Monday, March 28, 2011

Good things

Well, two good things today... Number one... Jay, Jer's brother and last (not youngest) of the 9 brothers and sisters is getting married... Yay Jay!  We're excited to meet her!   Number two... Ada asked for a blessing.  How neat is that!  I hope that she caught the same thing that Sammy and I have been battling and not something different, but she knew she didn't feel good, so she said that she wanted Jesus to make her feel better so she asked daddy to give her a blessing and put his hands on her head.  I think it's really neat to watch her deciding to follow things that she's learned both at church and at home and that she has the faith of a three year old to ask Heavenly Father to heal her.  Love you Ada!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


So Sammy was on an antibiotic... costs about $8 with our insurance... He was on it for 4 days and he still had fevers above 100... so the doctor switched him... I went to go pick up the new perscription and the lady says... "That's $52.34."  What?  You know we have insurance right?  "Yes, this is with the insurance and your discount program. And this is the generic brand." Yuck.  All I'd better say is that it had better work!  If he hadn't been miserable for the last week I would have called the doctor and asked to try a different one.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Our week

I've had several comments on how Ada is all that active... hmmm... thanks.  I think she's plenty active actually... here's our week... remembering that Sammy's had a fever and been extremely clingy and I'm sick and 7 months pregnant too...

Monday... I already blogged about... the aquarium, tons of stores, jumping around at the doctors office, and more stores...

Tuesday... Ada at school by 9:30... they made and flew their own kites... she loved it and has been wanting me to pull out our big kites ever since.... I'll leave that one to Jer since it's hard to run with a kite with 20 extra pounds of weight between my hips and carrying Sammy... (whenever I run away from Sam he screams... he thinks I'm leaving him... not playing... even when we chase each other around the house... I have to chase him he won't chase me.  He chases Jer just fine though...) I spent the morning with Sam... since he's sick we watched Thomas.  Went to pick up Ada (Sam screaming that he wants Thomas for the 10 min car ride.) Pick up some second hand clothes to go in our 72 hour kits that we're updating... Get after the kids the whole time... they knocked down a complete rack of clothes because they were playing tag between the isles...Lunch... an hour to hour and a half of kids telling me that they don't want what I made but they want something else and me cleaning up any spills/disasters along the way... Nap? time... put the kids to bed... spend the next hour trying to catch up on emails/mightyauthors work while having to go in and remind Ada to be quiet even if she doesn't want to sleep herself... and that she can't wake up Sammy so that they can play together... that never goes well.  Wake up... calm Sam down from his usual "I woke up" fit... get the kids in shoes and coats and go play on the swing set...end up watching Eliza for 2 hours while her dad goes to the dentist.  Spend the last half hour trying to get my YW New Beginnings assignments done before I have to go... Leave kids with Jer and go to New Beginnings.

Wed... Get kids dressed... pack a lunch and head out... we ride bikes to the park (1/2 mile away...) play with friends on the slides and swingset... eat a picnic lunch and keep playing.  Go home and drop off bikes and grab diapers and head to Grandma and Grandpa's house... where Ada helps mom, grandma, and uncle Reid pick up and burn all the sticks in the back yard.  Ada helps Grandma take dinner to Great Grandma... she's been asking if things are "Lovely in (her) hair" ever since... my grandma uses the word lovely instead of pretty.  Get kids back home in time to have Jer and my dad take a couch out of the house... give the kids a bath... have Sammy throw up in the bath... clean the tub and clean the kids again... Take kids down to the Robertson grandparents so that Jer and his dad can give Sammy a blessing after they get home from the chocolate class they were taking. 

Thurs... Take Ada to school where they put on a play with puppets that they made and she excitedly shows me all the spiders that she made during art time.  Sammy and I try to handle the 20 million phone calls that I got that day... We pick up Ada, she and Sammy decide to wrestle on my bed while I get lunch ready... we "eat" lunch and put kids to bed... Ada goes to play with Lizzie at the Simmonsens instead of taking a nap.  And Sam decides that his fever isn't gone... so he spends the next three hours crying... so we watch TaleSpin... Robyn comes over to exercise and Ada does a half hour of pilates with Robyn while mommy cuddles Sammy and tries to get him to drink something.  I make dinner and Jer comes home to us watching Pixar.  Get sick of that and take Sammy to play Plants vs Zombies on the computer instead. 

So I don't know about you... but I think she's out and about more than I am... I definitely can't keep up with her.  And as for active... she does all these things and then daddy comes home and plays "Bad Guy" or "Pillow and Blanket" with them.  I think that she's plenty fine.  If she had her way we'd be in the swimming pool or at the park all day long.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Funny kids

So... Ada is me at three... when I was three I told my mom, "You don't have to tell me anything, I know everything."  Ada just told me... "I can handle it myself." (Finger in the air and hand on hip...and yes, she did say handle... not do.) Funny girl.

