Monday, November 29, 2010

Snow post

Of course when you get this much snow dumped on you in one day you need to write a post about it!  We went to bed Saturday night with no snow and woke up Sunday morning with 6-8 inches of it... After church I let the kids go out and play in it... I took a couple of pictures but for the most part I was out tromping around it in after the kids...  the other pictures are of the aquarium trip we took with the kids the day after Thanksgiving.

My favorite cell phone fotos...

So... here are my favorite pictures off Jer's cell phone.  I found them when we were cleaning off his card the other day.

Temple Trip

We just had the funnest temple trip.  We took the day and went up to play games and hang out with Jer's brother's family in SL (John and Diane).  Which... I haven't played that fun a game of Mafia for years!  After the kids were fed and in jammies we headed off to do sealings at the SL temple.  There's something special about kneeling across the altar from your spouse and listening to those promises that were given to you at your own wedding and knowing that you're making it possible for others to have those blessings.  Then we went to eat dinner together at a restaurant in the Joseph Smith building... It's called The Garden and I'd never eaten there before.  I got the vegitarian lasagna and YUM. Thanks John and Diane for the night out and Thanks Ruth and Kate for tolerating our kids!

Friday, November 26, 2010


What can I say?  It was fun and we ate a lot!  First we went to my parents house to help cook and set up because my mom and sisters were working or out of town... so it was my dad, Uncle Reid, and me... I will say that I love Reid's cooking.  Yummy stuffing!  My mom got home in time for good food and for Uncle Lee and his family (Trista, Braxton and Davin) to come.  Grandma Wilcox was there too.  (I think she would have preferred to be at home.  She was tired and rather bewildered at whatever was going on.  She even told me not to take pictures of her because they were just pictures of someone that was happier where they were.)  Then we cleaned up our big mess and talked for hours... before I took a small nap and we left for the Robertson's.  We had Jay, Becca and her fam, John and his fam, Emily and her fam, Amy and her fam, and Jim and Judy all there... it was fun and the kids were noisily content to be with each other.  I do have to admit that after all the work and noise of the day I was really ticked off when Jer's sister came into the room... tells everyone off for not helping mom and dad with the dishes... and then promptly leaves to plan her black Friday all night shopping trip and leaving her two brothers and their two pregnant wives to clean up after the 30 some odd people that had eaten.  I wouldn't have minded as much her just coming in and saying, "Hey guys, help out..." if she had helped out too... oh well.  And I usually don't mind cleaning up at the Robertsons... but I had just cooked and cleaned up Thanksgiving at the Wilcox's... I was kind of tired of it.  So I got grumpy.  But all in all... it was fun to hang out with the families that are our dear friends and remember all the things that we are thankful for... including dishwashers and not having to cook over camp fires.  Thanks all for a great Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The grass is greener...

I got Sammy out of bed.  He was smilely and happy... but when I went to change his diaper he started struggling and pouting... and said, "Daddy... Please!"

A little late...

Here are some pre-Halloween pictures that I wanted to post but never did.

Sammy and Grandma

My mom was cuddling Sammy in her arms the other day and she said, "I love you!"  and Sammy said, "Too!"  My mom said, "You love me too?"  And he nodded his head with an emphatic YES!

Ada's prayer

So... here's a post to laugh at... especially you McKay...

Every night in our family prayers we pray for Uncle McKay far away and that he will be safe and be guided by the Spirit.  And in Ada's personal prayer before bed the other day she said, "And thank  you for McKay and bless that he won't be bad..." Don't know if that's what she thinks guided by the Spirit means... but there you go... McKay... bless that you won't be bad!

Good kids

I'm so proud... last night, my kids were GOOD... I mean really good.  Jer and I try to help clean the church once or twice a year... sometimes with little kids it's been hard to do or takes a long time... I remember sticking a sleeping Ada baby in the corner in her car seat... letting Ada follow us around as we went or play with balls in the cultural hall... and trying to keep a crawling Sammy in site as we go... but this time, they both were not just happy... they helped out.  Sammy pushed the big garbage can around after me so that I could dump trash into it... and Ada followed along with one of those floor sweeper things... how cute!  And they were really patient considering it took about 2 hours to do the whole building... I had been kind of dreading taking them with us... but it was really good!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Birth or not

There is a couple that has put their almost 20 week old baby's life on the internet for everyone to decide.  It makes me sad that they would even think of aborting a healthy baby just because they aren't sure that they're ready to be parents.  Please go to their blog and vote for them to give birth... I think that if they had an overwhelming YES response... they might have a chance to meet and fall in love with their baby.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You can tell you're pregnant when...

