Friday, November 20, 2009

McKay and Sophie's wedding

Thanks Mom!  My mom had a couple of the pictures that I took of my brother and his wife.  I still don't know where I put those... geesh.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wedding misc...


It's kind of fun to think about.  I've been able to do wedding pictures at the Idaho Falls, Bountiful, Mt. Timp(7 times), Salt Lake (twice), and the Provo temple all in the last 5 years.  From before the time I got my digital camera I have mostly weddings from the Salt Lake and Mt. Timp temples.  Thank goodness for digital!  I love to see results now instead of in three hours.

There were a couple of weddings that I couldn't find the pictures for... ie: my brothers', Misty and Ryan, Karen and John.  I think my copies of them might have been lost when my hard drive crashed.  If anyone has those... Please letme know.  Thanks!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Not fishing for sympathy

Okay... here's the deal with this post.  I'm not fishing for sympathy.  I just want to remember and be grateful. In fact... some of you may not want to read it at all... just warning you now.

I'm not generally superstistious, but this last Friday the 13th almost had me convinced.  The background going into the day... Jer's job hasn't paid him for a while (They actually owe him about $7,000).  But financially we will be okay until maybe the end of Dec.  And all four of us have been sick for the last 6 weeks now.  Starting with the swine flu, sinus infections, colds, stomach flu or food poisoning, and ending with another cold and the croupe. Everything in our house decided to break at the same time... our dryer doesn't work, the shower head in our bathroom cracked and fell off, our main computer decided to start restarting itself over and over, etc... But still I felt like we were doing well... we owe less than Jer's work owes us, we were able to refinance so we didn't have a house payment while we're not getting paid and we got a really low interest rate.  I was having fun reviewing Art History with my sister.  And I could generally feel the Spirit in our home.  Then the day started... we all woke up sick... especially Sammy, one of the ladies that I had been working with for the last month and a half called me angry and blamed me (saying that I was lying to her and that I was lazy and didn't do my job) for all the problems that have been happening with her order.  (I've been calling the printer for the last two weeks to try to get them to fix their problems with her order....grrr.) The printer promised me to have her calendar printed by 4:00 so that I could overnight it to her... at 3:45 they call and say that it's stuck in traffic and that I'd have to come get it on Monday.  The lady then writes me a nasty email... yuck.  Bad situation all around is what I'll say about that.  We just switched printer partners so I'm trying to learn their system and it takes me three times as long to mail out the other orders.  The printer calls back and says that the calendar did make it on time, but I was already late for a presentation that my friend was giving and had asked me for feedback on... so I sent my dad to pick it up and take it to the post office.  It didn't make it in time to get to her on Saturday... so it's still going to be there on Monday instead.  I bet she was just thrilled.  I don't know... after her yelling at me I told her not to call me again but to call my boss instead and deal with him.  I ended up missing my friends presentation... she calls worried about me...  And we got word that our insurace through Jer's work was being retroactively cancelled.  So all the doctor, dentist, chiropractor, and pediatrician appointments from the last three months that we thought we paid for are now not paid for.  Which leaves us with enough unpaid medical bills that is three times what I make every month.  (They're working on reinstating the insurance... but I called to get dollar amounts from the doctors so that we know how much we have to dig up if it doesn't get reinstated).  The worst part of all that isn't that we have to pay money that we don't have... We're strong and can work... it's that I'd been crying on and off for about 4 hours before calling any doctors because of the lady yelling at me on the phone.  So by the time I was talking to the billing people at each office... I couldn't even talk because I was crying so much.  How stupid.  I'm sure they were all thinking I was crying because of our finances.... but I thought it a little much if I had to explain why I was crying to all the billing people at random offices which I probably would never meet.  And to add insult to injury.  I stepped on a bee and have a nasty itchy bump on my foot because I'm allergic.  (It's going away... it just itches like heck).  Ada was whinny because I wasn't doing well... and Sammy's croupe was sounding really bad.  Jer probably was more stressed about everything going on than he let on... but in spite of all of this we have people that we can turn to.  My parents took the kids for a couple hours so that Jer and I could calm down and destress, we stayed and talked with them for a while and my mom figured out why my foot was bothering me so much.  Then we spent the next day escaping to Jim and Judy's house so that Jer could work with Jim and I could ignore all the house work that's been piling up.  I got to work on my crochetting project that I'm working on for RS, and I am truly grateful to have the help of people who love us.  We got to see Becca and Ada got to play with Grace... she's missed playing with anyone because we've all been sick.  Ada is much happier today...(besides a diaper rash... we kind of kicked potty training while we've all been sick), Sammy's cough is a lot better, my cold is worse but I don't have anyone yelling at me and I've been having fun going through old weddings that I've done to put together the portfolio that was deleted when our external harddrive crashed, and Jer was able to help get out most of the tithing settlement statements at church so he didn't have to hand deliver them all through the ward like last year.  Things are looking up for this week.

What do you, the viewers at home, think?

Sammy has Jer's nose, chin and eye color, but take a look at these ones... This is Sammy at 4 months old and me at 3 1/2 months old and my dad just a few months older than that. 

And check this out... This is Ada at 2 years old and this is me at 2 (and my sister at 3 and 1/2)...

Sweet girl

So I got a big bruise the other day while I was mowing the leaves up.  Ada saw it and asked me what it was.  I told her the I had an owie called a bruise.  She then said, "Ada kiss it?"  I told her that would be very nice.  So she kissed it and while I was swelling inside with how sweet that was... she reached out and gave it a good hard jab.  Well, at least she got part of it right.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I remembered

I remembered the story that I was going to tell about Ada! 

Ada wanted some cheese... she really likes the babybel round ones... I gave her one and she started to sing... "Pat a cake, pat a cake baker man.  pat it and ROLL it (with her rolling it around on the table) and mark it with an EGG (I think she meant A) and throw it in the oven for daddy and mommy and sammy and me (at least she's willing to share her cake with and egg on top)"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I'm not even sure if I should have this one in here... the lighting really isn't that great... but it was fun.  Two sisters that got married within a week of each other. I didn't do their bridals either... This was one that I took at their reception.