Thursday, May 23, 2019

Evelyn's Baptism photos

It was raining when we went out, but this sweet girl smiled for us anyways.  Thanks Janelle for coming with us!

Monday, May 20, 2019


Last Friday and Saturday were our Ward's youth conference.  We rented a campsite up at Heber Valley camp.  It's sooooo nice.  Cabins, bunkbeds, heated bathrooms, courses, etc...  It started snowing just as we got there and snowed most of the time there, but it was still fun.  We had 42 of us.  The three of us YW's leaders had our own cabin and even though we didn't spend too much time there, it was fun to chat for a bit.  The first day, we did the giant swing, something they call a life line, the zip line.  The second day, we went to the lake to go canoeing.  They had everyone paddle out to the middle of the lake, stop for 2 minutes of silence and then to sing 'I Feel my Saviors Love'.  It was beautiful.  The best part is that is was raining all the way up until we got into the boats, then it cleared up and was sunny and warmer... as soon as we put the boats away, it got cold and rainy again.  
There was a moose that liked our campsite and we saw it twice.  We heard that just a couple years ago, there was a momma and baby moose that lived at our site.  It was relatively drama free, just one little drama at the end, but not too bad as far as having a bunch of teenagers together goes.

They missionaries there have a very unique mission.  It's the cheapest senior mission you could ever do.  It's about $250/month plus food.  You don't go to the MTC and you must have your own camper/RV and ATV.  They say that people come up there for family reunions too.  I thought that was neat.

When I got home, I was greeted by Seth and Evelyn riding bikes with their helmets, backpacks, and snow gloves on.  It was really funny.  

Sam had his 4th grade play today.  He was so cute.  He told me that he was so nervous and his teacher told me that she told Sam that he either needed to sing quieter or to make sure he followed her exactly because every time he would go too fast everyone else would follow.  It was pretty funny.  They did it all about the history of Utah.... starting with all the different Indian tribes that lived here, the Spanish explorers, Fur Traders and Trappers, the Mormon pioneers, the transcontinental railroad and the current Utah economy and resources.  It was fun. Grandma Robertson came and sat with us too.  Seth thought it was funny that she kept teasing him about his toenails being too long because he was wearing dinosaur pajamas.   After he was done, they were having an easy day and Sam asked if he could go home with me.  He and Seth have been so cute.... walking the dog together, snuggling while watching The Lego Movie, Sam teaching Seth about shapes and lines on a math game.  Cute kids.

Evelyn's dance recital

Well, this is Evelyn's last rec center dance recital.  She's loved it, but they don't do ballet for over 8 year olds…. we're going to have to find somewhere else.  She was a red muse and they danced to Hercules songs.  She was super cute.  She really didn't want to wear the lipstick, and I don't blame her, but she survived anyways.  

Monday, May 13, 2019

Earlier this week

So this happened this week too.... Evelyn, who has had the ability to ride a two wheeled bike but has been too scared to decided that she was no longer scared.  She's been going everywhere on her bike and it's adorable.  Most of the time when she's out there, so is Seth who is using Evelyn's old bike with training wheels on it.  So much fun.

For our YW's activity, we borrowed a golf cart and had a 'driving school' complete with obstacles and parking challenges.  It was fun and we had one of our very anxious YW come for the first time because they had wanted to drive the golf cart.  They brought their mom with them and I think it went okay.

Brickslopes came to Utah last weekend too.  The kids didn't want to go originally, but I wanted them off the computer for a while so we went anyways.  They had a blast and wished that we had more time to play.  Because it was May 4th, they had a Star Wars theme.  not only were there characters, but they had almost every Star Wars lego set ever made on display.  That was fun.

Evelyn was the only one brave enough to take a picture with these guys.... so the guy gave her his blaster for the picture.

My sister and brother in law gave me a gift card to Home Depot as a thank  you for taking pictures for them... so I picked out and Jer replace the leaking kitchen faucet.  I like it and it works well. 

Our neighbors are Samoan.  We don't know them very well because we always have conflicting schedules, but we've taken them bread before and lent our lawn mower in the past.  They were making Samoan pancakes and gave us some too.  SOOOOOO good.... like donuts.  They're not too hard to make either.  If they weren't fried, I'd want to make them all the time.

Ada has decided that her favorite part of salads is the red cabbage, so I bought a whole red cabbage and that was our veggie for dinner.  They thought that was pretty funny.

It's been pretty windy, so Seth and Evelyn went to fly their 'kites'.  Of course you need to fly kites on bikes.... it's just not the same otherwise.

This is Ada' team.  There are supposed to be 9, but only 6-7 come each game.  It makes it a challenge for the whole team, but each of them are such good girls.  Several of them have been on the same team for a couple of years and several are making plans to sign up again together next year.  

Sam had his pinewood derby this week.  We forgot about it until the night before, so we decided to make a very easy car.  Sam decided on a bathtub.  Jer cut it, Sam painted it, and I added the bubbles with a hot glue gun.  It didn't win anything, but they gave Sam the Rub a dub dub award.  Jer and I laughed about that and Sam had no idea what they were talking about.... which made us laugh even harder.

