Saturday, October 30, 2010

So I know...

I know it's Halloween... which I will post about probably in a day or two, but here are the two exciting things that I was going to post this last week.  (1) Jer is no longer a consultant... he's salaried... again!  YAY!  That means that he has a job and doesn't have to look again in January. (2) Our baby is due June 5th.  A little ironic since that was the day that Sammy was supposed to be born.  Here's my quandry... Ada was born 10/10... Sammy was born 6/6... this baby's due 6/5... I could try to hold out for 6/6 again... or I can go for May... Isn't it funny that we can plan birthdays to a certain point?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I forgot to mention

I forgot in my post about the snow yesterday... Ada kept saying over and over again... "It's Christmas time! It's Christmas time!"  Well, considering we've already started listening to Christmas music in our house... it might as well be.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I know...

I know... everyone and their dog has been post pictures of the first snow and telling stories about it over facebook and twitter... but I kind of like pictures of MY kids for some strange odd reason... Ada had a blast in the snow!  I think I'm going to get her snow pants this year... last year she didn't do more than walk through it... this time she did tricks into it... ate it... and rolled to her hearts content.  Sammy finally got bold enough to walk in it after falling on the sidewalk onto his face two or three times... poor kid... 

Poor beat up kid...

Where did fall go?

So before the fall really starts, it's over... that's okay... I am sad that we didn't really go see leaves this year... but there weren't really all that many to see anyways... here are some pictures of what we've been doing.  We don't have any of the pumkin carving though... I forgot a camera... hmmm.

Playing at the park

Eating suckers on the balcony... and feeding the dog the leaves off the tree.

Going to the "HeeHaw" place

Just being cute

Pony rides (neither of them wanted to get off and you should see... Ada was the size of the pony she was riding... poor little thing.  But it was cute.)

The always awesome corn box

Favorite things

So one of my favorite things in the world is to watch Jer play with the kids.  Last night we watched the twins for a minute while Sohie went to the pharmacy... Jer had both hands going in over time... throwing pillows at charging three year olds, throwing the one year old on the couch, and being a four person horse... (together those kids weigh a ton... 34, 32, 35, and 24 lbs each... and he was crawling around with all of them on his back... and they were all loving it.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Healthy post

Yeah... I've always been a pretty healthy person... I get the flu once every couple of years, about two colds a year and that's about it... til I had kids.  Now I've had the flu twice this year, and a pretty constant cold or sinus infection... oh well... currently (WARNING... these are my current health problems so sorry if it grosses you out.) between being pregnant, having diaharrea because I'm pregnant, and having hemrroids because of the diaherrea, and plantar faciatis, and a really itchy rash all around my foot that's caused by the tape/wraps that I've been using to get rid of the plantar faciatis, and the fact that I didn't sleep really well last night because my foot was itching so bad.  Let's just say I feel daper.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So I admit...

I am a geek... I like geeky things and some of them are pretty funny actually... One of them is this internet series called "The Guild".  Each episode is about 10 mins long and it makes fun of gamers with no lives...
This is a music video that they did...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


"Ada... stop trying to squish your brother."

"But I'm just sitting on him."

Monday, October 18, 2010

Madsen bike

So I really like this bike... pretty cool huh?!  Well, here's the thing.  Madsen is giving away one of their newest models and you get entered into their drawing if you have a link to them on your blog and they get traffic from it... so Please!  Click here

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Actually had fun

I ususally don't have fun cleaning the house... usually it's just what it says... "a chore".  But today was actually fun.  Ada was bored and Sammy was sleeping... so Ada decided that she was going to help me.  We cleaned two bathrooms, our laundry room, the dishes, put away toys and made a cake... and she was so cute!  We even made up a song about her helping me work around the house because she kept humming the same tune over and over again.  Usually cleaning with kids is harder... this time I was able to see what it is to have a happy and industrious family.  I loved it!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Talk in church

Those three words can scare me more than anything else... I'd much rather prefer giving an hour long lesson, tracting, Family Night Lesson, etc... but a measly 10 min talk in church and my tongue falls out and my knees decide that they aren't made up of all the natural things that knees are made of.  I'm supposed to be giving a talk on prayer and boy will I need to use it to give the talk.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tribute to the dog

Poor Lucy... we had all those poor defenseless toddlers running all over our backyard with cupcakes... and this is what she had to do...

Ada called this one Chocolate Sammy... nice.

They are watching...

My sister Janelle sent me this video about how kids pick up what you do... good and bad... Here's what Ada did to copy me yesterday.

I was typing my blog entry about her birthday party and she was "typing" on the computer that was turned off next to me... she turned around all businesslike and put her elbow on the back of the chair... then she said, "Jeremy, could you come and look at this please?" Then turned around and kept typing.  The two best parts about that is that Jer was at work and she knew it... and that's what I say when I need Jer's help with something computerwise...

After party effect...

