Monday, December 5, 2016

Emma bday

After the sealing, we went to celebrate my niece, Emma, and my Mom's birthday by watching Moana.  It was fun and the kids love that it's Grandma's name.  Then everyone went to swim at the hotel and I took Seth back to our room because he had a fever. 
The next morning, we went to Vivien's baby blessing.  It's been a very neat weekend.

Hanging with the sick baby.

Gilchrist Sealing

This last Saturday was amazing!  After staying up and visiting with Jer's brother James that's in town for work, we got up early to drive to Ogden.  We were so blessed to be able to see my sister and her sweetheart get sealed in the temple along with their baby Vivien and their baby Cora.  My Mom was proxy for Cora Kathleen (which I think is really neat because she's named after my Mom... Moana Kathleen, who was named after her Grandma). They needed someone to hold Vivien on the altar while they were sealed.  I loved being close to this beautiful thing!  I watched Vivien start to fuss and calm right down with her eyes on the beautiful chandelier.  This family has worked hard for this blessing and I'm proud of them! 

Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Chris, Kim, Amber, Aunt Debi, Dad, Mom, Wendee, Aunt Beth
McKay, Seth, Janelle, Sophi, Brennan, Audra, Eric, Jer, me
Aubrey, Seth, Ada, Emma, Lance, Vivien, Sharon, Brad, Evelyn, (Eric's daughter and son), Sam, Devin, Jordan  (Aunt Diane, Uncle Marty were there too, but stayed inside to do a session.  Uncle Son took the picture.)

Yes, my family is crazy. 


Friday, my Mom's heart was racing and we took her to the hospital.  We stayed with her until my Dad and sister were there.  Then I took my babies to the BYU museum while we stayed close by.  They have their Minerva Teichert Book of Mormon paintings.  She's my favorite!  I didn't take any pictures with my kids and her paintings, but they did really well.  Evelyn asked questions about all of them and said she like the Lehi's Dream one the best.  We left, picked kids up from school, took my mom's car home with my brother and went home.  My Mom's doing great.   

Christmas tree

Our tradition is to head over to Baum's house for a Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.  The kids LOVE picking out a tree and decorating.  Uncle Seth was amazing.  I usually do most of the Christmas decorating because Jer's out putting up lights outside.  This year I had help instead of just helpers.

Sam's face when he realized that he was standing in the girls face.

Ada wanted to get this Charlie Brown tree for Ruth's college apartment.  We did and it was pretty funny.  Then we spent the afternoon playing games with Ruth, Kyle and Seth.  Fun times.

Baby "helped" Dad cut the bottom off the tree.

The kids' favorite December tradition... nightly Christmas stories.

I loved this picture.... My Mom came to visit and I think Seth was a little tired.



I sent Sam out to take pictures with my phone.... this is what he came home with.

What Seth does during Floorball.

Reminds me of a nephew, Adam and his cat named Boy.