Monday, January 26, 2009

Draper Temple Openhouse

On Saturday we got to go to the Draper Temple Open house. It really is a pretty temple. My favorite part of it was the sealing room that has a whole wall of stained glass. Ada liked the "cows" at the baptistry and the chandelier in the Celestial room. It is amazing to me that when you enter a temple you can feel it's calming influence even from the front desk. You can feel that it's a place apart. This one hasn't been dedicated yet, and I didn't feel that feeling... I was appreciating architecture and design, not the spirit. It was a reinforcement to me at the importance of temples and the reason for them. We don't want a beautiful building to walk through and admire, we want a sacred place to make and remember covenants with our Heavenly Father.

Ward Roadshow

So we were in the ward roadshow on Saturday. It was fun to be a part of, but we haven't done roadshows in our area for so long that I think a lot of people forget what they are about. All four skits were just too serious. Ours was fun because everyone dressed up like a tool from your garage. My friend was a broom, Jer was a level, etc... I played the piano for their song and helped with the opening act. What the weirdest thing was though... we all felt just fine during the show, but when we woke up the next morning, all three of us had bad colds. I hope we didn't just get everyone else sick.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's a baby!

We just had our newest ultrasound... the baby actually cooperated, isn't that neat? Well... it's a boy! Now we just need Becca's to be a boy, then we're all set!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Productive Day

So... I actually feel productive today (note: I said productive, not happy... I am content though). I babysat a friends' baby, finished my outstanding mightyauthors work, almost completed our taxes, got our finances up to date, started the laundry, played with Ada, got all the mail out to the mailbox on time, did the dishes, taught a piano lesson, answered emails, and I actually made dinner before Jer got home. I admit... that's just a regular day for most people. Maybe it's because I got two hours less sleep than I usually do, so everything just seems like that much more effort. Ironic.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So I'm lazy

So I'm lazy and haven't done a post for a while... I wanted to write down a couple of things before I forgot them though...

First is, over Christmas Jeremy's brother John and their family came out. They have two daughters that Ada's about the right age to play with. It was really funny though how she kind of avoided the one and followed the other. One day she was following Rachel and offered her a pretzel. Rachel just looked at her for a second, shook her head and then kept playing her game. Ada shrugged her shoulders, walked over to me, showed me the pretzel, pointed at Rachel and then shook her head. I couldn't help laughing! She was actually trying to tell me what had happened!

Second is all the fun about this next baby! Our first ultrasound was done before we could tell whether it was a girl or a boy, but the doctor said... "It's so wiggly! I think it might be a boy." Then my mom did an ultrasound on their dinosaur age machine. She said, "It's really hard to tell using this machine, but I think it's a girl." She called me again a couple days later and wanted to try out their new machine. This time the picture was clear and sharp. You could see all the little individual bones on that cute baby... but the baby wanted us only to see its head. No matter where she looked from, the baby had turned so it's head was in the way. At least we know it might be a girl or it might be a boy. What more could we ask?

Third is that I am so proud of my hard working hubby. He's so dedicated to his projects at work and at church, and now he's started training for the marathon that he'll be running in May. But yet he still finds time to spend time with me and to put Ada to bed with a kiss. It's not easy being busy... and he's doing a marvelous job at it even if he feels like he's not.