Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2 second post

Before I forget! Ada just walked up to me with her blanket wrapped around her like a queen and said,"Mommy look I'm a kingdom!"

And instead of saying,"Yep!" to everything she's started saying, "Yes sir!"

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Jer! Can you believe that's it's both been 5 years and has only been 5 years!? Here's a recap of the last 5 years... Jer and Rosanne both graduated from BYU... have both had 3 different jobs each... have purchased 2 houses... have had 2 kids... Have had about 10 different callings... have gotten a dog... have been to NYC... have been to AZ, ID, CO, MO, KS, WY... never made it up Timp together... have purchased our first van... haven't finished the picture frames that we started 4 years ago... finished our first half marathon together and have loved every minute of it!

Jeremy! You are so sweet to bring me flowers and put our kids needs before our personal wants. Thank you for being worthy to give priesthood blessings at short notice and for going the extra mile always!

Monday, June 28, 2010

more videos of times gone by


Okay! Got it worked out... here is Sammy walking and Ada making bread.... and random ones from forever ago... sorry We just got the last year and a halfs worth of videos onto our computer... I hope that they don't get erased again like the last year and a halfs worth... grrr...

Cute kids!

So we've been having a lot of fun lately... we had a swim party the other day and Grace and Rocky came to play, then Eliza, and Savanah and Haylee came.  Ada was going like there was no tomorrow!  It was fun to watch them and fun to have friends and cousins come.

Ada calls the singing leader for Primary/Nursery "Church"... She'll see her at the grocery story or anywhere else and says, "Mommy look!  There's 'Church'!"

Ada and Sammy are singers... they even sing in the ward choir with me while Jer does the tithing count.  Sammy's so funny!  As soon as he hears music with a voice part in it he goes off on a little "Aaahhh!" song of his own.  Even the music at the grocery store!

Ada and Sammy were pills yesterday.  We were trying to get sprinklers fixed, house cleaned, laundry put away, kids taken care of, and the van fixed.... so I got them ready for bed early and funny thing.... as soon as I put on their jammies they were happy as clams.  They ran/crawled around Ada's room for a good half hour just chasing each other and giggling and ended up climbing on Ada's bed to jump and do acrobatics... ie: Ada jumping off the bed onto her pillow on the floor.  At least they ended on a good note.

And MAJORLY important!  Sammy started walking today... officially.  He's been able to take 2-3 steps on his own for at least 3 months now but never tried taking more than that.  He was being cute on the kitchen floor so I got out the video camera and was filming Ada making bread with Daddy and Sammy playing "fetch" with himself on the floor.  And then he saw me!  He stood up and walked to me trying to get the camera!  I thought it was kind of ironic... most kids will sit as soon as you pull out the camera.  Sammy didn't walk until I pulled out the camera.  When he figured out he could do it he just walked laps around the kitchen.  Fell a couple of times but always got up to try again... Funny cute boy!  ( I wanted to post some videos of it... but I'm having technically issues... maybe tomorrow.)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

So I have several

I haven't blogged for a couple of days... I haven't even had time for my work let alone my blog... but today I'm saying... it's the Sabbath and I'm not going to work but I can keep my journal!  So I have a couple of posts that I'd like to do.

First of all... here's a story that I don't want to forget.  Sorry if I've told it... I'm too lazy to go back through and see if I have.

Sophie, my sister-in-law, is going to school while my brother's in Afghanistan.  She was up late trying to finish a paper for her English class... and of course their twin two year olds decided that it was time to be full of energy, not go to bed, but be pains instead... Sophie finally told them that they'd better run and get in bed or the Tiger was going to get them... They did run and get in bed and she found them hiding under their blankets when she went to check on them.  The next day they were scared to go downstairs because "There's a Tiger down THERE!"  So Sophie said a little prayer with them and asked that the Tiger be sent far far away.  When they finished Devin was so worried!  He said, "But mommy!  Daddy's far far away!"

Shout out for adoption needs!

There are several friends of mine that are trying to adopt.  Jer's cousin was finally able to adopt after about 12 years of fertility treatments and adoption waiting... But if anyone know of anyone that's looking for good parents there are two that I'd like to share.

This one is a friend of mine from High School... They moved in next door and Elizabeth was automatically my friend.  They've been married for almost 10 years and doing anything to try to have a baby... they've been trying to adopt for about 2 years and want to try for one more before they give up.  Please!  If anyone knows anybody... I love these guys and they'd make wonderful, fun and loving parents!  Here's a link to their profile...

The other couple is one in our ward... They're so sweet and I've never seen a couple so ready to have kids! She's from Germany and he's one of the actors from the movie "The Home Teachers" (He's the skinny home teacher).  They got married older, but she hasn't been able to carry a baby full term because she has Celiac Sprue.  She takes care of herself so she never gets sick over it, but it makes it so that her body can't carry a baby... Here's their link...

Monday, June 21, 2010


So why does the longest day of the year literally happen on my longest and busiest day? Jer just says that it's because it was a Monday... I could believe that I guess. It was actually a really fun day... I just got sick of Ada taking Sammy's toys and Sammy pulling Ada's hair.
This morning was work, and getting me and kids dressed and ready for the day (always an adventure seeing that Sammy doesn't want you to put him down or leave the room). Then we met my high school friends Aliesha, Jenny, and Michelle at the park so our kids could play while we caught up and ate lunch. Then I had to run work stuff to my parents, and get Ada rehydrated... she was bright pink from running around at the park! Then we let Sammy nap while I got Ada ready to go to the Princess Festival. Cute... Here are some pictures of today... (We went to the Princess Festival on Thursday night but we missed our session so they let us come back today for the adventure part of it. The carnival pictures were with Sophie and crew on Thursday night... I wasn't too concerned about getting a professional portrait... just with having fun with my camera.)

This one's just cause... These boys are too cute together... they were "sharing" Rocky's pacifier and blanket and I tried to get a picture and Sammy decided that the camera was funner than the other stuff.

Ada had been dancing with "Alice" and got distracted by the fairygodmother.

After the adventure all the girls were going around getting autographs from the actors... I asked Ada if she wanted to talk to any of the princesses and she went up to Sleeping Beauty and asked her to dance.  Impromptu dance performances are the best!

This is part of the adventure... they were "defeating" the evil queen's sister "Summer".  Ada loved it.

Yep... these are my cute kids!

Thank heavens for actors that are too kind to say no!  I wouldn't have wanted to miss this!

Then she danced with Cinderella.

It's kind of funny... "Alice" is our neighbor Kayla... who is our favorite babysitter... but I don't think Ada realized who it was because she didn't really talk to her or anything...

Ada was telling Cinderella that she was Cinderella too... She showed her her dress and everytime Cinderella moved her hands... so did Ada. 

She played "Mermaid or Crocodile" with Peter Pan and crew.  She actually really like Peter Pan and gave Hook a hug before we left but wouldn't give the time of day to Tinkerbell or Wendy.

When we went on Thursday Ada and Aubrey held hands almost the entire time... cute cousins!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Here's the wedding I took on Saturday... it was all last minute (she called me a couple days ago because their photographer bailed.) It's my mom's cousin's son... Congrats Jacob and Lacey! 

Jer said he liked the black and white one better so I'm going to post it too... (I have a tendency to overdo the colors in photoshop... black and white is definitely safer and it's pretty too...)