Sunday, August 31, 2008

The best husband ever

I think that I married the best man in the world. He loves me... that makes anything good... but get this... I've been so busy for the last month or two that I've have a hard time getting anything done let alone cleaning the house besides the bare essentials. The other day he started doing one chore a day for me right after he got home and before he did anything else. Talk about a life saver. The house is still a mess, but I don't feel bad about it, because it'll get done at least one chore at a time even if I still don't get anything else in the world done.

Baby talk

adau ueff blea bable should be a real sentence shouldn't it? Listening to Ada in the background while I'm trying to figure out what to write makes me laugh. Ada is in that stage where she has to point to everything. The dog, her food, the light, the wall, the trees, and my favorite is when I really can't tell that she's pointing to anything specifically. I went to wake her up to get her ready for church last week and she was so tired still that she didn't really wake up... but she did her usual thing of starting to point at any which thing that was around as soon as she was in my arms. What cracked me up was that she still had her eyes closed while she was doing it.


So I was baby sitting my brothers twins the other day. They are just turning 1 and Ada is almost 11 months... that means that they are all about the same age, but boy are they all different. I had them for about 3 hours, and the one thing that they could all agree on was that it was fun to eat each others cheerios and that climbing the stairs was the best thing ever. It was fun to watch three diapered tushes wiggle up the stairs, then watch what each of them did from there. Devin would turn around and come back down, Aubrey would go up on her knees and reach out for me with a big grin on her face, and Ada would take off down the hallway giggling. We had a lot of fun with them all together. Aubrey took a step or two on her own, Devin pushed our walking toy on his knees, and Ada jealously guarded her blankie from being pulled into the action.