Saturday, April 7, 2018


Here's Superman helping at the DMV. We went to help Frederico register his car. Now we're in the process of getting both of them driver's licenses.


Evelyn said that she's a chicken with her eggs in the nest. And she said the eggs that are two colors are peacocks.


Our little Ecuadorian family is so fun. They didn't have money for this baby to get clothes his size and I don't think we're having another baby so I dug out all the size 18 months to 2 years old and they were so happy. He had a blast helping us pull them out. Apparently he needs glasses. I was able to get them to the optometrist and help them find a place that would not be too expensive for glasses. But for a family that makes $13,000 a year tops to support four people and three of them need glasses even $100 is a lot.


Evelyn was so worried that she would rub her lipstick off during her recital that she was very careful not to. But afterwards she really wanted it off and tried to rub it off. Instead of asking me for a napkin or something to help her she just used her hand. It was pretty funny.

The first time he lets me take a picture with him and the shark

Easter candy

I was all tired out. This was my only Easter candy picture.

Conference Sunday

In between conference sessions the kids wanted to play games with me. So of course we had to.