Sammy has decided that any time he gets out of bed he has to take his whole bed, minus the mattress, with him... he comes to the door with his two crochetted blankets, his blanket he had covering him, his pillow, and whatever stuffed animals he was sleeping with... then he cries when I can't get the door open easily or pick him up right away. 

Yesterday was a lot of fun though... and I was super proud of my kids... I called the doctor right as the office opened to see if I could get Sammy in to get an antibiotic for his sinus infection.  They didn't have an opening until 4:30... just as the office closes.  Nice.  So we played games, did dishes, did laundry and ate lunch... then instead of taking naps we went out the door to go to the Sandy Aquatic Center.  (Stopped off at Discount Tire on the way to get a quote on new tires for the van).  Sammy, who wouldn't stay with us last time... followed Ada everywhere and LOVED the fish and especially the frogs.  Ada, who usually won't touch the sting rays... wouldn't leave the petting tank until I had helped her touch one... (I'd never touched one by the way... super neat!) Then we watched them feed the sting rays and went to watch the penguins... another of our favorites... and when we were done both the kids wanted to go right back in again!  We still had an hour and a half before Sammy's appointment so we went and walked through IKEA for fun... I didn't spend money (very proud of myself)... and we ran to the doctors... and he was 45 minutes behind.  I thought the kids would be grumpy because of no naps... but they were happy to run around the waiting room and even used some of the chairs as launch pads to jump off of.  Sure enough... Sammy had a sinus infection, got a perscription and we drove down to Costco to get it filled... another 45 minute wait.  So we picked up the pictures I had sent to be printed there... wandered the store forever... and finally ended up eating dinner there.  (Sammy can have the Costco hotdogs... how cool is that?!  Every other kind I've seen has something that he can't have in it.)  Finally got out of there and surprise!  The kids were still happy... course they weren't an hour later and an hour and a half before bedtime... but I was so proud of them for being able to deal with our big long day!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The perfect family meal...

Well, making a family meal that everyone likes, is healthy, and easy to make is pretty much impossible... I was just rethinking our family meals because Jer's starting his next round of marathon trainings... Which means the perfect meal would be ... for Jer... lots of carbs and protein in a very little amount of food... for me... few carbs and high protein in a low fat and low calorie type of food... for Ada... anything that is not dinner... for Sammy... high fat and high calorie foods that don't have any corn, egg, milk or soy products in them... and again for me... take less than half an hour to make and no more than 2 pots/pans...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

We need a bigger medical kit it seems...

Growing up with both my mom and grandma being nurses and having totes fulls of medical supplies in the closet... of course I'm going to make sure that I have medical supplies on hand... and this week, boy have we needed them....

First with Sammy's scare with the dog, several trips down our stairs, lots of little bumps and bruises... but now Ada decided to join in on the action... she usually just stubs her toe or something, but yesterday she cut her foot pretty good.  There's a two inch long gash on the ball of her foot... and we're not quite sure where she got it.  She says she was on the stairs... we think Jer might have found where it came from, but who knows?  We think it's from one of the tack strips that they put under the carpet to keep the carpet in place.  Ouch!  Poor kids... and it's not even summer yet. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sammy scare

So, I don't like to post traumatic things because they're so darn depressing, but yesterday scared me so bad!  It was so nice outside that we played a lot of the day in the backyard... then I went inside to do the laundry while the kids played on the swings...   I even put Lucy on her chain so that she wouldn't jump on kids while I wasn't there to supervise.  Half an hour later I heard Sammy crying.  I went out to see what was going on and Sammy had gone over to Lucy and she had knocked him down and between the two of them... they had managed to wrap her chain around his neck.  When Lucy saw me at the door she started dragging Sammy across the patio and choking him.  It scared me so bad!  Just hearing him choke was scary enough... but thinking about a broken neck or something like that made the 7 months pregnant fat lady get there a lot faster than I get anywhere... I got him untangled and cleaned up.  He has scrapes all up his forehead and a red chain line around his neck and ears and some scrapes on his back.  When Jer got home I told him that we either need to have a dog run or get rid of the dog... because I'm not using a chain again while there are kids younger than 5. Today Sammy seems fine... he's smiley and talks fine so I count my blessings that nothing more than a scare happened.  (anyone who really knows... we had one dog that was mine since 5th grade and two more that made appearances in our home... my long term dog died just before Jer and I got married... they know that I would never voluntarily get rid of one of my dogs... yesterday I was ready to.)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

old pictures

I just got a bunch of old pictures from some friends of ours that used to live down the street.  Look at how much our kids have changed!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My sweet kids

Sammy is allergic to everything... so Ada gets really upset if he takes a piece of her cereal or bread before she can ask me if it's a kind that he can have... it's really cute. My favorite is when we're in a store where they're giving out samples and they offer one to him... and she chimes in, "He's allergic... but I'm not!" Pretty funny!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Is it possible?

