Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Here's another for your viewing pleasure...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Here's another one...


Laughed until I cried

This is the funniest thing I've every seen!  Course I love the muppets and am quite fond of classical music too... Good combo.

Great links (familial ones and Internetial ones!)... yes I know I'm not funny, but it won't keep me from trying.

I came across several links that I know many of you would be interested in reading. 
A lot of people have questions about the involvement of the Church of Latter-Day Saint's in certain issues despite their standard of nonpolitical involvement.  In this case, the interest that the members of the church have taken in defining marriage to be between a man and a woman.  The Presidency of the Church regularly sends out letters reminding its members to vote and to actively participate in their community (including politics).  Not long ago the Church sent out a letter that urged members to support Proposition 8 showing how deeply important it was to not only the mormon relgion but also as a base in our society.  I just wanted to add my voice...  I too believe that it is important to a family to consist of Husband, Wife and Children. I also believe that the children and spouses in the family have the right to have a loving and stable environment.  I know that all families cannot be that perfect definition but there are so many fewer problems and need for outside interference/help when a family unit is loving and teaches gospel principles in their home.  I know that there are challenges in each of our lives and that it is both our privelege and responsibility to do our best to over come them.  I also know that God knew that times were coming that these things would be called into question and that he put into place everything that we needed to know years before they were needed. 

I also wanted to share this link to an interview done to answer questions on the Church's position.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

digital oil painting

Here's another of my digital art.  (I painted it using a program called Painter and a tablet).

more portfolio

I was going through random pictures and found a couple more for my portfolio.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cute pictures

Jer took these cute pictures of Ada while he let me nap... and here's two of the kids helping daddy stretch after his run.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Cute Ada again...

So Ada is so dang frustrating as a two year old, but she's also so dang cute!

Today was classic.  I'm trying to get a lot done with work so I was on my computer about half the day... which means that Ada watched movies half the day and Sammy crawled around and decided he was bored for half the day.  I finally ended up trying to hold Sammy on my lap while Ada jumped on the bed next to me.  Not the best combination... but it beats whinny kids.  The biggest problem was Sammy.  Every time he sees a computer he has to not only touch it... but type on it.  Every time he'd reach the computer I'd chastise him and keep working... soon Ada joined in saying, "Samuel Parker, you don't touch the computer.  Mommy's working." (she said it in a very professional, I'm in charge kind of voice... enunciating her words so that Sammy would understand.)  Then after struggling with him for a good half hour I decided to flick his hand every time he went for the keyboard.  After doing that several times Ada turns to me and says, "Mom!  Don't hit my brother!"  (Considering that I'm the one usually telling her that...hmm.)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Potty time

I've told several people about this already, but I want to remember it... so it needs to be committed by computer keyboard. 

I was watching my brothers twins last week.  Ada's potty training, the twins are interested... but not understanding that you do more than just sit on the toilet.  Well, I took Ada to the bathroom and everyone decided that they NEEDED to go potty... So I wiped up Ada (Aubrey wanted to, but I didn't want her getting into the habit of wiping her cousin up after going potty.)... then took off Aubrey's diaper and put her on the potty... washed Ada's hands... got Aubrey down... got Devin on... washed Aubrey's hands... got Devin down... washed Devin's hands... turned around in time to find Sammy playing in the toilet water... washed Sammy off... closed the bathroom door and turn around to see the three two year olds streaking bottomless around the living room... I wanted to take a picture but I wasn't sure if I should in this case!  I finally got panties and diapers on everyone and smelled something nasty coming from Sammy's diaper.  I kind of wish that I had timed this particular potty break to see how long we spent taking care of everyone's bodily functions!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ada's first boy crush

My two-year-old has a crush.  My parent's neighbor boy that's like 7ish... he came over while we had all the kids playing in the back yard yesterday and Ada just adored him.  It was hillarious.  They walked around holding hands, he helped her get her shoes on, she stopped crying because my sister suggested that she show Ammon how brave she was, and every other sentence had the word "Hammon" in it.  And Ammon proudly told me, "My name's in the Book of Mormon!"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

McKay and Sophie Family Pictures...

Sophie, tell me what you think and which style you like better so that I can get them all done by the time you get here...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kite flying

We flew kites yesterday because it was nice and windy and we had 5 kids to entertain... Here are some of the pictures...


Sunday, April 11, 2010

McKay's partay...

So there was kind of a good luck/love you send off for my brother McKay today.  He's getting shipped out to Afghanistan at the end of the week... We promise to love and care for your family while you're defending our country Mickey dough... Here are some pictures we took of the kids... sorry, adults just aren't cute enough...

