Friday, September 26, 2008


Ada's vocabulary is just exploding! I love to hear her babble and experiment with words and it's even greater when she gets them extremely wrong. She says Daddy, Mama, Dog, Ball, Baby as well as several animal sounds. One that she did today... she was sitting in the doorway playing with our dog on the back porch, besides offering the dog her binky she tried saying doggy instead of just dog... it came out as "pug-dy", and she kept saying over and over so proud of herself... until I pulled out the video camera, then she wouldn't say it anymore. Go figure.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Ada's hair is "in-style". She never lost her long newborn hair like some babies do, but it has gotten longer and thicker... so what used to be the cute - fluffy - look is now the Emo-doo. It's really long in front of her eyes and she keeps getting food stuck in it when she feeds herself. I try to clip it to the side, but as soon as I put the clip in she shakes her head side to side and giggles... which means that I'm putting the clip in again about a minute later... oh well. I guess she just won't be a girlie girl. And I guess I should be cutting her bangs soon... maybe I'll do it while she's sleeping so that she stays still!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Clean floors... no longer

Ada has always been a good eater... she'll eat anything that you put in front of her with gusto and usually asks for more... in fact, we weaned her from a bottle without any fuss. But she had the flu last week and has been picky ever since... she throws most of her food on the floor and sorts her food into the piles of "will eat" and "won't eat". I don't mind a little pickiness... but what do you do about throwing food on the floor? She always manages to do it with the worst things right after I've mopped too. Jam, green beans, spaghetti, etc... I guess we'll keep working on this newest challenge.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Just a couple of funny stories about Ada and her cousins. She has 8 cousins from both sides of the family that are about the same age, so she gets to play with babies a lot... which means that she wants all the same toys that the other kids want. Two stories about that...

At least three months ago, she was playing with her cousins Aubrey and Devin. They all wanted the same toys. Devin got them by taking them from the other person and throwing them out of everyone elses reach. Aubrey got them in her strong grasp and wouldn't let go of them. Ada got them by pretending to not want them. Aubrey was playing with the one that Ada wanted and wouldn't let go of it, so Ada picked up another toy and started playing with it... I thought, "Oh good, she's learning not to fight over the toys." Then when Ada was sure that Aubrey had seen the toy that she'd been playing with she carefully laid it to the one side. When Aubrey went for that toy... Ada took the opportunity to get the toy that they had originally been fighting over. My mom's comment was, "I don't want to play chess with her when she grows up."

The other story is less about a toy, and more about playing with cousin Grace's eyes. She had just decided that eyes were really neat and she wanted to touch or gouge out everyone's eyes. She was sitting next to her cousin Grace and saw that Grace had nice big eyes. She tried playing with them. Becca told her "No", so Ada stopped. Then she reached for Grace again... Becca told her "No", so she stopped. Ada started watching the TV and without looking away from it, she started reaching for Grace again... So I guess that just because she's not looking Grace's way means that she's not touching her eyes right?

We love Lucy

Our dog's name is Lucy... and Ada just loves Lucy. She will sit there for at least a half hour a day and try to pet Lucy's muzzle. My favorite is watching Ada feeding Lucy dog treats. I give it to Ada, Ada crawls over to the door and gives it to Lucy. The other day she started teasing Lucy with one though. She would hold it out for her then pull it back as soon as Lucy would sniff it... then she'd hold it out again and pull it back. That lasted until Lucy decided that she wanted the treat more than she wanted to play.

It has started...

I forgot that I used to clean my house... it used to be clean... but now I've got a one year old leaving cheerios in the office carpet, unfolding all the folded laundry, and deshelving all the books in her reach!

Big Daddy-o

Jer has joined the ward volleyball team. It's fun to go and watch. Ada really enjoys it too, and even though it's late at night she likes to watch the ball go back and forth and clap whenever everyone starts to cheer. Well, I decided to take her out into the hall and let her crawl around where I didn't have to worry about whether or not she was going to get pegged by a volleyball. As soon as I put her on the floor she was on her way back into the gym saying, "Daddy - oh, Daddy - oh!" (I think that she got the "oh" part from the way that everyone kept saying "Oh!" everytime something exciting happened in the game.)