Is it possible to be addicted to being depressed?  I just had a couple of thoughts... my mom's RS is teaching lessons on the church's 12 step recovery from addiction program.  One of the steps is HOPE.  I keep connecting it to depression because of all the friends around me that are fighting it.  And it truly is a fight!  I just wanted to put some of my thoughts out there.  This is not a treaties on depression or an all knowing 'this is how you cure it'... just my thoughts and my mom's.

Is depression the absence of hope?  In some cases medication is needed, but in all cases hope and faith are needed more... The purpose of this life is so that we might have joy... joy in family, joy in living and learning, just joy... depression is an absence of joy.  We find joy when we turn to God and find hope in the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  We need to come to believe that the power of God can restore us to complete spiritual health.

I was reading in one of my favorite books and came across this and thought it was applicable...
"How easily he spoke of hope and humor, as if being happy were simply a decision one made.  Some people assumed that it was.  Once, I might have agreed with them.  Now, my stomach simply twisted, and I felt sick at the thought of taking pretty much any action.  My thoughts constantly invaded by doubts.  This is what religion is for, I thought... It helps people through times like these."  -Brandon Sanderson 'The Hero of Ages'

…often we do not connect our personal struggles with our need for God’s power in our lives. We need to believe in the love and mercy of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the accessibility and blessings of the Holy Ghost.  Come to know the perfectly united love of the Godhead by watching for evidence of Their love and power in our lives and in the lives of others.

Finding hope begins to awaken us to the mercy and power of God.  We can believe that He can deliver us from the bondage of addiction, sadness, sorrows, and pain. When we have found that hope it leads us to have faith that through obedience to Gods laws we can both be healed from our pains and shortcomings and also that we will receive the blessings that were promised to us as his heirs and children.  The foundation of recovery from anything is spiritual!

I have two experiences to share... one is mine and the other is my moms...

When my mom was 19 she had this experience:
"I lived in Salt Lake and attended BYU Salt Lake.  My roommate was killed (by her boyfriend who was often over at their apartment) and within weeks after, my brother was killed (fell from the back of a truck).  I sunk into a deep depression, afraid of the world.  I would hardly come out of my basement room.  My sorrow was so heavy.  The only thing I could think about was to pray.  I got on my knees and poured my aching heart out to God.  I felt a physical arm around my shoulders and a warmth in my body.  I heard him tell me that tho the world can harm our physical bodies that no one could harm my spirit.  That thought has been my motivation for this life.  I was able to have my Savior carry my burden and lift my sorrow."

Mine, compared to that isn't nearly what hers was... but it is mine... I felt it.  It is mine.
When Jer and I first found out that we couldn't get pregnant I went through several stages... sorrow, depression, and finally determination.  My depression came from the fact that I was ready for a family... and now it looked like Jer and I were as much of a family as we were going to have.  I had grown up expecting and preparing to be a mother... and now I wouldn't be.  I tried not to brood or show it to others, but it was there.  But after many prayers and fasts I decided that I would try to figure out why we couldn't be parents and what we could do about it.  Jer wasn't comfortable with adopting, so I looked into every reason I could find...After about 6 months there was a surgery done... and within three months of that... we were expecting our cute little Ada bug!  Could you imagine if I had just decided that we were just victims and had stayed depressed without doing anything about it?  We wouldn't have the two wonderful (and big handfuls that they are... ) kids with one on the way.  I'm so glad that I followed the promptings of the Spirit and the priesthood blessings that I received and the council that they gave!  Having a family is harder than I thought, but I'm glad for it at the same time.

Ogden Train Show

We went to the Ogden train show this last Saturday... it was fun and the kids especially loved climbing on the retired train in front of the train station.  And it was especially fun for Daddy and Grandpa to look at the trian shops and get new cars for their expanding collections... Here are some pictures...

I actually took these first two with my phone... Jer had the camera and it was just too perfect a place to miss the picture...I wish it were a little closer to do family pictures and whatnot...

Ready to go for a day of trains!

These next couple are from this morning... I walked downstairs to find my "cats" sunning themselves by the window...

Sammy giving baby Evelyn a hug...

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Ada told her Sunbeam teachers that she sleeps in a "bonk" bed... then she started hitting herself in the forehead and saying "Bonk!"  I wonder if she knows that it's really a bunk bed?