We found the girls being really girlie... the shoes, dress ups, and even cell phones for a little while.  It was fun.

Aubrey actually helped me take this one... he adores her and vice versa.


I thought this was so cute.  Mom was in the Mormon Youth Symphony... and the violin belonged to her Grandpa... so it's Ada's Great-great-grandpa's violin.

Easter pictures

So I wanted to take some cute Easter pictures... both my kids said... no way.  Here are the only ones that sort of worked... and of course they were the ones with bad composition.  Oh well.... at least we got some pictures...

Sammy's first steps

Sammy took his first steps on Friday night.  It was almost a total accident and he probably won't do it again for a while, but it was cute.  My sister Janelle and I were passing him between us just making him walk by holding our hands... if someone lets go of his hands he usually stops moving and dives forward towards you instead of walking.  But when we tried to show my mom how he dives forward... he walked instead.  Huh.  That came as kind of a fun surprise to me.  He took 3 steps before he fell into Janelle's arms.  Within the space of a month Sammy started to really crawl, do stairs, stand and walk... I think he's figuring things out. (Though I doubt he'll really walk on his own for a while... it's going to take some practice I think.) 

It's really funny the difference in Ada and Sammy about things like this.  Sammy has to test it and try it... ie: walking around pushing things and holding onto things.  While Ada just decided one day that she was ready and just started walking... none of the one or two steps for her... she just walked back and forth between mom and dad until she was tired and that was it.  Both ways are fun... but it makes me wonder how each of them will handle school and friends and other challenges!

I know it's a little late

I know it's a little late for an Easter post, but I'm trying very hard to be positive about my willful two year old that has decided that she's not potty trained anymore.  So here's something that she did the other day that was really cute.

The family night before Easter we told Ada about how Jesus went to Jerusalem, his last week, the garden of Gethsemane, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection.  She sat with acute attentiveness for most of it and when we got to the part that they nail Jesus to the cross and that it hurt she shook her head and said in a sad and kind of pouty voice, "Poor Jesus." Then when we got to the part about the Resurrection and showed her a picture of Jesus and Mary in the garden she said very enthusiastically, "Jesus is HAPPY!"

I don't know how much of the story she actually got, but it was really cute for her to react to the parts that we tried to explain the importance of... and it made it less frustrating than our usually FHE where she kind of ignores everything we say and tries to jump on the couch instead.  Overall she is a very good two year old.  I just wonder if she's a little too smart for her own good.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Sammy did our stairs for the first time safely today.  He usually gets about half the way and falls... He got all the way up them!  He still tries to go face down when he's going down the stairs... but now we're half way there.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Don't you hate...

Don't you hate it when you hear something (in this case something that Ada said that I thought was hilarious) and you think "I HAVE to write that in my blog!" And then you get so busy doing other things that you forget what it was that they said.  Dang.

Ada's words

Ada's words are really fun.

She calls hangnails= knots... "Mommy, I have a knot.  Take it off."
She says on instead of in... "Mommy, the doggie is on the car."

She says her objects backwards..."Mommy my clothes are too big on you..."  I'm pretty sure she means I'm too big for her clothes...

Cute heads

I wish I had had my camera... The cutest sight... Ada and Sammy standing together playing in the kitchen at Ada's play kitchen.  Ada's only about a head taller than Sammy... and it was so cute.


He's started into that dancing stage that as soon as he hears music he's bobbing his head and swaying... but it's awesome because all it takes is me humming and he's off.  Plus he sings to it as well.

Sweetest girl

I have the sweetest two year old ever... (I had Liza yesterday) Not only were all three of the kids perfect while I got a filling at the dentist, but when Sammy decided that he'd had enough and had to eat... in the car... on the way home... from West Jordan... (he screamed for about 15-20 mins... I didn't have any water to make a bottle with).  As soon as we came home, Ada goes to her play kitchen and says, "There there Sammy, I'll make you some food...I'll make you some soup, okay?"  Then she brought him a pot full of plastic food.  Cute girl.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A little ironic

It's a little ironic... we decided to name Sammy, Samuel Parker after Samuel the boy prophet and Parker as a shortening of Jer's mom's family line... but I just found a picture that I took in Nauvoo 3-4 years ago of one of the pioneers from a wagon train... I took the picture to see if any of the Parkinsons were related... but check out the name for Samuel really close to the top...This was when I was pregnant with Ada by the way.

a little privacy

I'm not emailing my posts to my family for a couple of weeks... I've decided to hold off on that for a while, so I'm going to go ahead and write one that I've been frustrated about, but don't feel like it's my place to do anything about... (they won't check my blog... they never do.  They only get the posts because they're usually added to my email list and I think I need a little space from my family for a little while.)

