Friday, May 22, 2009

Favorite pictures

Since I'm terrified we're going to lose our pictures again, I'm determined to get as many of my favorites in as many places as possible. Including my blog... so here we go! I couldn't get the pictures to line up either... I probably could if I deleted them all and reuploaded them, but it's time to go to bed.

This one is Grace at the Ogden Marathon.

This is Ada and my dad playing.

This one is just a portrait (19 months old).

This is Ada feeding the ducks.

Ada at the park.

On our front porch.

Ada and Lizzie being cute.

Ada and sidewalk chalk.

Our cul-de-sac.

Easter... remember I'm big pregnant.
Coloring on the sidewalk with our neighbor... check out the blue pants!

Ada in Grandma's apron.
Seth and I... I think I win... Mine's a boy... not sure about his though.

Ada and Daddy... buddies

Just makes my day

Well, the last two days of work have just really been horrible. I've been running around doing other peoples jobs and tracking down things that shouldn't have been lost in the first place. That plus my end of pregnancy hormones have not made me a happy camper. I had planned to set up the little swimming pool and spend the afternoon out there with Ada... but when all this happened I almost didn't do it. Now I'm grateful that I forced myself into it. She had a blast going from the pool to coloring on the sidewalk with chalk and back to the pool. Then our neighbor brought their son over to jump in with her and that was fun to catch up with them before they move. Even though I was on the phone most of the time that we were out there I loved being out there with her and getting to experience her joy and curiosity. If it weren't for Ada and our swimming party my day would have been something that I couldn't look at with joy. Here are some pictures of it. It was fun.

New Room

We got Ada into her new room and completely into the toddler bed without any problems... thanks to glow in the dark stars and a cork board. My sister and Jer helped me get everything moved over before the baby comes, and Ada and I got most of the stars stuck on the walls and Janelle got them on the ceiling... and then Ada and I colored pictures of the Little Einsteins and stuck them on the cork board that I had left in that room when I moved the mightyauthors office into Jer's office. We haven't had a problem and it's been at least a week. He schedule hasn't really changed yet either. She gets up a little earlier but she just sits and reads books in bed until she's ready for us to let her out of her room. It will be interesting when she can open doors to see what she does. But I am so grateful!

Ada said Thank you!

Usually Ada says, "Welcome!" whenever you ask her to say thank you... but today she actually said it! We were walking down the sidewalk... Ada on Jer's shoulders and me holding her blanket. She asked me for her blanket and when I gave it to her she smiled at me and said, "Thank you Mommy!"

Brain Freeze

Jer's been drinking smoothies with a protein shake mixed in for the last week while he's recovering from his marathon... Ada tried one and didn't like it, but she watches Jer while he drinks his. My favorite time was a day or two ago... Jer took a big gulp then grabbed his head saying, "Ow! Ow!" I guess it was just too cold that time. Ada then grabbed her head and started saying, "Ow! Ow!"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's starting

I'm really excited. I've got two weeks to go before I have baby Samuel... and with Ada I didn't dilate or efface until the after I had passed 40 weeks. But I went to the doctors today and he said that I was dilated to almost a 2... the baby is still posterior, and I'm still really high and my cervix is really thick... but it has begun weeks earlier than it did with the first... hopefully that means that my labor with him will go a lot faster than it did with Ada... but first he needs to turn to come out the right way!

Mother's Day present

Jer is definitely thoughtful. For mother's day he gave me a slide. That sounds really funny, but I've been looking for a slide that I could cut the legs off of and put down our stairs so that Ada would have something to do when I couldn't go out to play as often when the baby is born... I looked everywhere from Spanish Fork to Ogden and I couldn't find one that would fit for under $100... but Jer bought the wood and is building one for me... Thanks Jer!

Keys are important...

My mom got a gift card for Mother's day to buy some new clothes, both my sisters were in town and so my mom made a big day of it. Ada would follow my mom in and out of the dressing room and look in the mirrors while she danced and played. One of the times that my mom went in there without her, she looked under the gap between the floor and the door (which she could easily have crawled under), stood up and jiggled the door handle... when it wouldn't open she said, "Locked..." patted her hip and said, "oh, keys..." Both the store clerk and I got a good giggle out of that one.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Exciting weekend

We've had a very busy weekend. Friday night we dropped Ada off at my mom's house for the night (THANK YOU MOM!) and went up to Ogden. We got there, checked into our cheapy hotel then headed off to Union station so that Jer could check in for his very first marathon. Once he was checked in and we had wandered around the booths a while we decided to run to a grocery store for some sun block and find somewhere to eat. We ended up eating at Ye Olde Lions Den... because they have amazing scones and Jer was trying to carb load before the race. We got up at 4 am Saturday morning to get Jer to the buses on time... It was absolutely amazing to see how many buses they had lining the street waiting for the 1700ish marathoners and as many half marathoners. I went back to the hotel, but of course.... the baby was kicking like crazy so I didn't end up sleeping any more. I watched Emily finish her Half Marathon in great time, and then met family and waited for Jer to come in. I was scared to death that he'd be one of those that came across the finish line and just collapsed... but when he came in he looked absolutely wonderful. He even did it in 3.46. I was really mad at the crowd though... I found a really good place to get pictures of him coming over the finish line... and just as he was coming in a little crowd of people decided to cross the fences that they had to keep people back... and park themselves right in front of me. Well, obviously that wasn't the best scenerio for pictures but oh well... we got wrapped up and met Amy, Becca, and Jay at Mimi's cafe to celebrate. Then we headed home. I was planning on going to Jill's baby shower, but I almost fell asleep 4 times in the 1 1/2 hour drive... then I was contracting a ton because I was dehydrated... but it was a good day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm so mad!

So... because Ada is our oldest, a girl and Jer and I had a hard time getting pregnant in the first place... not to mention that I love photography and playing with my camera... I've taken hundreds of pictures of Ada in the last year and a half... including several hours of video (especially since she started talking). We've been keeping all that stuff on a seperate hard drive that we got in case our old desktop decided to crash on us... Well... it crashed and we lost all the pictures and movies that I've done since last April. That's the worst, all the pictures of my baby... but I also lost my entire portfolio, including the last five families that I took pictures for. At least I still have my daughter... but I no longer have a record of the last year.