This week Ada also participated in the highly anticipated Hope of America program.  She's been singing the songs and practicing actions for months now.  She loved being part of it, Sam said he'd be terrified to sing in front of that many people (then continues to belt out the Star Spangled Banner), Seth and Evelyn said it was too loud but loved dancing and singing in the bleachers.  For me it was an all day deal.  I had to get her there by 9 am, pick her up at 11 am, then wait in traffic for almost an hour to get her there on time for the actual performance.  So instead of driving back and forth all day, I dropped her off and Seth and I went to the Paleontology lab on campus.  Seth kept pointing out to me that the bones had to be glued together with plaster and that the petrified trees used to be wood but they were now stone.  Cute buddy.  And he's never scared of the bones, except for one of the giant elk heads on the wall.  Which I think is hilarious, because most dinosaurs would be more dangerous that the prehistoric elk.  After that we went to the Bean Museum and looked at animals.  Again, he was only scared of the giant fake ants in the play area.  We picked up Ada and her friend Taevia, went shopping, they made cookies at our house, went and got Ada and Sam's hair cut, got Evelyn to dance and then headed out to the Marriot Center.  Us going to the museum worked in our favor though.  When we got there for the performance, there was a baseball game at the same time and there was absolutely no parking anywhere, but I still had my parking pass from the museum, so I parked there. That gave us a shorter walk and I was 'legally' parked though it felt a little weird. 

Days like this make me so glad to be a stay at home mom.  Trying to work this all out without a parent available would have been really hard.  

Just a couple more busy weeks like this and we'll have a heavenly summer schedule.  I can't wait.  
Here's Ada's performance on YouTube.....

This week

Last weekend:  We officially finished soccer season for all the kids.  Seth is okay with being done.... he said the games are too long, but Sam is pretty disappointed that the season went so fast.  There is an opportunity for him to try out for the competitive year round team.... but both Jer and I don't see how we can fit that into our family schedule or finances. We'll just have to urge him to gather neighbors to play.  Seth was barely 4 when he started on his team and he still isn't 5 yet.... but he played with several 6 year olds and you could tell the difference maturity wise.

Because we've been in the van so much, Sam and Evelyn have been bringing their mp3 players.  Both of them were listening and singing along to different songs and Seth decided to join in.  He started belting out "Follow the Prophet!" and when he ran out of lyrics he made up his own.  "I hate freeways!  Freeways are so boring!  I like Llawnmas, Llawnmas are so cute!"  So now Ada and I call Llamas "Llawnmas".

Sam's friend Peyton

This weekend:  This week the state of Utah celebrated the 150th anniversary of the completion of the Transcontinental railroad.  They put an emphasis on the importance of immigrants and the LDS pioneer contribution to finishing it.  We taught our kids about how the SL temple was put on hold to finish the railroad and how it turned 3 months of travel into a few days worth.  

First, we went to Ogden train station to see the newly restored Big Boy, which is the biggest steam train ever made and one of the last before they mainly built diesel.  We went to see it 4 years ago when it was on it's way to Colorado to be restored.  I was pregnant with Seth, but he loved seeing the trains this time.

This is one that Sam took.  Jer put him up on his shoulders and I showed him how to zoom out with the camera.  

Evelyn took this one.  She likes to steal my camera and her favorite subject is me for some reason.

After Ogden, we drove over to Promontory.  We've been out there once before, but there was only us and the forest ranger.  This time it was us and thousands of other people.  They set up replicas of things, like this stage coach and the tents that would have been the traveling railroad city.  

As soon as Seth saw the steam coming from the train, he tried to book it across the parking lot before I caught him and talked him into waiting for everyone else.  Trains!

The carpenter was actually a friend of Jeremy's.  He was the Robertson family's home teacher for a few years.  He was also a member of TERT before his back surgery.  He is one of the reasons that Jeremy wanted to join TERT this year.  Jer now has his HAM radio license, has gone through the emergency preparedness trainings and is practicing hiking on his newly recovered knee so that he can spend two weekends a year keeping hikers safe on the back of Timpanogos. 

I've always loved the Indian teepees.  It's too bad that we can't take these camping.  It would be nice and spacious.

Then they did a recreation of the dedication ceremony.  I had no idea that the golden spike was from California and that they had a silver spike from Nevada.  Overall, there were 5 different 'special' spikes to finish the railroad.

They also recreated the famous picture from the day.  That was fun.

My foot has been really struggling the last few days because I haven't had a whole lot of rest time for it.  I could have sat on the ground to take a rest, but Jer insisted on running to the car and grabbing a folding chair for me.  It was very kind.  As soon as I sat down, I had the two littlest climbing all over me and trying to get comfortable.  I think they were a little tired after the day of walking back and forth.  

After driving back to Orem, we stopped by our church pavilion where the old bishopric had gotten together with their families for a thank you picnic.  That was fun to chat with everyone and realize how many families it takes to make one Bishopric function smoothly.