Reading this last months Ensign magazine all I could think about was my brother.  Mostly it was about dating and marriage.  Every time you even mention the subject to either him or my elder sister they shut down... especially around me because I am married and have kids (maybe they think that makes me too pushy or something). My sister says that she doesn't want to regret the missed opportunities in life that being married would make her miss (she's 30, is starting her masters degree, has travelled to at least 16 different countries, yada yada yada) , and my brother says that he will work it out on his own but there are no signs of dating or even interest in dating (he's only 27, but he's not actively persuing a companion... he's an amazing mission leader that helps host a baptism a week, makes almost as much money as Jer and I do with only him to live off it, and has an amazing job with the National Security Agency.)  And it makes me sad.  Not that "they don't have someone"... but sad as in I literally ache for them and what they could miss if they don't take the chance.  My sister is happy, energetic, full of ideas and plans... and amazing... she would be a heck of a wife... but she doesn't want regret.  Will she regret the 20 years that she could have spent with her favorite person in the whole world as husband and wife?  My brother is funny, nice, and a gentle man... and would make the best dad ever... will he end up being a 40 year old with one heck of a retirement plan and nothing to retire for?  I know it's not easy, you don't turn around and everything is fixed the way you want... but I feel the loss of the life and families they might never have to cherish.

cutsie Ada

So a member of our bishopric said that Ada is 180% personality... I think I need to cross stitch that somewhere.  I did her hair pretty and put a dress on her and she was going around showing everyone her hair and lifting her dress up so that they noticed what she was wearing.  Doesn't matter that she was flashing the whole ward right?


Is there a reason why it's snowing?  I know that it has snowed as late as June before but I was looking forward to a little spring.  I guess that will have to wait.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

In ten years I have not blown up at my brother.  In ten years he's been offended and mad at me, but I haven't been mad at him.  Today I got mad at him... and everyone my mom and husband, not to mention my brother and his wife think that I'm horrible.  Well, I don't feel horrible.  I feel justified.  That's not very Christlike though.  In the last couple of days my brother has intimidated my two year old, has only asked me for things (like if they can drive our van to Arizona so they can all go in the same car and if he can get copies of some of our movies for his computer), told me that Ada reminds him of the "angry me"... (excuse me but she's two and not used to having to share everything like her twin cousins do), told me that he only remembers me being mad all growing up (without remembering that him and my older sister were usually trying to antagonize me... ie: locking me out of the house when my parents weren't home, wrestling me when I don't like to wrestle, etc...), and the final straw was him teaching his daughter how to pull my hair.  Okay... I have three personal pet peeves... one is being dunked under the water in the swimming pool, one is being wrestled without wanting too, and the third is people playing with (even combing or braiding) or tugging on my hair... so I blew up at him... and my mom comes to me to tell me that I'm just driving him away from the family.  Well, excuse me if he pushed a button and if I've been careful not to be mad at him since he became a teen and I'm sorry that I don't like it if you intimidate my 2 year old for pushing his 2 year old when he'd just finished telling me that his kids can stand up for themselves and commenting on how my kid is kind of a wimp... and gets mad at her instead of turning to me for me to deal with my child.  Well... if they only remember me being mad growing up, maybe I should just show them that I still get mad when you push the wrong buttons.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Very Strange

So something really weird happened today. 

Jer's uncle Howard was found dead.  It's really weird and no one was expecting it.  His wife was out of town and couldn't get a hold of him ao asked the neighbor to check in on him and he was dead.  We just found out a couple of hours ago.  I don't think that anyone's gotten over the shock yet and really grieved.  It was totally unexpected.  At least all the kids got to see each other again before this happened.  Jer's grandparents both turned 90 about a month or so ago and all of their 6 kids and spouses got together with them in CA for a party.  They had a great time and it was the first time that they had all been together at the same time for a long time.  They had thought about not doing it, and I'm sure they're glad they did now.  To all of Howard's loved ones, I'm sorry and I hope they figure out what happened soon.

Grandpa Wilcox's birthday

Today is my Dad's 63rd birthday.  This man is amazing is so many ways.  I love his gentleness and his fairness.  He has a fun sense of h...