Friday, January 29, 2010

Pumpkin in my carpets

I decided to be all creative and try a new recipe for pumpkin muffins.  They ended up being really good, but I had my 2 year old, a 1 1/2 year old, and Sammy with me... all of whom wanted some.  I gave them each a half and then went upstairs to get the laundry... bad idea.  Both the toddlers decided to not only follow me but to bring their muffins along with them.  Ada's wasn't too bad... her muffin was still in the bowl I gave her... but she had it all over her hands and so there were orange, semi-sticky hand prints all the way up the stairwell.  The other little girl though... she spilled it half way up... which means that pieces of it fell all the way down the stairs, so she sits down to go back down the stairs which just squishes all that pumpkin and chocolate into all the stairs.  Yeah... getting orange, squishy stuff out of your tan colored carpet is an adventure.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Exciting things

Here are just a few of the more exciting things that have been going on.  Sammy got his first tooth, Ada got her first bike (reward for potty training), and I'm getting released from all my callings but one... that will be the first time in almost 7 years that I won't have multiples.  Yay!  Since we got Ada's bike from DI we need to fix it up a little before she can ride it, but she's been wearing her helmet and pads around the house for the better part of the day.


We made our first turkey dinner completely by ourselves... It turned out okay.  I think I mixed the potatoes too long... they were kind of sticky.  But here's what Ada was doing while the food was cooking.  And no... she didn't draw the smiley face... I'd done that earlier and she thought it was pretty cool... She drew circles.


We were in the car driving home last night and Ada started freaking out about something.... we got her calmed down enough to talk to us and I asked her what was wrong.  "My seat!" "What's wrong with your seat?  Is something on it?" "Yeah." "What?" "My bum..."  Yeah... we never did find out what was really bugging her.  That was too funny.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cloth Diapers

So, I don't know how many of you have ever used or like cloth diapers... my friend started selling them with her business on line.  I did try a kind of cloth diaper with Sammy.  I liked them and they were cute... they're called G diapers.  But those particular ones are more expensive disposable ones because they're supposed to be earth friendly.  I used the ones I had... but he out grew the small size rather fast.  I don't know if I'm brave enough to do these other kind of cloth diapers... but maybe I am.  We spend about $80 a month on diapers and another $120 on formula... if I could get Sammy all the way on solids and Ada out of diapers within a month or two that would save us almost $200 a month.  Weird. 

Anyway... if anyone wants to take a look at her site it's


I just thought that I'd just go through how we're doing.  Jer likes his job, and he leaves early enough to miss the heavy traffic...his commute on most days only ends up being about a half hour.  We've all had colds and a lot of people have been telling me that they think it's the inversion that's bothering us so much.  I'm slowly starting to train for the Bear Lake Half Marathon... I know, the altitude's higher, but it's one heck of a view and we don't have to rent a hotel room.  (We're usually up there 2-3 times a year anyways).  I feel really "crafty".  I've started to try to finish all of the various (and millions of) projects that I have started but never finished.  By finishing all these projects our house is getting a lot more decorated than it has ever been before.  Weird. Ada was doing really well on potty training... she'd tell us when she had to go and we'd get her there... and then the other day she decided it was too much work.  So she just pees or poops then I get to clean her up... grrr.  She's pretty funny though.  Everything she says is very opinionated and often she likes to tease the adults that she's around.  She loves to build with legos, read any book that you're willing to give her, and loves to "play" the organ or sing her own songs.  Sammy loves to sit, but wishes that he could run like Ada.  He gets frustrated with crawling... He doesn't understand how to move his knees.  He and Ada like to "screech" with each other and giggle at the funny sounds they've made.  Their favorite thing in the whole world is swimming in the bathtub together.  It's a lot of fun to watch!

I don't really know

I don't really know what I want to write about.  I finally got caught up on reading everyone elses blogs... and I wanted to write an entry.  I am really excited... two of my friends are having babies and two of my sister in laws are as well.  The one is kind of an irony... so that's the one I think I'll write about. 

Well... she's a friend of my in our area, but I knew her in high school... but the funny part is that we share a same last name... and that when I had Sammy the church records have her recorded as the mother... not me.  We finally got all that straightened out, and now she's having a little girl two days after Sammy turns 1.  Now the question is... do I get the little girl on my records as having another child or does she get to have her own?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You know you're a mom...

When you say things like, "No, don't put Cinderella in your mouth please..." you know you're definitely a mom!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


There has been a lot of news about the recent bombing attempt and uncooperative passengers on planes in the last three weeks.  I have a story that my sister-in-law told that I absolutely love! 

She had just taken the bar exam, passed and was on a flight back east... It was a business trip so she wasn't taking very much and had just grabbed her old backpack for all her papers.  She did all the security checks at the airport, and when her bag went through the x-ray machine they stopped it, called a couple people over to look at it, and then pulled her aside and asked her what was in her backpack.... um papers.... and a crow bar! Her sister had sent her a crow bar as a joke present while taking the bar, she had put it in her backpack and forgotten about it... hehehe.... now I guess she's a terrorist.

Funny Stories

So at our Stake conference tonight I was reminded of several stories from different people.  One in particular was a Brother from the Ward that I grew up in.  He is someone that I admire and still think of with love.  He is missing the lower part of one leg, toes of the opposite foot, and a few of his fingers because he was in an accident with the power lines he was working with.  I sang in the ward choir with him for a good 10-15 years... and he was always fun to sit next to because he'd tease you about stepping on his toes (which he doesn't have).  The first time I walked by him and he said ,"Ow!" he fooled me... but I was a little wiser after that.  But he one time, when I was an older teen he was up his tree with his pruners and his wooden leg fell off.  So he's standing on the top of this ladder with one leg waiting for someone to come by so he could ask them to hand him his other leg... hmmm.

Friday, January 8, 2010


What a relief!  Jer's previous job finally paid the wage claim we sent... so it's not all that they owed him... but at least it's enough to not be scared about where our next mortgage payment is coming from.  We're not in the clear, but at least we're not maxed out to the hilt either... there's a little breathing room!  Mom!  Thank you so much for the diapers, meals and support time that you've given!  You helped me feel a little bit more grounded through the last couple of months.  And Judy, Thank you for your meals and sewing area... you gave whether you had or not!