Monday, January 31, 2011

Awesomest picture

So this is my cousin Jake's wife's blog... and this is the awesomest picture I seen in a long time... classic... that's all I've got to say about that! Tommy

Monday, January 24, 2011

So... I've been meaning to...

I've been meaning to catch up with some of the things that Ada has been saying recently... my sister-in-law's blog about her daughter just reminded me to write these down before I forget again...

Recently, if Ada wants to know the name of something she says, "What's that called about?" (I think it's her version of the sentence, "What's that all about?" and "What's that called?")

If I say a word that Ada isn't familiar with she laughs and says, "Mommy say that again!" So, I'll say it again... and she just laughs and says, "Say it again!" Until I get tired of saying it over and over again.  I love that she laughs at the new word though... Awesome.

And any time she sees something that she thinks smells funny or looks weird she says, "That's yucky!  Bleah!  You don't eat that."


So Ada had such a fun time at the Princess Festival this last year that when we got an email that they were doing a Winterpalooza... I wanted to take her.  It was very different than the summer one, but they had fun. Here are some pictures of the fun things they got to do...

 Take Pictures with Princesses

 Free balloon animals (Lizzie wanted a kids wanted swords... nice.)

 This was a crack up!  Ada insisted on carrying her sword in her back...

Ada's first attempt at rock climbing.  She did pretty well with daddy to help... she wasn't quite tall enough to reach all the things on her own.  It was cute though... every time she got up one more step she'd look down and just giggle.

Sammy thought this helicopter was really cool... It's too bad they won't let you sit in it.

Inflatable jumping toys are ALWAYS a hit with all of the kids...

Just as happy as can be.

They got to get their hair and nails done by Paul Mitchell students for free. Ada got pink on one hand and orange on the other...

They got to "ride" in a carriage.  (They just climbed all over it.)

Ada LOVED meeting Rapunzel... she's liked her since we saw the movie Tangled on Christmas.  We also saw Snow White and Tiana walking around.

Ada and Rapunzel

A toy store had set up several of their toys for kids to play with... smart!

We colored and used tons of stickers.

And everywhere we went people had balloons to give out.  I love the Zurchers big balloons... They're still hanging out around our house for kids to kick around.

Ada also LOVED the gymnastics demo.  She thought that it was cool to do "tricks".

I think the balance beam was her favorite... she kept talking about it on the way home.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Evelyn Joy

No, she's not born yet... but here's a picture.  She was funny... She wouldn't stop wiggling to let the tech get good pictures of her, but she was so cute while she sucked on her tongue.  I think she's going to be either a thumb sucker or a binkie baby for sure...She's my smallest baby yet though... by the time Ada was born she measured 42 weeks... Sammy measured a week big as well.  Evelyn did measure 4 days big, but now she's measuring 4 days small... so she's dropped back by about a week.  We'll see how she comes out in the end.  (I wouldn't mind giving birth to a small baby... maybe then labor will be less than 16 long as she's healthy... I don't want her getting smaller if it's not healthy for her.)

And just so it's not a surprise to everyone... the doctor can see a spot on her heart.  He thinks that it's only a reflection from the ultrasound so he's going to check again in a month... Just so you're aware.

She even crossed her legs for us to show that she's a real girl... My Grandma Wilcox would be proud.

Her profile (I think she'll have my nose... but you never really know.)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I've had lots of questions about the last set of pictures I did!  I feel flattered!  I used the black background that Jer made me, an off camera flash that I can angle, and I did them in my kitchen which has lots of ambient lighting... (the front entry windows, the french doors in the back, french doors in the next room over, and three largish windows).  I want to get a patterned background at some point and the cables that will let me put my flash on a tripod and move my camera wherever I want without changing the lighting.  (And I think I do have beautiful kids!)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Got to use it!

So I got to use my Christmas presents... Jer had today off and He set up the photo backdrop that he made and we had a kiddo photoshoot.  What a blast!  My favorites were the fact that Ada actually looked at the camera when she smiled and that Sammy would climb into the chair on his own and say,"Cheese please!" (Take a picture of me please...)  Here are some of the results...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why is it?

Why is it cute that when Sammy wants to draw he says, "Circle, circle!"?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Know's what she wants...

So I asked Ada what she wanted to do today and she said she wanted to go to "the pirate place"... this restaurant/video game place called Pirate Island.  My parents took her there when she didn't poop in her pants for a long time.  I told her, "Let's do something that doesn't cost any money."  She looked thoughtful for a minute went and got her piggy  bank that has about $1.35 in it and says, "I've got money!"


Wow... Sammy is Jer's son.  Any time I have the computer on or sitting anywhere next to it he points and yells, "GAME!".

In other Sammy news... his Celiac screening came back negative, but he's allergic to corn, eggs, milk, soy and mold.  Nice.  At least he's not Celiac too... I wouldn't know what to feed him!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Apartment for rent

If anyone's interested... my parents basement apartment is going to be vacant by the end of January.  If you know of anyone that is nice and clean that's looking for a place... 

