Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another picture post...

I just needed to put up a couple of my new favorite pictures from the last month... here they are.

We've lucked out... so far

This one is of Ada playing with Samuel's toes... she thinks it's just fabulous that they both have toes...
This is our sweet baby Samuel at three weeks old...
I was so scared that after having Ada... who slept through the night from 3 months on and only woke up once a night before that... who's not a picky eater and was generally a happy and curious baby as long as we didn't try to make her breastfeed... that we'd have a hellion for our next child. Imagine my relief that he's a sweet boy that likes to cuddle and sleeps from 12:30am til 7:30am on most nights... at only 3 weeks old. The only thing that I've been frustrated about that has to do with him... is that he has gas every couple of hours... he fusses and cries until all the gas is gone... then he's fine again. I'm so glad that the Lord knew that I wouldn't be able to handle a very challenging newborn right now. When he's two I might wish to send him back... but as it is now... we're happy to have him as part of our family!


Samuel likes warm water... every time I shower with him or bathe him in a warm tub he just relaxes and almost falls asleep... not to mention that he pees anytime I first put him in the tub... (just means that I need to make sure that he's pointing in the right direction... otherwise we're in trouble.)

"Good Girl"

I think Ada likes our dog, Lucy. When we give the dog a treat or go play with her we always tell her, "Good girl!" when she does what we say. Ada has starting telling people what to do and then calling them a good girl if they do it... two examples... Grandma was sharing a bowl of ice cream with Ada. When Ada asked for more and Grandma gave it to her Ada looked at Grandma and said,"Good girl!" The other example is that for dinner time Ada wanted to sit in Jeremy's chair at the table. I told her not to and she turned to daddy and told him to sit there instead... when he finally did site there a couple minutes later she looked at him and said, "Good girl!"

I guess it's something else...

So I think my body's going crazy. I don't know how it would handle any more pregnancies... but we'll see. I've just been feeling not quite right even though my body has healed and I thought I was over the Baby blues feeling. But I guess a lot of what I've been feeling doesn't really have anything to do with giving birth anyway... surprise to me!

We're switching insurances, so I wanted to make sure that I had everything taken care of before then... My foot has been bothering me for about two months, I've had a constant headache for the last week, and my teeth have been hurting... all things that I can contribute to having a baby, not sleeping as much, and having all the calcium sucked out of your body... I went to the doctor's to just make sure... and it turns out that I've had a sinus infection for about a week, and their X-ray machine was broken, but they said that I either broke a bone in my foot or keep re-twisting my ankle. I've been taking the medicine to get rid of the sinus infection and I'm a lot less hormonal and emotional... I've still got a headache, but the doctor told me to start taking a decongestant, and I haven't done that yet. And I'm taking an anti-inflammatory for my foot, and I can actually walk around without it hurting... I even went jogging yesterday. But the anti-inflammatory makes me tired and my hemorrhoids have gotten worse... I hope that my body will just realize that it needs to heal so that I can stop having all these stupid side effects.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baby Blues

I'm having a little bit of the baby blues today I think... I just feel like sitting and doing nothing and resent that I have to do laundry, wait for Jer to get back, do the dishes and take care of a toddler... It's really not much... but I didn't expect to feel like this almost two weeks after Samuel being born. But I think I'll be much better when Jer gets home. He somehow manages to fix a lot of things as long as he know what's going on.

On a brighter note, Ada is still her curious and funny self... and it's really fun to see how she's starting to get along with Samuel... every time he cries she says, "ah-oh! Baby!" And she's been so patient... I haven't been keeping her busy like I usually do, but she's been a good sport. Today I found her laying on her bed with her baby doll and staring at the glow in the dark stars that we put on her ceiling. She's still a toddler and likes to get into trouble... but she's doing well. (The other day I found her dipping my calculator in the toilet and dripping toilet water all over my bathroom floor.)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Samuel Parker

I know... everyone already knows about my baby... but I feel like I need to get a record of the birth... even if it's just for me.

We went to the hospital to be induced on June 5th at 7am. They started me on Pitosin and I was a little scared that my epidural wouldn't work again. My anesthesiologist told me that it was probably because my tail bone had broken years ago and I might have scar tissue that made my last epidural not work from the waist down... I got one anyways hoping that it would work. He was very careful putting it in and doing all the tests to make sure that it was working. So far so good... but then the baby's heart rate kept going down any time I had a strong contraction... my mom (who was also my wonderful nurse) said that her and the doctor thought that he might have the cord wrapped around his neck. They had to slow down the Pitosin until the baby was more stable. I wasn't dilating either... but I didn't dilate very quickly with Ada either so that wasn't a surprise for me. When I was only a 5 by 7pm... everyone was feeling rather sorry for me... I was doing fine... a little nauseous, but fine. I made a joke that Sam was jealous of his big sister... she was born on 10/10... and that he wanted to be born on 6/6. I told Jer that would help him remember our kids birthdays... but we all thought that I would have the baby soon. When I hadn't by 11pm, my doctor took a closer look at my cervix because all my contractions were strong... I was dilated, but not in a circle... it was more like a flat heart shape so the baby couldn't come out. He stretched me out a little bit and 2 and 1/2 hours later my body was finally ready to have the baby. They got me ready to push... and again... I was scared to death because I had to push for 1 1/2 hours with Ada... I started contracting, they had me push and there was the baby... That was a big surprise for me! They got the cord unwrapped from his neck, stitched me up (which I didn't mind this time because my epidural really did work all the way! YAY!) and they laid him on my chest. I was glad to see him safely here and I am very grateful for doctors, nurses and all those involved for all their patience and expertise. My doctor didn't rush for a C-Section just so he could go home and go to bed... my mom worked a 21 hour shift so that she could support me in my labor... and a great anesthesiologist that knows what he's doing. Yes it was a 16 1/2 hour labor, but it was much better and easier than the 28 hours I spent trying to get Ada here!