You're standing outside and smell someone cooking bbqued chicken... and you go home and eat dinner and it didn't taste nearly as good as that chicken smelled.  Ironic.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Grandpa's funeral

So I grew up with everyone (movies, friends, personal expectations) thinking that funerals were sad affairs.  My Grandpa Ellis' was not.  How can you be sad when someone so exceptional has led such a great life?  How can you be sad when everything he stood for teaches that there is life after death? How can you be sad when you walk into the chapel and the whole congregation if filled with dear family and friends that smile when they see you?  Don't get me wrong.  I mourned him.  I cried and Jer held me... but then I was okay.  All of his kids were there.  His foster kids were there. His sponsored families were there.  His brothers and sisters, the brothers and sisters of his first wife were all there.  The kids of his second wife were mostly there.  And his grandkids were there... Even a lot of his great nieces and nephews... his love was always felt by everyone.  I accompanied two special musical numbers... "I know that my Redeemer Lives" and "When all is Said and Done".  I practiced as much as my limited time notice and my two toddlers would let me... and I felt unprepared.  But I prayed that I would do well for Grandpa and that I could contribute in that way.  I didn't make any mistakes. I played them better than I could expect.  And my Aunt Beth came to me and said that she could literally hear my testimony in the music.  What an answer to prayers.  I love you Grandpa!  I'm glad you're with Grandma again!  And I'm glad that we were able to share your life with you!  I couldn't imagine it without you!

Glen J Ellis-Elaine-Charolotte family.
Lee, Reid, Darlene, Beth, Moana, Charolotte, Rob, Diane, Mark, ? and Chris

Diane and Marty Ladwig family (only missing Steve... Renee's hubby)

Mark and Carol Ellis family (missing Joel... Liz's hubby. Mir and Matt's family (3 kids), and Sarah, her hubby and new baby girl)

Darlene and Sonny Brown family (no one missing!)

 Beth and Son Le Family (missing Tim, Tiff's hubby)

Moana and Roger's family (missing McKay... in Afghanistan, Janelle, and Seth)

Le and Trista Ellis
Le with daughters Paige and Britteny (missing Heather)

(missing Le's son Zach)

Don't have a picture of Reid and Tanika's family... Tanika was there... just never around the camera! Their kids are Mercedes and Riley.

wow... that's all I can say... wow...

So... we went to Arizona last weekend.  Fun right?  Well, Thursday was my grandpa's funeral in Taylorsville... we hosted cousins so that they could come... more on that in another post.  Sammy didn't sleep for more than a 2 hour stretch for the two nights before we got in the car to drive the 12 hours there.  (He has slept through the night since he was 3 weeks old... he never wakes us at night).  He screamed for almost 7 hours in the car... and when we stopped for dinner in Flagstaff Jer got a piece of meat stuck in his throat and we had to make an unscheduled stop at the ER.  He was admitted at 8... I decided to get a hotel room.  I checked in... went to park the car and had a total break down.  I had one screaming baby, 4 bags, a pack-n-play, pillows, blankets for the kids, a purse, a diaper bag, and a whining toddler.  A lady in the parking lot asked if I needed any help.  Her name is Jerry.  I usually say no, but in this instance it was, "YES!" in tears.  She, her husband and daughter helped us upstairs and I'm so grateful to the random act of service to a stranger!  I got a call from the ER at midnight saying that Jer was out of his surgery and that I could come pick him up now.  So I woke up and loaded two crying kids into the cold car and went to pick up my doped up husband... who could now swallow!  YAY!  Sammy screamed himself to sleep again... this time in Jer's arms.  And in the morning we took it really easy... watching tv and eating breakfast.  We made our way down to Tucson and had fun with James and Ems family and Jay playing games and eating so much that my stomach hurt.  Sammy didn't sleep the next night either... so we didn't go to their Stake Conference in the morning.  We NEED rest! Then we played Killer Bunnies (fun game!) before we drove to Phoenix to spend the night with my friend Mesh.  Had a bbque at the park nearby with her, her dog Phil, Amy (another friend from HS) and her two kids.  Then we stayed up watching Ada play with Phil and his dog toys.  She reminded me of Dorothy and her dog.  In the morning we went to visit Jer's grandparents and I always love to visit them!  I wish we had had more time to just talk.  I love Jane especially.  We made our way homeward, and somehow forgot to fill the van up before we left Page... on the way to Kanab.  We made the 100 some odd miles of it on a 1/4 tank of gas and pulled into the station on a gas light and a prayer.  We were glad to be home... excited to take showers... and surprise surprise... the water heater had gone out while we were gone.  40 gallons of water dumped on our basement carpets while we were on vacation.  Kids in bed, Jer and I cleaned up what we could and are now heading out to buy a new water heater.  Gotta love the small road trips.