Ada wanted to play with the balloons from her bday party... Here's what happened!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ada's birthday

So my little Ada turned 3 yesterday!  I can't believe that she's already 3 and that she hasn't been with us forever!  I swear she's always been with me to guide me to do good things hasn't she?!  We had a party on Saturday with all her cousins her agae and a couple lf friends... we built a train.  It was a lot of fun and for once in my life I didn't take any pictures... Jer did.  So here they are!

Just have to show

This is last week when my kids were both sick... you know they don't feel good when they do this before lunch time.

Notice that Sammy has cuddled up to my kindle... yeah... any technology will do... a cell phone... a remote... a laptop...Jer's kid.  That's all I have to say about that.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And then there were 5

So... I'm reallly excited... we've been trying for a year to get pregnant and now it's happened!  I'm only a couple of weeks... in fact I don't know how many yet.  I'll find out at my doctor's appointment at the end of the month.  And my insurance covers my obgyn from last time!  I was hoping the new insurance would because I loved their office... I love how Dr. Haskett explains everything and he was so patient during my 16 hour labor and didn't just do a c-section because he was tired of waiting.  (He predicted it down to the half hour too... he came to see me... and then said, "I'll bet it's about 2 am."  And what do you know... Sammy was born at 2 am.)  I'm a little nervous about not having enough hands for everyone, but I'm less nervous about how this baby will mesh with our family than I was with Sammy... Then I got to know Sam and I know that God sends you children that fit in with your family.  I'll post due dates and stuff when I know.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just plain cute.

We were finishing dinner and what do you know... Sammy beat us to cleaning up for him...

And you can tell they're my kids if they know how to use a camera by the age of 1 right?

coolest balloon animal ever...

Well, not quite an animal... it's actually a balloon princess that the guy at the restaurant made for Ada.  We took her to Brick Oven for her birthday... and because we wanted to go out to eat...(Can't believe she's turning 3!)  And sorry about the dirty kitchen... I wasn't exactly planning on showing the world my disgusting kitchen.  It's usually not amazingly tidy, but I try to keep it semi clean.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Here are some videos of the marathon... one of Jer crossing the finish line.  And... I'll change that... I have a video of Emily crossing the finish line but blogger's server is rejecting it... (file size maybe?)  I'll see if Jer knows anything about it.  I didn't marry him to not use his tech expertise after all. 

Here's Jer's take on the experience.....


So I went to get Sammy out of his crib this morning... and this is what I found... Ada still isn't able to get out of her shirt on her own... but he got halfway out of his somehow...

Jer did it!

So Jer did it!  It's what he wanted to do since he started running marathons (almost 2 years?).  He ran the St. George Marathon.  And so did his sister Emily.  And our neighbor Scott.  And I didn't see any of them or their families the whole time I was cheering.  That was weird but I guess when you have 7000 runners and all their family and friends that come to cheer them on that's not too weird not to find anyone that you know.  There were runners from every state but one... I don't remember which one but it wasn't Alaska or Hawaii... it was something like West Virginia... and runners from 8 different countries.  I saw a blind guy running with his cane and a running partner.  A parapalegic being pushed in a special running wheelchair.  A midget.  And the Army was on hand to both help those that collapsed and to encourage those that were almost there but didn't think they could make it.  It was an amazing experience!  It was dang hot though... it was a record day for Oct in St George.  Jer and I also got to go to the temple the night before which is really cool because Jer's parents were married there and my Grandparents were temple workers for some odd 15 years there.  We also got to drive through Snow Canyon on our way home.  I loved it... missed the kids but loved the alone time with Jer.  We also got to visit LeVenard and Dottie in Cedar City on our way home.  I will say they are a lot of fun!  And Dottie has spunk.  Even though she needs back surgery and has a tumor on her adrenal gland... she made sure that she got us something special to drink at the store, and made us a dinner of Ham, potato salad and green salad from her garden.  She never complained about the pain until the end of our two hour visit.  And she does all her dishes by hand even though they have a dishwasher.  She says it's easier to wash them as she cooks then to let them pile up.  Spunk. 

We got to Jer's parents house who had been so marvellous to take our kids overnight!  THANK YOU!  And Sammy just cried... he was so relieved to have mommy back.  What a momma's boy.  Ada could have cared less though... as long as there was something to do!  We tried watching General Conference but with the travelling and the kids running around I really didn't get much out of it.  I am so grateful that in our day and age I can watch it on the internet, read it in the Ensign, and download it for my mp3 player.  I'm thankful for technology!

 Ada was going "fishing" with her cousin...
 My cheeser boy... every time there's a camera... "cheese!:"
Ada was "helping" grandma do Sudoku... she actually really likes to scribble in all the little crossword puzzle boxes... it's pretty funny.  Sorry grandma... hope you got it done eventually.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Ada got a "special" ice cream for not having any accidents in her pants for three days... It doesn't sound like much but she's stayed clean and dry since!