Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I love talking babies...

Ada is at that stage where the whole talking thing is really cute! Extremely cute actually... And she says new words all the time that I had no idea that she even understood. My favorite is that she has started walking up to the pantry, pointing and WHISPERING!!!! "Cracker please". I think my favorite words are the ones that she whispers... I think she does it because those are the words that I try to get her to say instead of throwing a tantrum... so I try to say them nicely and maybe even quietly! It's hillarious!

Another thing that recently happened, we were watching Kung Fu Panda and in the trailers is one for the Madagascar 2 movie... Ada will watch a little bit of movies but usually gets distracted before to long... but not with this trailer! She was so excited about it that she even started giggling... I've never even seen the first one, but maybe I should if it's something that Ada would enjoy.