GGma (GreatGrandma Robertson) teaching Ada how to drink the milk out of her bowl after she's eaten the cereal.
Ada and Sammy playing with cousins Henry and Wesley... "building" is what Ada said they were doing.

Oh how the iPad entertains...

 This small hug turned into a wrestling match.


The pillow/wrestling match

 Sammy tried hard to participate... but he was cuter than dirt when everything calmed down.

 Breakfast at Mesh's

Considering... it was a great weekend... considering! 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

From Eggs to Sleeping

So... I'm not the greatest cook ever... I don't really enjoy cooking (with kids crying at my feet at least).  But to try to save money... I've been trying.  I was trying to make potato salad yesterday, I had boiled and cut the potatoes and had eggs on the stove boiling.  I ran the kids upstairs for a bath, got them dressed and started working on the computer... when what do you know I smell something burning.  I had completely boiled all the water out of the pan and the eggs were now exploding all over the stove and burning into the pan.  Nice.

On a more festive note.  We like to go Christmas window shopping when the stores set out their Christmas decorations.  We went to Target and in the ten minutes that it took to get there... both the kids were asleep.  We pulled them  out, Sammy woke up and had fun looking around... but Ada was so dead tired that she slept sitting up in the bouncy shopping cart.  Whenever we'd try to show her something she would patially open her eyes, look at it, and promptly close them again without responding... I think she was tired.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Princess teeth

So... Ada has gone to the dentist with me before... she's even let the dentist count her teeth... but yesterday she had her first real dentist appointment....  she got a cleaning... and she kept smiling and me and telling me how sparkly her teeth were and that she has princess teeth.  She even got xrays and you can see her permanent teeth in them as well.  Cute!  Then she laid on me and watched Shrek while I got my teeth cleaned.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Grandpa Ellis

For those who don't know, my Grandpa Ellis died on Monday night at about 8:30pm.  (Nov 1st).  Don't feel sad though... he was done.  He wanted to be done.  He suffered from a blood cancer for a long time, And 9 years ago the love of his life died of ovarian cancer.  Jer asked me what I liked best about him.  Everything.  He's one of those people that loves unconditionally and takes time to listen and care for you. 

With Grandma they had 4 kids, adopted 2... fostered 3 more... and hosted many of the Vietnamese refugees in their home.  The have at least 24 grandkids and now about 32 great grandkids.  Plus being the grandpa to all of his second wife's kids and grandkids.  What a good man!

Some of my favorite memories of him are:
-Hiking with him in what we called "Grandpa's Canyon"
-Off roading in his 12 passenger van and listening to him say, "Don't tell her she's not a truck."
-Spending hours at Bear Lake being hauled by his tractor and boat trailer... draging our feet in the sand and making patterns in the sand.
-Learning how to drive the tractor... bouncing up and down on the seat with grandpa hanging on behind me telling me what to do next.
-Watching him cut a Blimpie pie with his pocket knife without cleaning it... after using it to clean his fingernails and cut misc other stuff...
-Going to the Joseph Smith farm with him and looking around the house and farm with our own personal tour guide...(My Grandpa's family was asked to farm and care for the farm when he was 8 and he stayed there until he left on his mission at 19)
-Our talks in the car about how my life was going and the decisions I was making (ie: I was working as a chemist assistant and he told me how he was working moving barrels of chemicals and had some dangerous things happen... and he decided that he would go to school to be a lawyer instead.)
-I told him that I was going to study Art at BYU... and where most people looked at me like I was crazy... Grandpa said, "That's my girl, my girl can do anything!"
-I loved watching how much he loved my grandma.  He even told her that she could go when she was in so much pain at the end... and she did... she was just holding on for him.
-Whatever he did worked... even if it didn't seem like it should.

We all love you so much Grandpa!  And we're proud of the way you lived your life and all the people that you've touched.  We're excited for your reunion with Grandma and love you always!

Halloween pictures finally...

Finally got time to post Halloween pictures... YAY!

Ada's Joy class parade

My Crayon!

 Cute cousins!

Uncle Ben aka:Elmo

Jer... good uncle playing with the grandkids!

This was cute!  These two kept trading the sippy cup and the sucker.  What good sharers!

Painting pumkin rocks.

Cutest little R2D2 ever!