Sunday, July 12, 2020

Grandpa Wilcox's birthday

Today is my Dad's 63rd birthday.  This man is amazing is so many ways.  I love his gentleness and his fairness.  He has a fun sense of humor that he shares with the grandkids.  

We met at Nelson's Grove to have a picnic.  We lasted about an hour and had to retreat back to my parent's house.  The kids played with bubbles and fed the ducks.  When we got in the car, the temperature read 105 degrees.

So, we had taken the COVID tests a few weeks ago and stayed quarantined while waiting for the results.  That was our plan when we took them.  I was surprised at how many people thought we wouldn't or shouldn't stay quarantined.  I have never had so many people trying to give their very strong opinions one way or the other.  Ironically, our results all came back negative but because of our quarantine I ended up missing being exposed.  Our Ward was given permission to hold small youth gatherings.  We had planned the 14-18 year old girls to get together social distance style and gather 150 Book of Mormons with testimonies in them to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Young Women's organization.  ALL of girls forgot about the activity and I was quarantining.  2 days later, the Young Women's president and her family all tested positive for COVID.  I guess that the activity being a bust was a blessing in disguise, especially because the activity had been scheduled for her house.  

Then two days ago, our area authority sent out a letter saying that numbers were rising too quickly here in Utah and that as members of the community we needed to wear masks when we couldn't properly social distance.

Seth drew a picture of swords for Grandpa for his birthday.

We didn't wear masks outside, but we did in the house.  The kids did fairly well.  Seth and Evelyn wore face shields like mine and Sam wore a bandana like Jer.  Ada wore a full on mask, but she kept taking it off and putting it in her pocket.  

In the evening, Jer took everyone to shoot rockets down in some open fields next to Grandma and Grandpa's house.  

Aubrey, Michelle and Sophie made a cake for Grandpa.  (We took masks off for the picture).

Maisy's birthday party

Maisy is turning 11 soon, and Rocky is 11 next week.  These babies all grew up fast.  We got to go hang out with cousins for a few hours before everyone goes their separate ways.  I know my kids love the cousins so much.  

We usually pitch in with the garden every year, but this year more than most.  Sam helped plant the rows of corn, Jer and I hand mowed the lawn several weeks in a row to put the grass clippings in the garden, pruning and of course.... mowing the lawn and taking care of the rain gutters and swamp cooler.  It's looking so pretty.  

Rocky, Cyrus, Sam, Eli, Taylor

Seth, Evelyn, Cy, Walter, Taylor

Aubrey, Ada, Grace, Mariah


Ellie and Seth

Playing pigsticks the first time in years.

Ada, Joe, Aubrey, Mariah, Evelyn, Grace

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

always in 3?

So our dishwasher has been dead for about a month, shipping got delayed because of COVID til 3 more weeks out...... Our fridge is limping along and we ordered a new one because cleaning the coils did nothing..... Now Our AC is out. It's hotter in the house than outside... Good thing I just got the screens back in the windows today after cleaning the window tracts.  We've got the all wide open and the three fans on. Hopefully the guy comes sooner than later. We won't melt but I hope it's an easy fix. The AC is only about 10 or 11 years old.

Update:  We had to pay $650 to fix it, but at least we didn't have to pay to replace it!

Sunday, July 5, 2020


No burned fingers, no fights erupting, little clean up and a giant show.  Win.

Will it smore?

Please ignore the mess in the back.  Broken dishwasher means lots of dishes drying on the counters.  We decided to pull out our smore maker and let Ada have free reign.  She cut up strawberries and bananas, pulled out Jer's good chocolate, pulled out the oreos and other cookies... Then we experimented with different combinations of oreos. 

Grandpa Wilcox's birthday

Today is my Dad's 63rd birthday.  This man is amazing is so many ways.  I love his gentleness and his fairness.  He has a fun sense of h...