Monday, February 23, 2009

Ada... again

This morning I heard Ada playing behind me while I did some mightyauthors work. I could hear the phone turning off and on so I turned around to look... She was sitting in a baby char that I'd gotten out to babysit the other day, holding a highlighter and pen in one hand and dialing the phone with them in her other hand. Then she'd hold the phone up to her ear and say, "Hello?"

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sherri Dew

I know... I don't usually get too serious in my posts. I had something that I've been thinking about and I felt like I should write it down.

I was invited by my mom to hear Sherri Dew speak at her RS Stake Conference. I'm sure that Sherri has a lot to do, and it was neat to be able to hear her speak. She spoke mainly about communication. She talked about how important communication is to us as humans... especially in our modern world of email, blogs, cell phones, etc... She talked about how when our communications are interrupted for even a day, we are desperate to get them back and how that is the way that it should be when our communication with our Heavenly Father is interrupted. She talked about how every prophet since Adam has taught about two things... (1) Jesus Christ and (2) us in the latter days. She talked about how Heavenly Father would never send someone... especially a woman... that isn't capable to deal with these times and their events. She said that us women are very influential in all the lives that we touch... it is part of our nature... and part of who we are as children of God. She also talked about how there are only three things that we need to succeed (not survive... but succeed) in this dispensation. First is to truly know yourself... who you are and why you're here. Second is to know who Jesus Christ is, know Him mission, and know how it affects you today. And third is to know how to receive and interpret personal revelation. One thing that struck me at this point is that all three of these things are not steps and they are something that is accessible to anyone... they are not high and lofty things only attainable to choice spirits. They are every day... as long as anyone really has the desire to truly do them. Two more things that she said had an impact on me. She talked about how it has taken her over 30 years to learn how to understand the revelations that the Spirit brings into her life, and how she prayed not only to receive that revelation but to ask the Lord to tutor her in understanding them. How often do we receive answers to our prayers and we don't know it or how to interpret those answers?

She gave me a lot to think about and she reminded me of an impression that I received during this last General Conference. The economy was just starting to look like it wouldn't recover quickly... I was worried because we had spent our savings on buying our house and we hadn't recouped it over the year that we'd lived in it. If our family had an emergency, we didn't have much to fall back on. But listening to all the talks in conference, the spirit settled my heart. I was told that it didn't matter if we still owned our home 4 years from now or if Jeremy didn't have a job. These were all temporary things and they didn't serve us in the long term. All that mattered was what we decided to do with our lives, our family. I was told that all would be well, no matter what came. I was grateful for that personal revelation.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


You know those websites that have pictures or stories that contradict themselves? I saw a real live one the other day.

Jer's favorite upper end car is a Z3. They are nice looking, classy sports cars... They aren't too common because they're so expensive. We were driving down state street and saw one. Jer was so excited and going on about what a neat car it was... The best part was that it had a Papa John's pizza delivery sign on the top. Is that just an indication of our economic status, or did some teenager borrow their dads' sports car to do his working shift?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good morning Jeremy

I have to write about this because I don't want to forget it!

We spent the night at Jeremy's parents house because we had gone to watch a movie and stayed late, and Judy and I had a quilting class early in the morning. We slept in the same room as Ada. She went to bed at her normal time, where Jer and I went to sleep at about 3 am... The problem was that Ada decided to wake up at 7:30 instead of 9:30. Since I've been pregnant, Jer has been getting up with Ada in the mornings unless he has an amazing amount of work to do that day, so Ada stands up in the portacrib and holds up the stuffed duck that grandma had put in there with her saying, "Look Dad, Quack-Quack!" The best part was how chipper and alert she was... where Jeremy after only 4 1/2 hours of sleep just kind of groans and says, "Uh..." I couldn't help but laugh!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Picture tag

I was tagged in this picture tag, where you talk about the 6th picture in your 6th file... that's hard for me because we keep two seperate sets of pictures. One on our harddrive and the other on an external drive in case something happens to our computer. On one... it's a picture of Becca and James' sealing at the Mt. Timp temple on the other is a picture of Jay playing soccer. Becca's making a funny face in the other one so I'm going to post the one of Jay... which is kind of a funny picture too. It was taken in July during the tournament that Jay's team qualified to go to Las Vegas. Ada had fun crawling in the grass, while Jer had fun experimenting with the sports settings on our camera.
Now here are the rules:
1. Go to your documents/pictures.
2. Go to your 6th file. (For me I thought it meant the sixth folder.)
3. Go to the 6th picture.
4. Blog about it.
5. Tag 6 other friends.
I tag: Jeremy, Sarah Simonson, Mary Bronley, Jenny Harris, Sharon Wilcox, and Mary Brasher.

