Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Babysitting again...

I was babysitting again this morning... I think it's a lot of fun because Ada gets to see other people, and because it's fun to get out of the whole routine thing. I watched Ada's best friend Lizzy this morning... it was a little adventurous... not hectic, just exciting. First I ran out of tissue because she's teething and sneezing up a storm (not that I usually have very much tissue to begin with... I keep forgetting to buy some). Then she wanted to watch Mickey Mouse, and our tv doesn't work so I put on a old Mickey cartoon that I have... she thought that was weird because it wasn't Playhouse Disney version, but she was okay with it. Then when Ada woke up I put some cereal out for the two to eat, and at first they were doing good, then they decided that it was funner on the floor than in the bowl. I cleaned that up and started doing dishes when it got really quiet... I went to find them and they were in my bathroom busy cleaning my shower with a toilet brush. Hmmm. I washed their hands and got them out of the bathroom, cleaned up the bathroom a little and closed the door so they wouldn't do it again... and I find them dumping more cereal from the box into their bowl and from there onto the kitchen floor again... sigh. I guess I'll learn one of these days that it's easier to keep an eye on them than to clean up the messes after they've already made them. Oh well.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Newer pictures...

I wanted to put up some newer pictures of Ada... I feel like she changes faster than anything else in my life and it's hard to not forget that she's always growing... here are a couple... I think that the one from Christmas makes her look like her cousin Henry and the one on the piano looks like I did as a little kid. And she's still gotten bigger in the last couple of months... I just don't have those pictures on my computer yet.

Finger People

We had a marathon day on Saturday... that meant that Ada was babysat most of the day... she stayed with some friends of ours during the day and then my mom invited her over to spend the night. She had a little bit of a rough night... I would if I didn't know where I was in the middle of the night too. My favorite part though was when we went to pick her up in the morning my mom had drawn little faces on each of her fingers with a ball point pen. That's what she used to do to us as kids to keep us quite in church. Ada was just fascinated by these little people on her fingers! I asked her if she's said hello to them yet... so she looked down at them and using her opposite hand... waved each of her fingers at herself one at a time and kept saying,"Hello!" Then she took her thumb and gave it a big kiss.


Jer posted some videos of our cute daughter on his blog, so here's the link.


It's a private blog, so if you want to see them you need to have an invite from Jer. Just ask... he doesn't mind friends and family sooooo much!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Brownies... mmmm delicious

Ada is Jers daughter... she has always liked chocolate, but she's never been able to vocalize it before. My sister, Janelle, had Ada in the high chair and had been feeding her dinner. At the end she cut up a mint brownie and gave her part. Ada gulped it down and asked for more... then when Janelle put the rest of the brownie in front of her Ada clearly yelled, "I LOVE THAT!"