Thursday, December 4, 2008


Well, our Korean visitor left for home today... he's in for a very long flight. He was so pleasant to have stay with us. He became part of our family very quickly. Ada loved him.

I have a story about that actually... Jer was in the office working while I was off running errands. Ada was sitting in the office doorway watching Seung Mo go from his bedroom to the bathroom and back several times. After watching him for a while, when he closed a door she would walk up to it and start knocking till he opened the door. Then he'd go to the other room and close the door and she'd start knocking on that one till he opened the door.

For her birthday he gave her pink legos... and if he came home while I was making dinner and Ada was throwing a tantrum, he'd get down on the floor and play with her until I was done.

He's a good guy and I wish him the best!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So I have a million things that I want to catch up on with my blog posts, but I only have a minute before my piano students start showing up for the afternoon... so, the most exciting thing that I want to write about is my ultrasound. No we don't know what the baby is yet, but seeing the baby and watching how it's ultrasound is so different from Adas' just brings everything just a little closer to home for me. I'm having another baby. It's going to be totally different than Ada, but watching it's arms move around and watching the baby grab its toes made me love it all that much more. I guess we have a lot of challenges ahead with a new baby but, I'm excited!