Not anything really

So I didn't really have anything specific to say, but I'm using this blog as my journal since I haven't kept one in the last two years... Work is going well. We've finally put away Christmas stuff (by Feb... hmm.) I've had really weird dreams the last month. And Ada is obsessed with her friend Lizzy. I ask her what she wants to do today and she says, "Lizzy!" We got her a new toddler bed, and we've been trying to get her to use it... she likes to jump on it at least! I'm getting tired of teaching so many piano lessons. I think I need to cut them in half, but I don't know which half I want to keep! We only have a little bit left to pay on Jeremy's student loans, YAY! I love watching Ada run to the end of the room, turn around and yell, "GO!" as she runs to the other end of the room. I think that people are silly over politics, and that yes we need to participate, but not be obsessed. I think that the economy will work out one way or the other, we just each need to keep plowing forward. I also think that Jer and I really need to work on building up a savings account... but all these extras keep coming up... ie: birth of a new baby. I think I'd rather have the baby, but the savings would help with the baby. Ada is turning into a two year old... she's learned how to say,"mine." and to hit other kids. We're working on that, but not quite sure that she understands why we don't hit when we don't get our own way. Ada likes to rock her baby and pat my stomach while I talk about a baby, but I'm quite certain that she has no idea that there is a real baby on their way. I've been wanting to pull out my stone carving stuff, but the rock dust can cause seizures in utero... I've also been wanting to run around outside, but Ada's not sure she likes to run in the snow yet. Jer's a good husband and Ada's a sweet cuddler. And I'm tired, so I'm going to go take a nap!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Irony strikes again...

So I just had another very ironic day... First, I was out running errands and finally Ada and I went to drop off my car to get the oil changed. My clock said I was 10 min early. Theirs said I was 30 min early... so they wouldn't take my car for a half hour... then it took them another hour to even get back to me to let me know that they thought that I should get a couple new parts in the car. Even halving their list left us at $300. Ada was tired and hungry at that time, so I said sure... take apart my car... it is good timing after all. Then I took Ada in the stroller to get something to eat somewhere down the street. By the time we finally got somewhere that looked good she had fallen asleep. I got us some food, and we ate... but Ada just happened to get fry sauce dumped all the way down her shirt. I couldn't even put on her coat! So we went next door and got her a shirt off the sale rack. Then we went back to check on the car. By this time it was 3 hours after I had dropped it off. They saw me walk in and said that they had just finished with it and that he'd bring my paperwork up to the front desk. 40 mins later he shows up with the paperwork but not the key, saying that they were washing the car around back and that they'd be done quickly. I checked my mail on the way in, and in it was a coupon book by our car maintenance people with discounts that I could have used and gotten at least a $50 discount. Argg... By the time I got home, I was ready to go to sleep and take a nap while Ada was sleeping... but all of a sudden there were several "urgent" messages from my mightyauthors work that had to be dealt with. When I finished with those I went to actually start the laundry and do the dishes for once in the last several days... but there was a knock at the door... my 10 year old neighbor that comes and talks with me every now and then... this time she wanted to learn how to crochete... by the time she left a half hour later Ada woke up. She woke up screaming, so I thought that she might not have slept long enough or had gotten bitten by a bug or something. I cuddled her for almost an hour while she screamed the whole time. I had to cancel two of my piano lessons, and once I did... she calmed down. Then just after 5 pm she started screaming again... I tried calling the doctor but they were closed. My cell phone died then, so I couldn't call Jer unless I stayed at home... but I had decided to take Ada to the InstaCare. I got there and there was only one other person in the whole waiting room, but it still took them an hour to get me in to see the doctor. They asked me to fill out paperwork... but Ada kept screaming... kinda hard to take care of both at the same time. The only time she stopped screaming was to try to drink someone elses juice that had been left on the table... but she wouldn't drink anything that I tried to give her... she just wanted that juice...hummm...I finally got a hold of Jeremy at work, he didn't have a car and the person he would have gotten a ride with just left. He finally found someone to get him and give him a ride to the office. By that time Ada had been crying for 3 hours straight and I really needed to use the bathroom... (the baby's been jumping on my bladder.) I got her calmed down for just a min and she saw Jer and just started bawling again.... oh well. It turned out that she had an ear infection. I dropped Jer and Ada off at home and headed out to one of those after hour pharmacies to get Adas' medicine. When I got home Ada was totally happy and running around playing with things. Jer hadn't given her Tylenol or anything... maybe she just likes him better. I don't know. Now it's 11 pm. I'm exhausted, but I can't sleep... and now that I can do the dishes I don't want to. Ironic.