He's beautiful, looks like Jer and is a very calm and sweet baby. He had to spend a couple of days in the NICU... he had a low blood sugar, an infection, and was jaundiced. He absolutely LOVED the lights that they put him under... any time they took him out from under them he'd get mad. He doesn't want to breastfeed, but neither did Ada... so that's not a huge surprise either. Everyone has made this first week so easy for me... from taking over at my job, providing meals, entertaining Ada, and helping with house work... (Ada's was another story... When I got home on Monday... she'd lost both sets of shoes, eaten something that made her break out into a rash that she's still on medication for, and had lost her daily routine... she's in love with her brother though... she gives him hugs, helps change his diaper and loves to play with his toes.) They've all been amazing and I love being a mom!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The last week

Well, I'm up two and a half hours early and can't sleep... so I thought I'd update my blog. This last week has been both amazing and pretty busy. First of all, Jer had Monday off, which was not just labor day but it was also my birthday. I didn't really want to do anything huge because I feel like we're always trying to watch a movie or play a game... so we slept in, and took Ada to feed the ducks at the pond. She fell asleep int eh car, but woke up immediately once she realized that there were ducks. My favorite were actually the turtles. There were several turtles sitting on a log in the middle of the pond just sunning themselves... then one more tried to make its way onto the log and that was just too much for it... the log rolled and dumped all of them into the pond. Then all the turtles tried to get back on the log, but they were all trying to do it from the same side so the log kept rolling and it looked like they were some of those loggers walking on the rolling logs for a competition. Finally they got to the top, and one of the turtles kept walking and dumped all of them into the pond in the other direction. I honestly think that America's Funniest Videos would have loved it, but I told Jer that I didn't want to carry around both the camera and the video camera... whoops... that one was my fault. We went and routed the handrails for the slide on our stairs, and we went to have ice cream and cake with everyone. It was a fun and relaxing day. Of course... after all three day weekends my sense of days was all messed up for the rest of the week, but oh well...

We've had fun making smoothies with our new "will it blend" Blentec blender. It's a nifty thing and it's supposed to be able to handle frozen fruit where our other one isn't. Thanks to my brother who has been working for Blentec and for both him and my parents for putting in money towards it for my birthday... we only had to pay about $80, which would get you a fair blender at any store, but not a great one.

We've also been looking at refinancing... but the people keep forgetting to call us back, so we have to keep pestering them... I think we'll keep trying this week, but I'm starting to think that our loan looks better and better just because of the hassle that it's been to try to get information and quotes on other options.

Jer's brother and his family moved here over the weekend... he spent the weekend helping his parents get their house ready for their family to stay with them... and I felt useless.

On Wednesday I went to my final doctors appointment! YAY! I'd only gained 33 pounds... which is far better than the 60 lbs that I gained with my pregnancy with Ada. He checked me and said that I was still only dilated to a 1 1/2 but that I was almost completely effaced. He stripped my membranes too so that my labor would go faster . We'll see if it worked. When my last doctor did that because Ada was overdue... nothing happened, but when this one did it... I was crampy and sore for at least two days after. That was bad timing because I was trying to help with Margarets baby shower, go to the temple with my brother before he moved to Baltimore, and get the house clean before the baby was born. I ended up watching Emily do the shower, skipping out on the temple, and asking my sister if I could pay her to clean my house for me (which she did but wouldn't let me pay her in the end... the punk). Now I'm only 2 days away from being induced and I've got all my work stuff bundled up and ready to pass on while I'm on maternity, I have an energetic toddler that wants to go play outside even though my body doesn't want to move that fast, feet that swell up if I don't have them up most of the day, VT reports that need to be finished and passed out, and a husband... who almost never catches a cold... has a head cold and is completely miserable. And even with all that I feel like I have nothing to do except sit around and wait for the baby to come... which is making me nervous. If I don't think about the actual labor I'm excited and ready to be able to bend over and get rid of my heartburn... but when I actually think about Friday... I'm scared stiff. When I gave birth to Ada, I went into labor Wed night at 7pm... went to the hospital Thurs morning at 7 am... and gave birth to a beautiful daughter after pushing for an hour and a half at 11:30 pm. I had to have an episiotomy and I still tore because she insisted on being born with her fist up at her face. My epidural only worked from the waist up... my mom says that I should have told them sooner so that they could have done something about it... how was I supposed to know it wasn't working from there on down when I'd (a) never gone through labor before and didn't know what I was supposed to be feeling and (b) couldn't feel most of my contractions until they just gave up on the epidural in the end... but I could feel the birth and the stitches afterwards even with a local anaesthetic. By the end of my labor, I didn't want to see my baby. I felt like a terrible mom... because after all the excitement and love I'd put into my pregnancy, I didn't even want to hold her. I felt much better the day after and I couldn't put her down, but I don't want that to happen again. I want to want my baby from the get go, but I don't know how I'll feel at the time. I'm scared to go through that long and painful day again, but excited to see the new little personality that I'll be bringing into our home. Wow... who knew that just a couple of days could go by so fast and so slow at the same time.