Moments that make it worth while

I'm just getting ready for Ada to turn one... I try to remember that she's not that little of a baby anymore, but to me she's still my little baby. I sure hope that she always has a tender spot for me in her heart as she grows up and goes on to have her own family.

The other day we were at Jer's parents house past 1 am. I was carrying a sleeping Ada out to the car. It was kind of funny because she had the biggest frown on her face as we left... whether she was having a nightmare or just didn't like being moved in the middle of the night, I don't know. But, I started whispering to her to try to get her a little more relaxed and while I was talking to her she reached out her hand to my face and started saying, "Mama." My chest about burst with joy knowing that she trusted me and that she knew me even in her dreams!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Ada has been in this phase where she wants to try to fit as much in her hands as she can... I was working in the office and she found Jer's candy jar in a box on the floor. When I turned around, she was standing there with two or three pieces of candy in each hand and a grin on her face!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just plain cute

I go walking with a few of my neighbors every morning. This morning was really fun because 2 year old Lizzy decided that is would be fun to tickle Ada. Every time their strollers got close together Lizzy would grab Ada's foot and say, "Ticka, ticka, ticka!"

Monday, September 8, 2008


I'm so excited! We got a piano, our very own... beautiful... wonderful... piano! It needs to be tuned still, but I love it... Jer also got a keyboard, which he likes but feels guilty for having it... I guess he'll have to live with his guilt and enjoy the thing anyway!

She likes to push my buttons!

Recently Ada has discovered the joys of light switches and buttons. She crawl up to me and point to the light switch so that I can hold her up to play with it, or she'll play with the buttons on the TV or the reciever... I work from home and that means that I'm on the computer a lot... Ada wants to type with me and play with the mouse, but today she was crying because her drink was gone... so I was ignoring her. She crawled under the desk and hit the on/off button on the power strip... which lost what I was working on in Word and it cancelled the print job that was going through the printer... 750 flyers... which meant that she went into time out while I counted how many flyers had finished and tried to recover my work off the computer.


So Ada has a two inch Snoopy stuffed dog... I gave it to her in the other room to play with. I went around the corner and I could hear her barking behind me. When I heard her crawl into the room, I turned around and she had the dog hanging from her mouth while she crawled. I thought.... who's the dog here?

Thursday, September 4, 2008


We had this guy come and try to sell us a new water softener system. Just for listening to him he gave us the choice between a 3 day vacation and $25 in gas each month for four months... well, the vacation packages have never worked out for Jer and I so we choose the gas one. We read the rules and all you have to do is send in all your receipts for gas to a certain address every month for four months and they'll send you four $25 gas cards. One for every month that we spend over $100 on gas. Here's the hitch... Jer and I spend maybe $80 a month on gas, so to get their promotion we'd have to spend an extra $20 every month so that we could get $25 for free... go figure.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Of Cats and Pillows

So our cat has adopted the neighborhood. We think that we need to get a collar for him saying that he's the property of the Timpview 6th Ward. Out of the 7 days of the week he spends maybe 2 with us. He lives with our neighbors cats for a couple of days, and another neighbor's dogs for a couple of days, and helps Marjorie weed her flower bed. Oh well, you can't say that he's high maintenance... just that he has places to go.

Ada was pretty funny today. I was trying to distract her for a minute while daddy left the room... so I threw a pillow at her. She smiled, picked it up, and handed it back to me. We did that for a good couple of minutes... I never thought I'd be having a pillow fight with my 10 month old.

This entry was actually inspired by Becca... it is just amazing how much babies change! Here's an example... This first picture was taken Dec 2007...

And this second picture is of the same 5 babies 8 months later. I'd say they've changed a bit don't you?

Partners in Crime

Everyone needs an acomplice to pull off anything successfully. Ada's best friend is two year old Lizzy from down the street. They were playing while I was working, when I noticed that the box of graham crackers that I had on the desk was missing. I ran down the hall and found that Lizzy had taken the box down and her and Ada had gone around the corner and dumped out the box all over the floor... They were both very busily and happily munching on all of them... I can't help but laugh and remember my sister and I being partners in crime.