Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some new pictures

So here are some pictures of some of the things that we did this week...

First one is of Ada "getting ready for work"... notice she's wearing Jer's shoes and all...

Second... it started as Sammy watering the grass for me... and turned into... well, you can see for yourself.  I love that it went from Sammy holding the water to Ada spraying Sammy with it... he'd even back up right in front of her so that she could spray him.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

While kids are busy

While kids are busy I thought that I get this all in!  We went on a real date last night! It was fun!  Yes, I feel a little guilty for spending money, but honestly... we didn't get much of a 5 year anniversary so I feel like it evens out a little.  We got tickets to "The Lion King"!  It was amazing!  It wasn't as grandiose as the NY one but mostly because the stage was smaller so they had to use fewer birds, giraffes, and they didn't do the skydancers either.  But as it was, it was still amazing!  We even went out to eat before the show.  We went to a place called Stoneground.  It was good!  And we told them that we only had an hour before the show and they went out of their way to make sure that we had our food in time for us to get over to the theater.  I recommend them to anyone who like pizza/pasta places... or anyone who likes pool... they have a couple of pool tables hanging out in the middle of the room for anyone inclined to play.  Thanks Jer!  I had a blast!


I'm so glad that it's raining!  I love the rain and always have!  From puddle jumping as a child, to tracting in the absolute downpour of Ecuadorian monsoons, to watching amazing rainstorms complete with lighting and thunder from our apartment in Kenya.  But I think that it's a natural thing!  When it started raining today the first thing that Ada did was run outside and Sammy just followed... the harder it rained and the deeper the puddles... the happier they were. I loved it!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Baby Hannah

Well, I've never done a newborn shoot before... even with my own kids... but I think that these turned out okay.  I'm still trying to figure out how to tweak the photos so they look good when they're printed... I think our screen might be a little bright because I keep turning the color up too much.  I have lots of variations of the same pictures too... Tell me which is your favorite!


So here I am working on my photography stuff... kids are in bed and Jer's playing a computer game... and we hear from the supposedly asleep Ada... "I LOVE MY BLANKET!"  Gotta love it!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I had to share

I had to share Sammy newest stunt with the dishes... it isn't the first time he's helped with the dishes, but I think it's hillarious!  Yeah... I've started doing the dishes during nap time and before kids wake up if I'm up that early.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cookie man

Ada is so proud of herself!  In school they've been learning about the parts of the body and today they made a cookie man... Ada was so proud of all the parts of the body that she put on the man!  Then we came home and she ate him... cannibal!

Yes and no

I LOVE this part of a 1 1/2 year old... Sammy has started answering questions with nods and shakes of the head... cute!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The rest of regional conference

We just got back and kids are in bed... and I'm lunching on squash ravioli (yum!) And I thought I'd quickly jot down my thoughts.

First of all, our kids were amazingly behaved considering it was a two hour meeting... Ada colored and ate raisins... Sammy ate raisins and colored on my skirt.  Ahh well.  The main themes of talks were: You're doing better than you're thinking of doing but we can be doing better, The pioneers did amazing things and we need to build our faith and our families as they did, and my favorite... Pres. Packer talked about how WE ARE children of God... and EVERYONE here is.  We need to act as children of God and treat everyone else as children of God. 

It seems like, especially for me, everyone is pointing out the importance of teaching and focusing on our children.  The YW Stake orientation, the VT message, a blessing given to me by my priesthood bearing husband, and talks from regional conference... they've all talked about teaching the next generation responsibility and living the gospel.  Not getting distracted by the plethora of good but non essential things.  Just teaching our children and building our families.  It's sooooo easy to get distracted!  Scheduling too much into our days, doing fun but unneeded things, focusing on money that we can really do without, toys or clothes that they really don't need, etc... I know that families are important in Heavenly Father's eternal plan.  And I've been given the responsibility to be a loving and good mother, wife and to help those outside of our home to strengthen their families and come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  I know that God has called prophets in these latter days to guide and direct us in our lives.  And I'm grateful that I have a husband that is not only a worthy priesthood holder but that he is very conscious about how he uses the priesthood to direct our family and council me in my life.  I love the Savior and our Father in Heaven and hope that I can do better in my life so that I can help my family return to them.

Regional Conference

So, we found out about regional conference about two hours before it started... hurried to find a babysitter and got there just as the opening prayer started.  It was really good... and It was focused on strengthening your family, finding joy in your life, and really being worthy to attend the temple and answering the interview questions honestly.  The four points that were given on strengthening your family were :

  • Work hard and be industrious.  Someone who works hard, teaches their family to work hard, and always thinks of others needs before their own is ready when trials come into their lives.
  • Be Honest.  Need I say more?
  • Financial and Marital Fidelity.  Not just being true to your spouse in thought and physically but also being financially on the same page and not using money against the others goals.
  • Religiosity.  Attending your Church meetings, holding Family Home Evenings to teach your family about Jesus Christ, reading your scriptures regularly, and praying both as a family and on your own.  
I'd like to talk about it more... but we need to go so we're not late for this morning's session of Regional Conference and I wanted to jot down these notes before I forgot.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Pictures since

McKay... here are pictures since you've been gone.  I know... it's only been a week, but you know me and pictures... they aren't always good but there sure are plenty to go around.

The State Fair

Who would have thought that the girls could get pink tractors at the tractor races?

The "Lightning McQueen" cop car

Who needs more than just a balloon?


Princess Girl!

Ada wanted me to only put the pictures of her throwing the boa on here... I told her I'd put some but that I wanted to put pictures of the other things too... hence... the lots of pictures with a boa.

They were climbing into the bookshelf... what does daddy do?  Climb in with them.

Gary Price statue

two responses:
Ada - "Mommy!  Look he has a bird!"
Jeremy - "Look, he's giving us the bird..."

These guys got soooo excited about this picture.  They own a set of blocks like that and Devin got really excited about the sword!  Good job Greg Olson...

Making sure that Grandma doesn't get lost.

The balloons were all popped within the hour, but they sure had fun getting them.

First the shoes came off... then the socks had too as well.

This one's for you Nells!  Happy Birthday too!

This is the Place State Park

I LOVE this against the green... My mom sent this one to me.

Now... since I'm on the front does that make me a hobo or roadkill?