings a moving rendition of the "ABC's" and ends it with yelling the word "Fight!" half way through the song.  Silly, frustrating boy!