Friday, February 14, 2020

old hearing

I was sick not long ago. I was laying on the couch and Ada just got home from school. She told me to sit up and she was going to give me a back massage. My old ears heard, "Shut up. I'm going to give you a massage."

Tuesday, February 11, 2020


I was tired after an 11 hour work day and I was just scrolling through facebook.  I wasn't really paying attention and this picture made me pause.  It took me a minute to recognize it, but this is the boat that I would take back and forth across the fjord to the members on the other side.  Apparently it was used for about 20 years, re-allocated to another location when the bridge was built, in service again after the earthquake and is finally being retired for good.  That was a blast from the past.

My apartment was about where the beach starts on the left hand side of this picture and about a block in.

This week

This week I had two babies.  It worked alright, just busy.  Their nap schedules were offset so that I really had only one awake at a time.  Seth is doing well with the daycare.  Sometimes he feels up in arms about little things, but we work it out and he often helps me with other things.... checking on kids while I change diapers, helping get dishes for lunch time, playing with kids.  He's growing up a lot.

Lia had her choir concert.  It was spectacular.  The did a classic rock concert.  Everything they sang was something that I would love to sing along with.  

Ada and I went on a date.  Her scalp has been really struggling lately, so we went to my friend Mesh and she got a scalp treatment and a cute hair style.  I'm hoping that Ada gets enough interest in her hair to take care of it herself.  When it's brushed and done, she looks so grown up and pretty.  I get it though.... who wants to spend a half hour of their day doing their hair when there's other stuff to do.  

Seth invited us over to see the blue moon through his telescope.  It was too cloudy to see, but we had fun eating dinner, chatting and watching a movie that I think was called Hunt for the Wilderpeople.  It was cute and quirky.  Had some language that we had to warn the kids about, but overall rather fun.

We went to Christian's 3rd birthday party.  He's starting to speak. It's kind of late for just starting to talk, but he's learning English and Spanish simultaneously.  It always surprises me when he runs up to me and says something in English.  

Lance's birthday party

Not long ago, our cousin Lance, had a birthday party.  We had no snow at our house, but they sure had a lot at theirs.  Even more fun, we drove up in the fog.  We NEVER get fog here in Utah.  It was so fun to drive through.  Evelyn and her sweet little imagination was in overdrive.

Look at these cute people!
Emma, Ada, Sam, a friend, Lance, a friend, Evelyn, Vivien, Grandma and Seth

Donut cake

It's been a while

We've been running.  Slowly we're making ground, but here's some of the last month that I haven't posted about.  We had a family night with the Kaiser family.  They are fun to play games with and are our current carpooling family to Noah Webster.  

Our 15-18 year old class went to play bingo at Tree-o where one of our girls has a job.  It was fun, and everyone thought that our new leader was one of the girls.

Ada finished the NOVA program.  I would 100% do this again.  A retired police officer teaches it.  He teaches science and community skills.  I was very impressed and I'm really pushing for it to be part of next year's curriculum too.  I'm on the school board and they said that land trust funds can't be used for it, so I need to make sure that the Parent Organization can raise enough funds to cover it next year.  Very worth while.

I took Sam on a date to Juliette's first basketball game.  It was right by the temple and Sam wanted a picture.... He's such a sweetie.

Sam accidentally sprained Evelyn's big toe.  She had to take it easy in dance for a few weeks, but then she started to use it as an excuse not to do anything.... just stand there during class.  I had to tell her that it was enough and that her feet really needed the exercise.  She danced and was so sore for two days after.  

Jer, Ada and I went to the symphony.  It was Gershwin (who I love) and Dvorjak (who Jer loves), but we had never heard any of the pieces before.  The solo pianist was amazing though.

I stole this picture from my sister, Sharon.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Ice Skating

My sister, Sharon, has an ice rink by their house.  It has really cheap open rink time on Saturdays, so my brilliant sister invited us up.  I don't know why it's taken this long, but the last time anyone in our family went skating was with Great Grandpa Robertson right before he died.  3 of our 4 kids have never done it before.  They all LOVED it.  They were all so sore the day after, but they definitely had a blast.  Sam acted like he'd been skating always, Ada did too.  Evelyn and Seth both got to where they could go on their own, but both preferred a hand to hold.  

This sweet baby kept everyone busy.  Every time they passed her, they all had to play with her through the glass.  She was so excited every single time.

My parents hung out with the littles, I walked back and forth between being needed by my 2 youngest and chatting with adults, Sharon took care of littles and Brad and Jer skated with kiddos.  Such a fun day. 

We're missing Uncle Brad and Vivien in the picture.  They got out to the ice just after this.... missed it by just a minute.

old hearing

I was sick not long ago. I was laying on the couch and Ada just got home from school. She told me to sit up and she was going to give me a b...