One bedroom, kitchen, one bath, private laundry room (washer and dryer there already), living room, lots of storage, and a large backyard for $550/month including utilities. 

Let me know if you know anyone.  Thanks!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Silly Ada

So, Ada has been talking about making goals at school... so we decided that as a girl we would work on having her learn how and when to call 911... I started by trying to get her to say "Nine." Now... she's been able to count to 20 since she was 2... but somehow it was impossible to say 911.  Every time I'd say, "Say nine... "  She'd say, "But mommy I can't!"  Yeah... that goal is not going well.

Sammy's new saying...

Sammy has started to ask for things and people by saying, "(whatever it is) where are you!?"  My favorites have been looking for Woody before naptime... "Wowee where are you?"  and driving up to my parents house, "Papa (grandpa) where are you?"

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas and New Years

Like everyone else, I just haven't had time to blog since before Christmas.  Here are a couple of choice pictures out of literally a thousand that we took.  And I'll give a quick summary of what we did...

First of all... both of our families were ALL here... Jer's 9 brothers and sisters and their spouses (17 people), Judy and Jim, and all the grandkids (30... with 3 on the way).  My 5 brothers and sisters, Sophie, the twins, my parents, my Uncle Reid and his son Riley.  All in all it was noisy, busy, but fun.  We played games like Killer Bunnies, Monopoly Deal, 7 Wonders, Nerds, Age of Empires, Mario Cart, Super Mario, and you cannot forget my mom's specialty... her Christmas Day games of her own version of Deal or no Deal meets a minute to win it meets a White Elephant gift exchange.  I told my neices that I couldn't tell them what my brother did for a living... so they assumed he's a spy... course he's not, but he still can't say what he does. Jer spent time working on a new train layout with his dad for their basement.  I wish I had gotten a picture of this one but I didn't... We were part of the Nativity on Christmas Eve at the Robertson's house... I stopped by my Grandma Wilcox's Christmas Eve party to say hi to everyone... And all in all we never got enough sleep and ate way too much.  (I think that this understanding PCOS thing is helping though... with this pregnancy so far in 18 weeks over the course of 3 holidays I've only gained 11 lbs... I'm hoping that I won't gain more than 25 but if I do... oh well... at least I'll get a cute little baby out of it.)  We watched movies, and talked... picked up more candy wrappers and paper plates than I knew even exsisted.  And had a blast!  The Brashers weren't able to get home before New Years Eve so we held a dance in the Robertson basement because Emma was missing hers... That was fun.  Baking cookies with Lizzie, Emma, and Ada... with wheat flour cause we ran out of white... they were still pretty good too!  And we had two different family photo shoots... And my favorite... Becca invited me to help with her baby photoshoot of Mary's baby Samuel... that was lots of fun!

I have to also mention what Santa brought to our house... a rocking horse for Ada (found at kid2kid for about a 1/3 of the price as a new one), a little reading chair for Sammy (which was one that I wanted for Ada but could never justify... now I justified), a 3 foot model ship kit for Jeremy which he lit up over (cute!), and mine was a total surprise and very satisfying!  An off camera flash for my digital camera and Jer and both his parents and mine combined to make me a backdrop holder for photoshoots!  Now that everything has calmed down a little bit... anybody want to come over and let me experiment on them?

Ada and her tea party  (this is her new Christmas dress too.)

Ada crashed on the stairs while she was in time out... pretty funny... 

Wilcox family pictures... I love that Ada was cheesing it really good the whole time... even if Sammy wasn't.

Daddy's trains...

Another of the family pictures

Grandma and Grandpa with the grandkids

I really like the colors on this one.

Ada and Grace... cute cousins!


Ada ready for the New Years Eve Dance Party...

Dance decorations

Becca and Grace all decked out and ready to dance.

Becca, Emily R and Emily M ready to dance.

Sammy at the dance

General mayhem

I had a hat and some bracelets but they kind of got stolen and lost by my kids during the dance party... We're just missing Jer and Jon in the pictures because they're taking the pictures (and some kids that didn't want to dance too)...

Ada as a sheep/camel for the nativity... she was asked to be a sheep... wanted to be a camel.

Marg and Maisy

Grandpa and Jer came home one day with a surprise for the little kids... they'd purchased a Thomas the tank engine, Claribel and Annie train for the kids... it was a hit...

Cute Grace!

Here were the main part kids from the nativity... some of them are in the hall because they were sheep or wisemen or angels that hadn't been called in yet... there were 28 kids in it...

How many people can you fit on a three person couch?

Sammy and Jer on Christmas morning.

Ada on Christmas morning... she got a doctors kit as one of her presents and now she always asks me if I'm sick and if she can make me better.

Sammy was cracking up at daddy... cute kid!

This is one of the kids parts of my moms game... it was a stacking race to see who could finish their pyramid first...

Christmas with my family

My mom and dad... Love you guys!

Ada making her Santa present "pretty" with the necklaces and bracelets that she got from mommy for Christmas.

I have to admit though that this was my favorite picture out of all of them... She cracks me up with her girlified horse, rain books, and "halter" that she put on the horse so that she could ride it.