Monday, August 22, 2016


Evelyn started Kindergarten today.  I really can't believe that she's that old.  I feel like the last few years have just flown by.  She came home with a smile on her face, so I think it went well.  It was very weird for me not to have her constant story telling with me while I went shopping, cleaned the bathroom, folded laundry, etc.... I even had an hour of absolute silence when I put Seth to bed for a nap.  I wasn't sure if I should sit down and read or get up and do something that's been piling up on my to do list. 

Very proud of her cat socks

Saturday, August 20, 2016

More Evelyn

Tonight Evelyn told Uncle Seth, "No you can't tickle me because my feet are shy."

Baby Seth smacked Evelyn on the head with a toy the other day.  She looked at me very seriously and said, "I wish that we were twins.  Then he wouldn't hurt me.  We'd hurt everyone else."

Yeah, sometimes I don't get how her thoughts work, but she sure keeps me entertained. We went to her Kindergarten assessment on Friday.  I was afraid that she'd be a stinker and refuse to do whatever the teacher asked.  But she very sweetly answered all the questions asked and did really well.  I wish I'd thought to review the stuff we were working on, but I've been kind of scatter brained lately.  Even so, Evelyn recognized all the letters, knew their sounds, counted to 40 and only missed 2 numbers, could write her name and the numbers while holding her pencil the right way.  She even identified words that rhymed.  She's so excited for school that she beams. 

My sister Sharon had a baby shower today.  It's soooo good to see that she's doing so well.  Ada wanted to make cupcakes for it.  She baked and decorated.  She boxed them up and carried them to the car.  She saw one had fallen over in the car, so she stuck them on the hood of the car to fix the one and ended up knocking three of them onto the gravel.  I helped her close it back up and tried to usher her into the house.  She was so sad, but luckily she got distracted very quickly. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Seth and Trains

Seth would do just about anything for his trains.  After chasing him around, trying to keep him out of the fencing strip's way, I wasn't too enthusiastic about trying to get him bathed.  I tried asking him, tried having him follow me, and even tried taking his hand to lead him to the shower.  No way was he going to do this without a fight.  So, before I picked him up and shoved him in there, I decided to try one more thing.  "Seth!  Your trains need to get washed!" He looked at me in surprise, picked up his trains, let me undress him and stood in the shower with a train in each hand the entire time.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

First day of school

Can you believe this girl is in 3rd grade!  She's so excited she can't stand it.  I loved that she went fencing for 4 hours yesterday and she's still her bouncy self.  Dad made a special breakfast, and Ada couldn't have been more thrilled.

This kid is so excited to be a 2nd grader!  He very competently found his desk, but everything away, and saw who his desk partners are, and very matter of factly told his teacher that he's got this.  He also did do the fencing camp yesterday and was pretty sore this morning. He got through it by saying, "Ow, ow, ow.", while he was getting breakfast.


And this face describes perfectly how he felt about the table Jer made for him for his birthday.

After party irrigation

Brigham Young Historic Park

We walked over to the park for cake and ice cream after.

On the way back to the tracks station we stopped over at temple square.

I think he was worn out.

These guys were pretending to sleep when they saw Dad and Seth.